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Ultramintz - Review

Ultramintz, my first thought of it as I opened this beautifully designed box was that someone had sent me a box of Diamonds! To be truthfully, it was nothing less than it. Yes, you can't eat Diamonds, but you can eat Ultramintz, which is probably the best mint I've ever tasted till now.

It came packed so nicely, that at once I was impressed. I opened it in a hurry and found these little mints in the box. At first, I wondered why it was so small, but only when I put it in my mouth did I know that it was extremely effective even though it was small. 

It works as soon as you put it in your mouth. Like a charm, at once, you get refreshed. The coolness and the chill spreads everywhere. 

When I told my brother that we had to review it, he wondered if its safe to try out a new product. But after one mint in his mouth, he didn't even bother about anything. It became a habit for everyone in the house to put a mint in their mouth before heading out.

It not only works as a mint, but as a refresher and a mouth fresher. It is just so tasty. It seriously is the next best thing to a chewing gum.

Its so tasty, and it leaves a lasting impression. The coolness and the sweetness stays in your mouth for a long time keeping you refreshed. It became a habit for everyone in my home to eat it whenever they were tired or needed to refresh themselves.

The best part about it is that it gives the best results and is cost efficient. I didn't mind taking the whole box to college and sharing with my friends, because I knew there would be no fighting to eat it all at once, as one pellet was enough to refresh you for a long time.

In no time, it replaced our usual coffee and tea breaks. I wouldn't be shocked if it reached heights within no time. This product certainly deserves a high recognition, considering its so awesome.

I would suggest it to everyone who wants to just get out of a stressed day. It really helps. I love to just pop this into my mouth whenever possible and keep myself refreshed the whole day.

"I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda"

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