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Day Four~10 Day Challenge

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot

I think I'll become predictable after this whole Challenge thing is over :| :(. Oh! Why oh why!!

1. Ice Cream: Forget crossing my mind a lot o.O. This thing never leaves my head :P :D. I can eat Ice Creams 24*7 :D ;). Every moment I'm planning how to coax my mom to get me Ice Cream :P ;). Ofcourse half of them never works :| but still ;) :D.

2. Harry Potter: I totally obsess about Harry Potter ;) :D. Obsess also not the correct word, I must say :|. I have the habit of relating Everything and Anything to HARRY POTTER :D <3 :). Oh! How I love it :D :). I hate it when people call it "Just A Series" :| :x Aagh!! Harry Potter is a way of Life people!!

3. Music: Yep! Music :D. Just like an IPOD in Shuffle Mode, my mind keeps tuning songs one after another according to the situation ;) :D. Well, to be truthful exact opposite of the Situation :P :D. If I'm in a funeral party song will be going on in my head ;) :D and in a party some dumb Emo song will be playing :|. What can I do? o.O This player is not under my control :| It controls me :| :P :D. But sometimes it makes me laugh :D ;). Just imagine "Shut up and Bounce" playing when you are at a funeral :| :| :| :P :D.

4. Ian: Hotness!!! <3. The people who have sincerely gone through my previous posts would say "OBVIOUS" as soon as they read this ;) :D. Hehehe! Gosh! Have no idea, what this guy did to me :|. Has bound me in his magical looks :D. My my.. His smile!! Ufff!! Its stuck in my head <3 :D :). 

5. Numbers: Shocked?! Don't be ;) :D. I love numbers :D and just for the fun of it, I keep calculating something or the other in my mind ;) :D. I don't know why but Numbers fascinate me a lot :) :) <3. They surely are one of the things that keep crossing my mind.

6. Movies: My "TO WATCH" list ;) :D :P. I don't usually watch TV and when I do I just keep turning the channels trying to find something worthy to watch :P. I hate watching TV because of the advertisements, and so when I see some small scenes before the stupid ad cuts it up :| I store the movie name in my head ;). If I liked the plot then that is something I would love to watch. So my mind keeps constantly refreshing the list of movies and which movie I should watch when I get an holiday ;) :P :D.

7. Pranks: I'm a very mischievous girl you see ;), I keep planning new things to do and different other ways I can pull my friends legs ;) :D and how to escape the teachers attention when she asks to show the assignment :P :|. Hehehe ;) :D.

Idle mind is a Devil's Workshop :|. I'm a DEVIL [as my bhabhi calls me ;)] but my mind is never Idle ;) :D. One thing or the other keeps passing it and these are only few of it :D. If I can write everything that passes, then oh god! Bless my readers :P ;).

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Anonymous said...

This was quite a ramble...carry on .

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Haha :P :P
free fall post huh ?
awaiting the rest and i know the last point DAMN TRUE !

N.S.Kirti said...

haha!! God, i am having such fun reading your posts!! and i love numbers and HP too... HP is my life :)

Ana_treek said...

Oh! How I loved Harry potter :)

Pooja Desai said... first time here...and what a lovely post this is...m rather anxious about day five and day day ten of course!!

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe! Thanks :).

Hehe! Yeah ;) :D.
Ooh! Ahan? :P.

Hehehe :D :P.
Hi-5 Gal ;) :D.

Oooh :D. HP fan :D :). God! I love you more now :* <3.

Hi :) and Welcome >:D< :).
Thanks dear <3 :).
This is just a ramble to be truthful :).
Hahahah! Yeah? :). Well I'm scared of those :P

Farila said...

Very interesting. Have to check out other posts to know more things about you ;)

Princess Poo said...

Thanks jhi :) <3.
Welcome here :)

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