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Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Its been a long time,
Since I felt this way.
I thought pain got over,
way before yesterday.

Once again it hurts.
Why always me?
Wish I could be like others
And just let it be.

My eyes are burning,
As there is no end to this tear.
Being with people is once again,
What I fear.

Does anyone here fear HUMANS like I do?
I just don't want to trust anyone anymore.
I believed that everyone deserved to be LOVED and TRUSTED.
I was wrong once again.
I'm tired of loving everyone and getting hurt.
No more 1000th Second chance.
No more fights, no more hugs.
I'm tired of being the one to cry over everything.
I don't need friends.
I don't want to get Jealous when they befriend someone else.
I don't want to be possessive.
I don't want to be anyone's friend.

Leave Me Alone

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10 Men In My Life

This is a  Challenge for blog post that I have received from Desire v/s Destiny 

So, as the title says, I am supposed to post about the 10 Men in my Life. Let me get Started.

1.My Dad
What can I say about my dad? He is the most PERFECT person on this earth for me. The KING of the KINGS and for him I'm his little princess. He is always there for me, through the Best and Worst times of my life. Always by my side, Holding my hands and leading me. Never has he once, forced me, but just followed me everywhere I went making sure I won't slip. I can never thank him enough. 
Just love my Papa. 

2. My Brother Vicky
The person I love the most on this earth is my Brother. Being 9 years older than me, he was always kind of a second dad to me. A day doesn't go by where we fight, similarly a day doesn't go by when we sit together and laugh for hours. Both being extremely naughty, I have no idea how much we have troubled our poor mother. Pranksters we are. I love him for being so protective of me. He is my role model and idol. I love the way he lives life. 
Just love my Anna.

3. My Kamal Bhai
Kamal is my Brother from Another Mother, but no one who have met us till now has ever agreed to it. Everyone thinks we are siblings itself, and well we kind of are like that. Kamal is just like Vicky to me, the only difference is I can share anything I can with this idiot. He is only 2 years older than me and understands me extremely well. So yeah, if you want to know anything about me you know whom to go to. He probably knows more about me than I do. He is the only person in this world, who can make me LAUGH with tears in my eyes. 
Love you Kamal bhai. 

4. My Bhai Jaan
Partha, aka my bhai jaan is also my Brother from another mother. He is this sweet and cute guy who always takes care of you and guides you. Me, him and Kamal form the 3 idiots gang. We are especially good at teasing others and fighting with each other. My bhai jaan is an exceptional guy. He is extremely good at heart and always caring about others. His way and his method always pleases me. Moreover, he loves animals and has made his home a LIVING ZOO. His rabbits are probably the cutest one on this planet. He takes care of them as if they are his own kids. He will be an awesome parent. The best thing about him is, He always tells me, "Poo, you come over to my place, I will keep you in a showcase, will feed you, will look after you and take care of you. Will do whatever you want, just come na". Hehe! Sweetheart my bhai jaan is. Loves me a lot.
I love you too bhai jaan. More than you love me.

5. My Love Ian
Ok, If I start explaining, It will never end. My biggest crush till now is Ian. He is probably the hottest guy on earth and I just love him.

6. My Bestie Krish
Aah! What can I say about Krishna? He is the first friend I've ever had in Boys and he is my bestest friend ever. Everyone calls us Tom and Jerry. Why you ask? Because 24*7 we keep fighting, but still we can't be without each other. He is a sweet guy and extremely good, Just like me(heheh) hence we REPEL each other. You know, Like Poles repel.. Magnet theory?? Anyway, we fight so much that one would think that if we come in front of each other we will pull each other hairs out, but the fact is that, if we do go in front of each other, we both will sit down and start talking. Hehe! Crazy we are. But still, he is the only person I can talk anything with and for him also its the same.
Hate you Tommy boy. You know what I mean.

7. My Friend Vivek
Vivek is my second best friend. Aka my Choco. He is this extremely sweet guy who loves teasing others and pampering his loved ones. He is one guy, I can talk to all day and not get bored. He always makes me smile with his stupid comments and silly words. I just love how when we are together, I always have great moments. Time speeds by whenever you are here. 
You are extremely sweet Choco. Always be like that.

