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V-Day 2015

Proposing to my crush for Valentine's day on Facebook, with the help of my wonderful friends.

A Crazy Plan, 
24 Crazy People,
 And 24 Hours Timeline.

Thanks to 23 wonderful friends of mine, who turned my 'I have an idea' into a successful proposal, for my crush who lives 700miles away, I have managed to scourge myself a date for this valentine's day. 

I never thought I'd actually propose someone, and here I am today, happily waiting for Valentine's Day. I'd really like to thank Closeup Cupid Games and Indiblogger for giving us bloggers, a wonderful opportunity to get out of our shelves and do something really daring.

And once again, a Huge Thanks to all my 23 friends who actually helped me to go through with this idea. Guys, Mission Accomplished.

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