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Happy Baby, Happy Home!

My Niece - 2 Days Old(in this pic)

Laughter could be heard throughout the house! Nitisha, who had just reached her house after a tiring day at office, rushed in to meet her little niece. Little Ari, was dancing in the middle of the hall, to a tune of her own, making everyone laugh and laughing herself. At once, all the tiredness and the frustration of work was out of Nitisha's mind as she saw her tiny tot enjoying. She kept her bag aside and joined Ari with her crazy dance, which made Ari laugh even more.

They danced, they played, they ran about the house making everyone move out of their way. By the time the night fell, everyone in the house were tired of running behind Ari, who had more enthusiasm than all of them compared. She had everyone catching their breaths as she ran around some more. It was a huge task putting her to sleep in the night. She was always so energetic, she would never get tired, and to put her to bed, the whole family had to sing, read her a book, pat her and fall asleep themselves, but still she wouldn't have slept. With a huge difficulty, they put Ari to bed that day, and with a smile on their faces went to sleep themselves.

The next day dawned too soon. Everyone woke up lazily, tired out after a great night. As one by one got ready and left for their daily work, they kissed little Ari, already waiting for the evening to come so that they can play with her again. But little did people know that she was not well. Ari had caught fever in the night, and had suffered the whole morning. Unable to explain what was happening, she could do nothing but cry and cry some more. By the time the evening came, and everyone returned, they were expecting another grand jovial welcome, but little Ari was sitting in the hall, and her cries were echoing through the house. 

The happiness left from everyone's face as they rushed to fuss about her. They tried to play with her, dance with her, but that day she was so tired. Nothing was able to cheer her up, and everyone's face fell. The doctor who had treated her had told that she would be fine within the night, and everyone was anxiously waiting for that time to come. The whole house was silent, there was no running around, no talking, no laughter, no shouting. It was as if there was nobody there. All of them were down in the dumps as they waited patiently for their little darling to get well. That night no one could go to sleep properly, as they were so worried. And unlike that day, the next morning took its own time to come.

But they had a surprise! In the early hours of morning a sweet, naughty laugh was heard in the house, which woke everyone up with a start. Little Ari had woken up, and she was fine. At once, everyone's face had a smile on it. The burden on their heads had been lifted as Ari jumped around and made them all play with her. It was as if, everyone had forgotten that they had a job to attend to and they all spent the day, playing with their little Angel.

A happy baby, certainly means a happy home!

Thank you Dabur Chyawanprash for giving us a chance to share our experience.

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