8. My Jeeju Vik
Vikranth aka VIK aka Every Girl's dream boy, is my dearest Jeeju. He is the Choco Boy for so many people. This guy, I tell you, is handsome and sweet and extremely nice. Almost every girl is behind him. Thats why I decided that he'll be my Jeeju and whomever "HE LIKES" will be my sister. My jeeju is really sweet you see, even though so many girls are behind him he Loves only me. I'm his jaanu saali. His little kid. He loves me a lot and takes care of me as if I'm his kid. He looks after me like a Father, takes care of me like a mother, fights with me like a brother, laughs with me like a friend and loves me more than anyone else.
I love you a lot jeeju. You are a very nice person. 

9. My Friend Abhi
Abhi is my sweet friend. He and me love playing Counter Strike together. Hehe! We keep fighting a lot and when I say I don't want to talk to me, he starts a server and comes to me saying, Wanna Play? And I'm like YEAH PLEASE! Hehe. Its awesome to play with him. At first I was really bad, then he trained me up. Just love playing with him. He and me love shooting each other. Hehehe!

10. My Role Model APJ
Last but NEVER the least, APJ ABDUL KALAM. The man whom I love and adore the most. More than that, I respect him more than anyone else. He is my role model. His books inspired me a lot and brought a change to my life. Even though he is so famous, he is extremely modest and loves to be with kids. Its my dream to meet him one day and listen to his speech.

Well, those are the 10 men in my life. Its an extremely happy thing for me to say that I've been blessed with extremely nice and sweet and inspiring men around me who guides me, helps me and protects me.
Love you all.

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Tears & Butterfly Effect

A Tear dropped down  her eyes,
As she went into her room.
"When will all the pain end?",She thought,
"When is the day of Doom?"

Her heart ached and eyes cried,
But no one was there to care.
She took a knife and cut herself,
How much does she dare?

The blood spilled all across the floor,
Just the way her tears flew.
She sat there and waited,
For someone to get a clue.

But no one came,
It was just her and her pain.
She walked to her window, And
out there was heavy rain.

She went out and got drenched,
And she found her pain shared.
The nature was crying with her,
Showing that the Gods cared.

She felt much better,
As soon as she found it out, 
That there was always someone to care,
So, no reason to cry about.

She wiped her tears,
And looked up at the sky.
She smiled and said,
"I'll never know Why".

Everything became fine,
As the scars began to heal.
She won't cut again, she promised,
Keeping it was a big deal.

There are so many people in this world who CUT themselves as they are not able to face the pain that they face. Isn't this cruel? Not the PAIN. The thing that they Hurt themselves? 
First thing is that, they are not the only ones who Suffer in life.Every single person would have faced Difficulties in life. Hiding yourself from it and cutting yourself would be cowardly. When so many people have the guts to face it, why cant they?
I have one question to those who Cut themselves. You Cut yourself. Will it Erase all your troubles? 
It doesn't right? Its just a way for you to hurt yourself more. 
I had cut myself once. I regret that I ever Did it, but I did learn a lesson from it.

What I learned, you ask?
Hmm! I Learned that LIFE is much more than pain and stuff. Once you pass through those moments, there is so much out there which can make you happy. If I have to know the meaning of HAPPY then I have go through PAIN right? Without that I won't be able to respect the Happy Moments.

Next thing was that, MY PARENTS didn't Slog all day at work, and took so much trouble to Bring me up just so that I could go and Kill myself. They have gone through double the trouble to Make Me who I am now. When they could go through so much, then Can't I go through a little bit of trouble? Its nature of Life right?

Third was that, LIFE is a precious thing. We could have been anything. A Dog, A Cat, Even a COCKROACH, but NO, we were given the LIFE of HUMANS, The most intelligent beings on earth.We have been gifted with this LIFE so that we can live through it and achieve something. And not to run away from every little things.

When, there are so many GOOD THINGS in LIFE, then why Hurt yourself for something BAD that has happened? You may have many troubles, but once you FACE them you'll know that there is so much to enjoy. 

