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Smart Choice for Smart Phone

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In this era of smartphones, where a new phone is launched every week, I think Asus have come up with a smartphone which is not only wonderful in its design but also the specifications. According to me, Asus has brought into the market a beautiful phone which will race off the charts once it is released in the market.

Few reasons why I think people should choose Asus are as follows:-
  • ZenFone 2 has a Quad Core Processor which ensures smooth functioning of the phone even when multiple apps are opened. Moreover it provides 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM, which makes the phone faster to use than ever.  

  • ZenFone 2 has a 13MP Primary Camera which is also featured with pixel-merging technology, which ensures that photos taken during the night are also of a wonderful quality, even without flash as this technology brightens up the photos by 400%. It also has Super Resolution and HDR mode, which will help to take superb quality pics even though shadows of the daylight and detailed images at a resolution of 52MP.

  •  With a Front Camera of 5MP, ZenFone 2 makes taking selfies easier, after all, internet is ruled by the selfies, and Asus just makes it easier for us to rule with this wonderful secondary camera.

  • Battery Backup and Charging Capacity of ZenFone 2 is wonderful as within 39 minutes 60% of the battery can be charged. You are out somewhere and are in grave need of battery backup to save your life, then charge your phone for half an hour and you are good to go.

  • ZenFone 2 comes with amazing personalized tools such as Zen Motions, Personalized Fonts or Themes, Privacy Protection and more than all of that it comes with Kid Mode and Micro Security. Now passing your phone on to your kids becomes more easier with these personalized tools.

Without doubt, Asus has come up with some amazing specifications for ZenFone 2 which makes life easier for smart phone users, as this phone is compatible to everyone, from a teenager to an adult and even a kid while they are playing.

Lastly, I thank ASUS for giving us this wonderful opportunity to right about their wonderful phone. Thank you Asus.

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