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An Honorary Moment

Writing has been my passion and a hobby since a long time. I usually write to express myself and not to impress others. From past few months I've been checking some of IndiBloggers blogs and I must say I'm more than impressed. The way they right! God! Just perfect. Poems with such heart-felt feelings and Stories that take you on an Imaginary ride. Just Splendid!
I know that many of the bloggers love to get noticed by their writing. They love to win stuffs and get awards. But I'm not one of them. As I told before I write for my own pleasure. But a few days ago I got this award called VERSATILE BLOGGER from one of the best bloggers in the world Ms.Kirti
Kirti is an extraordinary writer who has really influenced me by her words. Not to forget her coolness and her way of taking things lightly. I love to tease this girl and her BFF too!!. 
To receive an award from such a great writer was really an honorary moment for me. This is my first award and to get this for such little posts is a great thing. Thanks a lot Kirti.

So, 7 Random things about me are as follows:-
  1. I go ga-ga over Ice Creams :). [Well everyone knows this :P].
  2. I am very very emotional and extremely sentimental.
  3. I am a Pure Vegetarian ;) :D. But I hate VEGETABLES :P :P :P.
  5. I'm an Universal Sister :). I have the habit of making a "bro" out of every guy I meet :D.
  6. I LOVE HARRY POTTER <3. And I Hate it when people compare HP and TWILIGHT x-(.
  7. I Truly Madly Deeply have a Huge Crush on IAN SOMERHALDER :D :P <3.
    P.s: Dont you dare ask me who he is or speak a word against him x-(. Coz all I do is AVADA KEDAVRA u :D :P.

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
  • Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers 
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

And, *drum rolls* Here are my nominees to the Versatile Blogger Award:-

  1. Hiral -> My bestest friend and an exceptional writer. Her way of writing is extremely beautiful and she has a great sense of humor. She is one of the best.... Wait.... The best person to Hangout with :). A very chillax-ed and a sweet girl.
  2. Rahul -> One of my close friends and a fantastic writer. He is one in 10000. I'm 100% sure that he'll be one of the best authors in future. His stories are fabulous and very interesting. Makes one want more and more.
  3. Kirti -> As I've already said she is a splendid writer. She inspires me a lot, not only with her writing but with her personality. My lovely GOD MAA :D :P.
  4. Antara -> One of the best persons I have met. She not only writes amazingly but takes some heart-touching photos. The best thing about her is, she'll never take it to heart how much ever you tease her ;). Always gives me MANN KI SHAKTI :D :P :P :D.
    P.s Yeah I wrote the last line on purpose ;) :P.
  5. Satish -> A nice writer who actually writes his heart out. Love the way he actually sees the things and the way he describes them. A great writer in making ;).
  6. Pramod -> My dear bhaiyya and a superb, splendid, extraordinary, fantastic, fabulous writer (Didn't find any other words). Words are not enough to describe his WORDS :). A great writer, a great brother, A great husband and the Best father :). Your sons are really lucky bhaiyya :).
  7. DS -> The person whose posts actually makes me want to watch cricket other than for checking out the players :P :D. His posts are extremely nice and very very informative.
  8. Nikhil -> Another great writer. Would surely see him in the Author's list soon. I like his poems more than his stories. That doesn't mean his stories are bad, its just that his poems are exceptionally lovely.
  9. Sujatha -> I met her very recently on Indiblogger. All I had to do was read one post of hers. Now I'm waiting every passing minute of every day for her next posts. She really expresses herself a lot through blogging ;). I just love the way she writes.
  10. Arti -> Last but NEVER the least, My deedi Arti :). I wont give any description. If you don't know her you don't know a real writer.
Uff! Finally. This took way more time than I thought it would.
I just want to say one thing, I love the way all of you guys write and I hope that you would keep writing more and keep inspiring me like this always.
Love you guys :) And love you INDIBLOGGER <3 :).


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As I walk out the door,
The sunshine falls on my face;
And I hide my feelings in my deepest shadows,
As I move my way.

I get loads of smiles,
And some winks from my friends.
As I smile back and greet them,
I feel the pain that is inside.

Now I wish I could run,
And never look back.
To go to a place,
Where my dreams come alive.

Its time for you to know,
That there is much more inside of me.
Than the normal girl you see,
Whom you've taken to be me.

Deep down inside,
I'm more innocent and sensitive.
But that's the real me,
And from now on, That's how I'll be.

I'm sick and tired of all these smiles,
Which I've faked this long.
The lonliness Inside of me,
Is starting to grow strong.

And One day, I'll leave, leave forever.
In the beginning it may pain,
But everone will learn to move on.
As I'm just a girl, Who was meant to be gone.!

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My Galfrnd~BFF!!!