Its a BIG request from my side to all those who cut yourselves, PLEASE DONT DO IT. Your life is really precious. And there are many people in this world who would give ANYTHING to be in your position today. Life is not as bad as it looks. So please, Be Brave and Don't hurt yourselves.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT is a really good way to get over this CUTTING mania. Please take a look it and try to implement it in your life. 

Thank you.

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Blue~A Haiku

She lay watching
the big blue sky, as
Serenity took over.


Her Blue eyes
of pain, cried together with
the endless rain.

Written for Haiku Heights

Ps. The second HAIKU was not meant to Rhyme. I'm extremely sorry for posting it wrong. Will keep in mind to not do the same mistake again.

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Just Some Crazy Stuff

Well everyone who knows me knows how CRAZY I am. Well, being a Crazy Girl, I have some Really CRAZY FANTASIES. Its my wish that I do all of this, before I.. Well, Die. There are many fantasies of mine, but I can't mention all of them here na? My readers will die of utter shock. So, lets spare them. Here are some of the (small)Crazy Fantasies that I'm dreaming to do..

1. Deep Sea Diving
I love being under water. Its really peaceful. Water has always attracted me towards it. Moreover, I love fishes and the way they move. I've always wanted to jump into the sea and just swim after them. Well, that has been NOT POSSIBLE for 2 reasons, Firstly My Mom didn't allow me. Secondly because I don't know swimming. Anyways, I'll learn it one day and then go jump into a Sea or an Ocean.. Oh! How much I want to be there!!!

2.Paragliding & Para-sailing
Cry, Cry. Oops. I Mean, Fly Fly.. The words bring a smile to my face. I'm damn afraid of heights, but I would so love doing this. Its just like Flying isn't it? With some duplicate Wings. I want to fly!!!

3.Bungee Jumping
Another Fantasy that challenges my Phobia, but that won't bring me down. How awesome would it be to Jump off a cliff for FUN and manage not to DIE.. Sounds Yummy... 

4.Cliff Diving
Look at the picture. I'm going to Die in Jealousy by just looking at it. I so badly want to jump off a cliff. But first, need to learn to swim. 
Most importantly, I must make sure that my Mom never hears of this. Otherwise I'm Go Went Gone even before I can say Cli....

5.Climb Mount Everest
Nature is something that I really love. Trekking has always been my favorite thing to do. So, Going on top of Mount Everest is one of my Dream Fantasies. I think I'll really love it there. But to be really truthful, Of all the Dream Fantasies I have, I doubt if I'll be able to do this one.

So, cool na? Its like Flying, walking and Skating all together. Oh my! Can't wait to do this. I can easily let myself get lost in this Snow. Why doesn't it snow here? *Sob Sob*

7.Dance in Rain with a STRANGER
This is something I've been dreaming since a long long time. I've danced in rain many number of times. Sometimes alone, Sometimes with my friends and Sometimes with my Cousins. I've even danced in Rain with my Teachers. But I want to dance with a Stranger when its raining. I know, I know I'm crazy. But this would be so awesome. Just Imagine!!!

8. Go to Top of Eiffel Tower
Yep! I really want to go on top of the Eiffel Tower and shout "WASSUP PEOPLE?". Sounds Fun. Yeah, I'll get nice kicks and probably get arrested as well. But, Fun is Fun I say. You only get to live once.

9. Run Away from Home
Don't give me that look. I just want to run away from Home for a little while and Face the world on my own. My mom keeps saying, if you were left alone, I want to know what you would have done. And that happens everytime I don't do some work. So I really want to find out WHAT WOULD REALLY HAPPEN If I am left alone. So, yeah. Let me run away.

10.Meet Ian
Don't Stare at the Photo. The Guy is MINE. And the words are so true. Sometimes, All I need is IAN. He is the reason for my Smile :).
Blush! Blush!! How badly I want to meet him, no one will ever know. I want to meet him and then tell him that, "I Love Him" and that He has the Most Beautiful Eyes in this world and that He has a really Charming smile Which makes me feel as if I'm dead and gone to Heaven. And that he is real sweetheart and that I want his Autograph on a Photo in which Me and Him are together. And that I wan't him to write, "I Love You" on it... Uff!!
So Much I have to tell him. But to be truthful, if he comes in front of me, I'll faint. So the above things happening are really doubtful :(.
Oh! Ian!!!

