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Urban Shots~Review

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As the above line says, this is my review for the book "URBAN SHOTS". Its a book comprising of 28 Urban Tales written by 13 writers. This is my first time I'm reviewing something so I hope I do it fair.I'll be giving reviews author-wise.

1. Kainaz Motivala: An upcoming actress who has dedicated her time to writing as well. Her work "Hope comes in small packages" is extremely beautiful and very nicely written. It shows the life of a yearning mother who finds the missing part of her life through a little puppy. A totally hearty story written with feelings. 

2. Paritosh Uttam: A software Engineer who has a good relation with his words. His short stories bring out the Present living ways of people and bring out their feelings in an extremely beautiful way. "The right thing to do", "Notes of discord", "Replay" and "The biggest problem" are the stories in the "Relationships" category. In this ultra-modern era, a Relationship has no base and the real meaning of it has been changed. These stories takes the readers into a journey through their lives. His stories  "Heartbreakers" and "Serendipity" shows the longings of the people and how we close we are to our "soul mates" and yet not recognize it. His story "Between Friends" brings out the love shared by two friends, who are not ready to Accept it yet. "A Cup of Tea", "Effacing Memories" and "A Mood for love" are the short stories which shows the Need for Love and the desires of people. His way of writing stories is beautiful and he has the strength to Grasp the Readers attention. A lovely writer, I must say.

3. Malathi Jaikumar: A freelancer who is very well known for her writings for Newspaper. Her story
"Liberation" shows the Difficulties faced by a Women because of the Drinking-Nature of her husband. Her only happiness is her two children. Her son plays an important role in her life, as he is the one who looks after her even though he is quiet young. The love between a Mother and a Son is shown here. Her story "Just Average" shows how Just Average persons can achieve many things, by just inspiration and some daring nerve. Her stories convey the feelings and the troubles that women go through from the beginning of their life.

4. Ahmed Faiyaz: A best selling author who has written many short stories as well as novels. His stories "Its a small world", " a fast lane", and "Moving on" have been written wonderfully. They bring out the feelings of both the persons in a Relationship. The stories are very well written and have a detailed information in them. His stories are touching and totally un-put-downable.

5.Bishwanath Ghosh: A travel writer, very well known for his travelogue "Chai Chai". His story "Morning Showers" and "Women in love" bring out the feelings of a Women. It also shows her sensitivity and her sweet nature. Very well written stories which have Attention grasping powers.

6.Abha IyengarA very well known writer as well as a poet. Her story “Slow Rain” shows the desires of a women, who wants to live in a slow life whereas her husband lives in a fast life. She has to keep up with him even though she wishes something else. A lovely tale filled with feelings.

7. Prateek Gupta: A consultant as well as an avid writer known for his writings in newspaper. His story “Apple pies and a grey sweater” shows the unexplained love shared between two friends. How they never express themselves even though they had the chance. A beautiful story told in a more beautiful way.

8. Kunal Dhabalia: A software Engineer whose passion is writing. His story “Love-All” brings out the feelings of a guy, who strives his best to keep the “Best Couple” in his sense together. A beautiful tale expressed in a lovely way. “Driving down the Memory lane” another story of his, takes us all down the memory of Aman. Beautiful story told in a more beautiful manner.

9.Sahil Khan: A lifestyle activist very well known for his online magazine “”. His story “The untouched guitar” is all about the relationships in these modern times. A relationship is purely based on understanding and giving time for each other. This is very well shown in this story. A very well written story.

10. Vrinda Baliga: A written very well known for her works in various journals and magazines. Her story “Stick Figures” brings out the desperation of a mother and the soft nature of a child. A lovely tale expressed with feelings and emotions. “Dialects of Silence” another story of hers brings out the feeling of a married women. She remembers her parents and the way they used to tell their tale, wishing she could do the same. After she loses her mother, she finds her mother in her Mother-in-Law. A nicely written Family story.
11. Hasmita Chander: A writer living in a fictional world, whose works have reached 7 countries. Her story “The enlightened one” shows the life of a guy, who runs away from life and finds peace elsewhere. But he has to return. No one can turn away from their life. He takes a long time to realize this and when he does, he acts at once. A Truly enlightening tale.

12.Rikin Khamar: A writer known for his book “The Lotus Queen”. His story “The House in Ali Bagh” takes the readers on a dreamy journey through Gungaram’s thoughts. A very imaginative and a creative story. Beautifully penned down.

13. Naman Saraiya: A novelist and a photographer. His story “Trial and Error” brings out the feelings of a boy. His first contact with womenkind finds him on Facebook after a long time. A tale which takes us totally into their life.

All the stories are beautifully narrated with a lively touch. Totally Un-put-downable. Good read.

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CYNOSURE said...

hmmm...appears to be a nice book...
so here my search for the URBAN SHOTS begins...
thnks for sharing... :)

Princess Poo said...

Hehe :D :).
Hope you enjoy it too ;)

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