It So Happened,
That I Wandered Far Enough,
To Come Somewhere Like Here.
I Knew Now, And I Know Not,
What Brought Me Here.
But It All Happened For A Reason.

A Reason So Specific And Cute,
Which Makes Me Play My Flute.
A Reason Which Is More Defined,
Than All The Formulas Lined.
A Reason, The Reason, Only Reason,
Which Makes Me Dance With Happiness.

I Just Can't Control Myself Anymore,
As I Have To Let It Out,
Let You Know Who You Are,
Not To Others But To Me.

You're The Brightest Star In The Sky,
Who Lightened My Life.
You're The Coolest Breeze On Earth,
Who Taught Me To Breathe.
You're The Friendliest Girl In The Universe,
To Me And Only To Me.

I Won't Let You Leave,
As Its Not 'You' And 'I' Its We.
Two Bodies But One Soul,
Let Them Take Me As A Ghoul.

You Don't Know How Happy I Am,
To Have A Friend So Dear.
And Don't Fear Dear Madam,
I'm Always Here.
Waiting To Chit-Chat And Fight.
And For Me You're Always Right.

You're The Bestest,
Of My Bestest Friends.
You're The One Who Understands,
All My Bends.
I Promise We'll Be Like This Forever.
Hand In Hand And Best Friends Morever.!

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•»♥« вяσтнєяѕ. υηιмαgιηαвℓє ¢яєαтυяєѕ ση єαятн »♥«•

Brothers. The Word Says It All. Brothers Are Those Persons Who Have Been Sent Into This Earth To Be A Best Friend And A Guide For Girls[Sisters]. A guy loves only 2 girls the most in his life. One his mother, while the second would be his lil girl i.e; a Sister. The funny thing is they never accept the fact that they actually love their sisters. They quarrel with us for every silly little thing, sometimes makes us cry too, but still they are the only ones who can make us stop crying :). They take care of you like a father, fights with you like a friend, tease you like a TYPICAL BROTHER but still Loves you more than your lover :).

Even I am lucky to have one such fascinating creature in my life. Oh Yea they are Creatures. Not Humans nor Devils. Hmm. You can call them an ANGEL or a FAIRY maybe. What to tell you about my brother?.! Because whatever I write here would be really less for him. He is one in a million and describing him in words would take my whole lifetime.! Still lets give it a try. So, my brother is Vikas commonly called as Vicky. Currently working in Wipro as a s/w Engineer. Since I was a baby He has taken care of me as if m his daughter. Just like any other bro-sis in the world, we fight and shout at each other but all our anger doesnt even last for 2 minutes, Cause we both know that we need each other... At least to fight.

I am really lucky to have a brother like him. He plays with me, takes me out, get Ice-creams for me, and more than anything else loves me a lot. He takes care of me always. He makes me laugh with tears in my eyes. He is very very innocent. He is a little short-tempered too. When we both are fighting if our mom or dad comes in between and scolds us then we both become One. One thing I like the most is we cant be separated never ever.

I want to mention one incident. I cant call it an incident actually cause it happens every time we go out. From the time I was a little girl till now, when crossing the road he makes sure he holds my hand. He very well knows that I can cross the street on my own but still he never lets me do it when I am with him. Very protective of me..

I will never finish talking on him. But unfortunately now I have to stop as there is one special moment which I want to share with all of you. That is none other than his birthday. 17th april (this sunday) he will turn 26. Which means he is one year older than the last year but not really old at all.! So here is wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY which I hope would be SPECIAL just like you. Hope you 1000 more wonderful birthday to come. Each year filled with double the amount of happiness and fun. Hope u have a fantastic life ahead my dear brother :). Just know that I will always be with you no matter what. I may have many brothers, uncles, or friends in boys but still YOU WERE, YOU ARE and YOU WILL BE MY NUMBER ONE MAN FOREVER.Just Love You Bro >:)< You Complete my life :). Muahhx :*

Here are 2 Videos I made just for you::

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Animation~My Passion

It was a long time ago, Maybe more than 10years. As I was watching Tom & Jerry I was wishing inside myself that one day I am going to do a show just like this. Thus began my passion of cartoons. I was only 6 at that time and didnt have a clue what animation was. I thought this show was of people who wore dresses of a CAT and a MOUSE and used to play around.

But soon as drawing classes began in school I got the idea that actually those might not be real people but instead cartoons drawn by people. So I gave my whole time for drawing, soon it became my most favorite hobby and I even won prizes for it. This hobby of mine gave me a head's up for my little wish. As I grew up I gradually began to learn that those drawings were actually made in a computer and not drawn in hand.
Lucky me, my bro had just bought a computer.!