11. Scold My Manager
When I'll be working, if I ever want to Change my Job or leave a Company then I want to SCOLD MY MANAGER really nice before giving my Resignation letter. I want to say everything I wouldn't be able to and then Scold badly. At last, say "It was Fun. Hope you accept my resignation. I mean, ofcourse you will".

12.Shout and Run
Well, in the picture its Brother and Sister who are shouting. But I always do that don't I? 
But its not my dream fantasy. What I want to do is, Shout Out Loud some really funny thing and then Run out Classroom or Office. Hehe! I'll get kicked out for this. But, as I said before, When you want to have Fun, you have to have Fun.

13. HP way
When I start to go to College, and if 'BY MISTAKE' I turn up late, then I want to run into my Classroom saying, "Troll in the Dungeon! Thought you ought to know" and then Collapse on the floor. Just like Quirrell.

14. Have GolGappa & Ice Cream eating Challenge

I hate EATING. But well that depends on certain things. ICE CREAM is my most favorite thing in this world. After that would be French Fries and then Golgappa. 
I really want to have a challenge stating who will eat More Golgappa and IceCream..
I am so doing this as soon as my boards are over..

15. Attend a totally Strangers Marriage

Not for the function.. Ewww!! I just want to attend some stranger's marriage just for the fun of it.
I want to go to the Guy's parents and say, "Hi Aunty. How are you? Forgot me? I was there when you had come to See the Bride" and same with Girl's Parents. Heheh! Sounds so fun na? 

Well, Thats all for now. These are the Little SANE ones. All others are totally insane. I am waiting for the day, when I can post on my blog saying, COMPLETED ALL MY DREAM FANTASIES :D. Aah! Music to my ears ;) :D. 
Oh! BTW, Don't bother calling the Mental Hospital!! They are still in search of me :P :P.

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Versatile Blogger?

Everyone gets excited when they receive an award won't they? Well, So am I :D. In this excitement of mine, I Google VERSATILE to know its meaning. It said "Capable of doing many things competently". And Then I started wondering. Capable of doing many things? I only write don't I? What else do I do? Do I actually deserve this award then? Well, Only god can answer that.
But now that I have gotten the award 4 Times, Firstly From Kirti and then From Antara, and then from DEE and now from Prabhavathi jhi, its my duty to spread the love and give the award to someone else.

Firstly, I thank all the 4 of you for nominating me. All the 4 of you are extremely wonderful bloggers and I love each and every single post of yours. I'm really honored to receive awards from you guys :). You brought a Big Smile to my face :D :). 

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
  • Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers 
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

7 Random Things About Me:-

1. I have the habit of putting my Ipod into "SHUFFLE" Mode and then browsing all the way back just so that I can listen to the song I want :P. But, I still do it everytime...

2. I learn things by watching them than from reading them out of a book. I have the PROCEDURE FOR OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT by heart. Try sending me to a Bank to do that job, Every second you'll get a call from me saying "What the heck am I supposed to do now?" :P. But, my brother is an Engineer so he usually has the habit of checking out the not-working machines. He repairs them at times in home and me by watching him, have learned how to repair a TV, A computer and how to switch Cables and all engineering stuff :P.

3. I get "SHOCKS" from Nylon materials. When I say SHOCK I mean ELECTRIC SHOCK :P. Its something I inherited from my Mom's Twin :P. Whenever my mom wears Nylon, I have to be careful not to hug her :P warna I'll get some nice shocks :P.

4. I'm crazy about Books. I love reading books :D and usually have a book in my hand all the time ;).

5. I multi-task :P. Seriously. I play in computer while I'm listening to songs in my Ipod and reading a book. Sometimes, I watch TV, listen to Songs and do my homework :D. Which surely gets on my mom's nerves.

6. I'm extremely sensitive. I get hurt easily but then I forget easy too. So yeah, I've been mis-used for this many times :(. Until my best friend kicked me and tried to put some sense into me :P. Even now I do that but she is like a Macho who kicks out everyone who dares to mess with me :D ;) :P.

