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Barbie Girl~ Dream Come True!

Just like any other day that day too I was thinking about my life before sleeping. Suddenly a new thought came to my mind. In 7 Years of the time I had spent on this earth I never ever had that thought. I Didnt quiet understand why I wanted that! Because I have THE BEST BROTHER in the world. And what I wanted was a sister.! Many of my friends had sisters and I wanted one of them too. I wanted to experience the love of a sister, May it be LITTLE SIS or ELDER SIS.

It was not until the feb of 2007 that my wish came true. My brother Akash had a little daughter :). When I saw her it was Love at first sight <3. Before I continue let me tell you this love was sisters love :). ok back to the point. She was cuddled up, cutely sleeping, having no idea that already every person around her loved her.
By this time suman had become close to our family, Which helped a lot because I would get to spend a lot of time with the little sweetheart. And to my luck she liked me too. I was the happiest person when she used to come to my house. I used to play with her and jump around with joy. I not only had a crazy time but also found my childhood(which was not yet lost :P). Whenever she used to run around I used to be very attentive, I wanted to make sure that she wont fall & hurt herself. In that way she made me responsible too.

As the time went by we both grew closer and closer, finally to become great friends like now. The similarities between us puts us more together. We dance, play, eat, sing, sleep, and do everything together. When we listen to no one Else's words we at least listen to each other.!

Last Monday i.e; 28th of feb! this Dear Barbie of mine had to go though a surgery. When I went to see her, she was asleep but still she woke up and managed to touch my nose :). Its a kinda thing she usually does to all people who are close to her. I smiled. One wonderful thing about her is that she manages to make others happy even though she is going through a tough time. Its one of the Many things she taught me.
So that day I go to her house so that I can keep her company and make sure that she gets well soon.

In the middle of all this came many incidents which still hurts me. That is when manya hugs or kisses someone else other than her parents n grandparents. She loves everyone, and everyone loves her, but still... "SHE IS MY LITTLE SISTER".! I get too jealous when I see her playing with someone else than me. It so happens that at times she tells me about her best friends, or her mom suman tells me about some people who loves manya a lot. Now, at that time I feel like shouting at the top of my voice, Common man dont I love her? She is my barbie girl <3. But obviously thats stupid because Everyone knows I lover her. lol! She's one the best things in my life. But there is one thing I cant tolerate, thats when she cries. All these days I used to hug her and used to tell her that its ok and make her stop crying but 3 days ago I made her cry. and its still hurting me.! I am soo sorry dear manz. I never meant to do it.! Just know that I'll love you forever as a sister and a friend.!

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Rahul A.K said...

awesome one... very nicely written.. :) stop writing lol and stuff btw :P

Djamant said...

aww a really cute post poo
love ya manz :P
poo b jealous :P

suman said...

thats sooooooooooo cute :) loved it....thanku BTW i think u should b feeling happy that maaniz got sooooooo many loving,caring,...ppl around her ;) for ur info she loves u soooooo much (after me ofcourse )ur on da top of her priority list ;)may ur friendship last long all ur lifez ....touch wood !!!

Princess Poo said...

Thnx Yaar :)
Oh that is my habit na.. Will stop that soon :).

Thnq Darling :)
ooh really? :P If u love her I will be jealous of 2 things dear ;) One Coz she is being loved too much :P nd 2nd coz u will love her more than me :'(

Thank You Thank You :). I know I should be happy but I am very possessive :). Aaah :) Last Line My Fav <3

Monk Avant Garde said...

ha ha this is a cute post
possessive elder sister

Princess Poo said...

hehe thnx :D :P

Mind's Ogle said...

common Lets beat Pixar nd Disney ;)
Im in :D

Anonymous said...

When I saw her it was Love at first sight <3. Before I continue let me tell you this love was sisters love :). ok back to the point.

thanks for letting us know about it :P ,

between hows your sis now ? nicely scribbled ..

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :).
People these days take everything in a bad way man.
Ruin the best relationships too. Thats why mentioned it.
She is awesome as usual :D ;). Growing prettier day by day :).
Btw thanks :D

Gayatri said...

Well written Poo!!!! Too good!!! Manya is damn lucky I must say!!! :) May this bond only grows stronger day by day!!! :)

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :)
Thanks a lot :).
Hmm! I'm also lucky to have her in my life <3 :).
Thanks again!

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Such a cute post! I went AWW all along! Your new follower already!:)I'm lucky 33rd! ;)

Princess Poo said...

Heheh! Thats sweet :) <3
Aww <3 :D Thank you so much dear :).
I'm lucky for having followers like you \m/ :) <3

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