And, So began my craziness for computer. I started messing with MICROSOFT OFFICE TOOLS as it provided nice clip arts. Soon I learned power-point and made my first power-point slide show in a GIF Manner. I thought that was animation and was happy that I was nearing to my wish. My First Slide~Show.I started creating more and more slide shows, only to later find out that, what I was doing was not really animation. I was depressed. I was not even a step closer to my wish.

3 Months later I found out that there are softwares which people use to edit their pics. At first I thought what will I do with that? But It attracted me a lot due to my passion in Drawing. So I download it and start editing. One by One I learn many things. Sometimes my friends used to tutor me other times I used to learn by myself. Editing made me less sad about not knowing anything about animation. Soon I learn GIF editing and that made me more merrier because it had a little touch of animation in it. I wasnt able to make a single person or thing move but at least I was able to animate something.

Click Here For Gif Png

6 Months after I learn these editings, I told my mom that I wanted to join an animation class. But as usual my mom refused. She wants me to finish my graduation first and then take up animation. I forced her as much as I could and she agreed to send me on a summer course if I get good marks in my boards of 10th. So I go to the animation center to find out the courses and what do I find? The first 3 months of the course that is the 1st semester is all about EDITING. My happiness knew no bounds. With no-where near I was already doing 1st semester of Animation from 6 months. I was so close to my dream.

So I come home and announce in front of everyone that one day I will open a Animation company in Bangalore my hometown which will beat DISNEY and PIXAR. What was the reaction I got? Burst of laughter and disappointing disagreement. My brother and my cousins said it was IMPOSSIBLE and I was dreaming too high. They started teasing me. That got me a little down because I had counted on my brother a lot. Even today he laughs at me whenever I say I can do it.

Now I am confused. These people are getting me down. Even though if I open an animation company as my wish I wouldnt be able to give myself wholly to it because of the stupid comments and taunts made by my cousins. Until now I hadnt shared this wish of opening the company with anyone else as I was afraid of another taunt. But now I dont think It will bring me down anymore. I will put my 100% to it. I should put my 100% to it as it was, it is, and it will be my most favorite thing to do. Just sitting here and Imagining the way we can put our imagination to good use by giving life to a non-living thing. What a Splendid Idea! I've now got myself a best friend for Life, that is my cartoons :).

After reading this if there is anyone who would support me with my dream then please post your view :) cause one positive comment is all I need to boost up my energy and spirits and go get what I want.

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Barbie Girl~ Dream Come True!

Just like any other day that day too I was thinking about my life before sleeping. Suddenly a new thought came to my mind. In 7 Years of the time I had spent on this earth I never ever had that thought. I Didnt quiet understand why I wanted that! Because I have THE BEST BROTHER in the world. And what I wanted was a sister.! Many of my friends had sisters and I wanted one of them too. I wanted to experience the love of a sister, May it be LITTLE SIS or ELDER SIS.

It was not until the feb of 2007 that my wish came true. My brother Akash had a little daughter :). When I saw her it was Love at first sight <3. Before I continue let me tell you this love was sisters love :). ok back to the point. She was cuddled up, cutely sleeping, having no idea that already every person around her loved her.
By this time suman had become close to our family, Which helped a lot because I would get to spend a lot of time with the little sweetheart. And to my luck she liked me too. I was the happiest person when she used to come to my house. I used to play with her and jump around with joy. I not only had a crazy time but also found my childhood(which was not yet lost :P). Whenever she used to run around I used to be very attentive, I wanted to make sure that she wont fall & hurt herself. In that way she made me responsible too.

As the time went by we both grew closer and closer, finally to become great friends like now. The similarities between us puts us more together. We dance, play, eat, sing, sleep, and do everything together. When we listen to no one Else's words we at least listen to each other.!

Last Monday i.e; 28th of feb! this Dear Barbie of mine had to go though a surgery. When I went to see her, she was asleep but still she woke up and managed to touch my nose :). Its a kinda thing she usually does to all people who are close to her. I smiled. One wonderful thing about her is that she manages to make others happy even though she is going through a tough time. Its one of the Many things she taught me.
So that day I go to her house so that I can keep her company and make sure that she gets well soon.

In the middle of all this came many incidents which still hurts me. That is when manya hugs or kisses someone else other than her parents n grandparents. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her, but still... "SHE IS MY LITTLE SISTER".! I get too jealous when I see her playing with someone else than me. It so happens that at times she tells me about her best friends, or her mom suman tells me about some people who loves manya a lot. Now, at that time I feel like shouting at the top of my voice, Common man dont I love her? She is my barbie girl <3. But obviously thats stupid because Everyone knows I lover her. lol! She's one the best things in my life. But there is one thing I cant tolerate, thats when she cries. All these days I used to hug her and used to tell her that its ok and make her stop crying but 3 days ago I made her cry. and its still hurting me.! I am soo sorry dear manz. I never meant to do it.! Just know that I'll love you forever as a sister and a friend.!

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