7. I want to run away :D. No comments on this one :P :P.

Ok. So the random things are done. Thanking is done. Picture is done. Nominating and Informing remains. 
Uff. The tough job comes here.
Anyways, I have already give these awards out once, so this time, I'm not repeating the bloggers, so that I can award different people.

So, here are the 15 Blogs, which I think deserve the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD :). Please do check them out ;), you won't regret it :D. I didn't ;) :D.

  1. Deepak ~ Whatever It Takes
  2. Ms.A ~ Damn! I Can't Think of a Title!
  3. Aishu ~ iShooo
  4. Upasana ~ My world, My thoughts, My Musings
  5. Sangeeta ~ Sangry Words
  6. Kajal ~ Purple Chronicle
  7. Ana ~ WotSinanAme??
  8. Animesh ~ Story in Pieces
  9. Mohinee ~ Gurukripa
  10. Leo Paw ~ bigbitz-blog
  11. Seema ~ Art Corner
  12. Purba ~ A-Musing
  13. Nischal ~ WhatsUpBollywood!!!!!
  14. Ankit ~ A Thousand Miles
  15. Jen ~ The Butterfly Effect

Thats also done :D. To be truthful, I wasn't even confused for a bit or wondered. I checked my "READING LIST" and at once I had all 15 blogs that I wanted ;) :D.
To be truthful, I don't think anyone deserves this award as much as they do ;) :D. The MOST BEAUTIFUL blogs ever I say. How I love reading their posts ;) :D. The Best, I say. THE BEST :D :).

Well, Now I have to go and inform them ;). So bye-bye :D. Do Check their blogs ok? ;) :D.

Love you all :D :).

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Happy Birthday To You!

Please Watch This Cute Video Before Reading Further

So, Wondering whose birthday it is? ;) :D.
Well, this time I won't play with you :D :).

Its my Dearest Darling Blog's Birthday :D :).
Yep, SWEET SOMETHINGZ turned 1 year today :D :).

My first ever post was Barbie Girl~ Dream Come True!. A Post whole heatedly dedicated to my dear Niece :D :). 

My blog's birthday means a lot to me :). More than my birthday :D.
Know why? Because, the day my blog was started, was the day I started expressing myself.
Being a shy and introvert girl, my blog gave me a new life :D :).
A lovely new life :).
I don't know how much I have to thank it for that :D :).

I love you a lot <3 :).

On this beautiful day, I want to take some time in thanking people who helped me with this.

First of all, my Parents :). For giving birth to me and for bringing me up in such a nice way. I wouldn't take it any other way :). I love you for everything you have done to me and most of all for tolerating my nonsense ;) :D. I know I'm not easy to handle ;) :P but you really make it look easy :). Thanks a lot :D :). I hope to make you PROUD :). I know I will someday :). Thats a Promise :D :).

Secondly My brother. My ossom blossom brother :D :). I can't thank the gods enough :). Yep, there are so many times we fight and all, but a day without you is hell. You were always a second dad to me.  I never thought I would be gifted with such a nice brother :D :). I love you so much :D :).
Please DONT read this post :| :P. You are not supposed to know about this ;) :D :P.
I'm the one to fight with :D ;). No lovey dovey things :P.

Thirdly, My dear friends and Sweet Cousins :). Life without you guys is totally incomplete :). Holidays or School days you guys made my life total heaven :D :). Just love you so much :). Thanks for always being there for me :D :). And looking out for me ;) :D. 
And thanks for teasing me also :P *Ahem Ahem* :P
Ofcourse I would have teased you back na ;) :D. I know all your crushes :P.
I'll make another post for it ok? ;) :P.

Now, lets come to the amazing people who helped me with this blog :).

Firstly, Kamal Bhai. For being an inspiration and for always looking after me :D ;). 
Moreover, thanks for supporting me in whatever I do :D :). You never told me the way to go, but just followed me everywhere I went :D :). I'm not going to thank you ;) Cause I know I'll get some nice scoldings for it later :D :P. I just want to say, be like this with me always ok? :). 
Even though we are not together, you are always with me :). In my heart :D :).
Love you Bhai Jaan :* <3.

Next comes::

Akash Senapati: My lovely Aaku :D. My Naruto and My 'L'. 
Ravinder Singh: My close friend :D :).
Gayatri Oza: My Sweetheart of a BHABHI :D. Just Love her <3 :) :*.
Deepak: The guy who restored my Faith in myself :D :).
Rahul Miglani: The one who helped me through my Toughest days :D ;).
Vinay: My Sweet Cousin :) :D.
Lonely Mate: My Friend who made sure, I'm NEVER Lonely ;) :D :P.
Hiral Arora: My bestest friend ever :D. My inspiration and my cuppie cake :*
Rahul kulkarni: A real sweet guy who has been a great friend to me ;) :D.
Jezz: My oldest friend ever :D. Bestie as well ;) :D.
Shriram: My Shri Bro :D :). He is too Cool to be described in words :D ;).
Ankita: My Lovely Di <3 :D Who makes me smile all the time :D ;).
Prajnanshoo Bal: One heck of a bro :P. Hehe! Just love him :D ;).
Mayank Rajput: One of my Bhai Jaan's :D ;) :D. He is really sweet :).
STALz: My ossom blossom TWIN :D ;).
Nik: Mik-Nik :D My teddy bear ;) :D.
Pouzterr: My Bro's friend who is now my BRO :D ;).
Dhimi: Again, my Bro's friend ;) :D and my sister :D.
Suvo: The Cool dude :D ;). He is really awesome ;) :D.
Prince Taurus: Hail the Prince :P. My Bestie :D ;).
Stalzy: My Dexter :D ;) :D :P.
Vivek: My Choco boi :D. Another Bestie ;)
Nishchal Diwate: An awesome writer :) Gives too good reviews :D.
Satishdappin: A very good Personal Blogger :D ;) One of my closest friends :D ;).
Sowmya Swaminathan: An awesome blogger, who writes about everything :D.
Daniel Pezarker: DD :D. My DEBATE FRIEND :D ;).
Maun Vision: Pramod Jhi :D :). Probably one of the best blogger I ever met.
Shivani Kumra: Don't really know her :(. But really want to :D.
Prabhavathi k: A totally wonderful person :). Awesome writing and Awesome Painting ;) :D.
Kirti N.S.: The girl of honor :D ;). Yup she is ;) :D. There isn't a single post I don't wait for her comment. After every post, I sit there waiting to see when she will comment ;) :D. She is my inspiration :) and a true friend :D ;) Who still hasn't replied to my mail :|. I'll get to you for that x-( :P. But dear, Just love you yaar :). Thanks for inspiring me :).
Shenoy_ThinkTank: The great Shenoy jhi :). Awesome writer. Just happy to know that he follows my blog.
Life Unordinary: A sweet person who writes with sweet words :).
Harsha: One of the best Photographers, I ever knew. Too good :).
Jen..The Butterfly Effect: The best Reader I ever got :D :). Jen, thanks for your beautiful comments :). I really wait for your comments :). They are sweet and inspiring. Too good girl :) Just love you.
Amit Agarwal: Don't know again :(. But would surely love to know.
DeepaK KarthiK: Aah! Now comes the best part :D. DEE :D My sweet CHEESY friend ;) :D. Aah! Every little chat of ours is so precious :D ;). Such an awesome time with you ;) :D. Just love you :P :P. A DEVIL LOVES YOU DEE ;) :D RUNNNNNNNNNNN :P. BTW, Don't you dare tease me with N***Y :P Or you know what I'll tease you as? ;) :D
Raj: A beautiful writer :). Thanks a lot for following my blog :D.
everachika: An awesome writer and a splendid poet :). Really thanks for following :D.
Ajay Kontham™: An awesome photographer and a splendid writer :).
Kajal: Another favorite reader of mine :D :). Always waiting for your comment on my posts :). You make my day with a single comment of yours :D :). I love your blog a lot. Really inspiring. I can't thank you enough Kajal Jhi :D :). Love you loads :). 
Sangeeta Reghu Nair: Aah :D Another sweet commentor ;) :D. Just love the way you write jhi :D :). You are an awesome person :).
sahi: Really don't know who you are :( but you are my friend's friend :D ;). That means you are awesome b-) :D. Thanks for following :D.
Abhi: A very good person :). My first friend in Indi :D :). Thank you da :D ;).
CYNOSURE: Another person whose comments I await :D :). A person with the purest of heart I must say :). I love your blog a lot Cynosure jhi :D Thanks a lot for commenting on all my posts :).
AllMyPosts: Again, don't know you :( Forgive me. But Thanks a lot for following :D.
arun kumar: My Friend's friend ;) :D. An awesome person obviously :D ;) Thanks for following :D.
Shashi: An awesome writer and a poet :). My inspiration :). Never thought you would follow me jhi :). You made me read happy :) Thank a lot.
artmusedog: An awesome blogger :D ;). Just love your posts :D. Thanks for following :).
maliny mohan: Maliny jhi :). Any words would be less for you :D :). The way you write your poems is beyond anything :). Just love your words and the way you use them :D :). Glad to know that you follow my blog :D :). Just love you jhi :D.
Leo Paw: An awesome writer ;) :D. That would be an understatement :D :). I really love your posts :). Thanks for following my blog :D.

Last but not the least, ARTI DEEDI :). Deedi you inspire me a lot :). You are a very friendly person and really lovely at heart :). I can't explain how happy I feel whenever I get a comment from you :). I've never seen a more modest person :). Just love you for YOU :D. Be like this always Deedi Please :). Love you so much :D :).

Hmm.! So Yeah, I love you all :D :). You guys make me happy :). Even in the saddest of sad times :). I can't thank you all enough :D :).
My blog also loves you all :D and hopes you keep coming here ;). Otherwise it will start missing you ;( and my Blog doesn't like missing people ;)
It is very possessive you see ;) :D.

I'm glad to say that on this day, on this auspicious day, there are so many people here with me. To support me :). Thanks a lot guys :D :). I can't express how much I love you guys :D :).

Me and my SOUL MATE Sweet Somethingz Love you all <3 :).
And wish you all a HAPPY LIFE :) :D <3

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I Love You. I Do. I Really Do.

So, you guys must be wondering what suddenly happened to me, right? :P. Well, the TITLE and the PICTURE says it all :D. I'm in LOVE :D ;). And trust me, I don't mean IAN :P. I'm really really really in love ;) :D.

With whom you ask? :D *Blush Blush* :">. I can't say na :( :P. 

Are you really that interested in knowing it? o.O My, My! 
Ok, then. I'll let you know ;) :D.
But for that :O, You'll have to go through this whole post ;) :D. 
Yep! I'm doing it on purpose :P :D.

Only, if you read the WHOLE POST will you know whom I've fallen in love with ;) :D.
I'll put it somewhere in middle b-) :P. 
I have to make you all lazy people read na? :P :P.

So, here it goes ;) :D.

Still here? :O Wow :P. You guys really want to know it don't you?
I thought I would have scared you off by now :P :P.
Hmm! I must SALUTE you for your braveness ;) :D.
You are ready to face my Nonsense just so that you can know Whom I'm in love with? :D
Hats Off ;) :D.

Anyways, Enough of Drama na? :P
I'll tell you all then? :D.
Irritated you enough? ;) :D.

Ok :P :D. I think it is enough now :P.


 Hahaha! Thats right ;) :D. 
I'm in love with you :D. I'm in love with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU :D  

Want to know why? ;). Well, You read everything I post :O.
I mean,wow :D :).

Hehehe! Well, This was a post, just to SHOUT OUT to the world, that my blog has got 50 FOLLOWERS.
You guys have no idea how Happy I am right now ;) :D.
I never thought so many people would read what I wrote :O.
You guys made my Dream come true :).
Love you all so much for this :D :).

I promise, I'll keep Bugging you like this till the end :P :P.
I'll make sure, I'll bore you all with my tales ;) :D.

Thanks a lot once again :D :).
I Really, I Really Love you all <3 :).
Thank you so much :).

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