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Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Its been a long time,
Since I felt this way.
I thought pain got over,
way before yesterday.

Once again it hurts.
Why always me?
Wish I could be like others
And just let it be.

My eyes are burning,
As there is no end to this tear.
Being with people is once again,
What I fear.

Does anyone here fear HUMANS like I do?
I just don't want to trust anyone anymore.
I believed that everyone deserved to be LOVED and TRUSTED.
I was wrong once again.
I'm tired of loving everyone and getting hurt.
No more 1000th Second chance.
No more fights, no more hugs.
I'm tired of being the one to cry over everything.
I don't need friends.
I don't want to get Jealous when they befriend someone else.
I don't want to be possessive.
I don't want to be anyone's friend.

Leave Me Alone

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Gayathri said...

We will never leave you alone!! We are here hamesha for you.. :) Love you don be sad... keep smiling.. love you muah! :* hugs...

CYNOSURE said...

there is someone who'd still be caring and thinking of you dear...don't get disheartened...but always remember that possessiveness and expectations should always be the last thing from you for anyone...
take care... :)

Leo Paw said...

If everything happened the way we wanted, how bad it would be? lets sit back and look at it from a different angle:
When I get that low in life, I make it a point to spend most of my time with the people who really need me/ people who are not as fortunate & loved as we are/ children who have never been pampered as you and me/ parents who have been thrown on the roads by their own children/ People with special needs. And that's when I reinforce the value of my true and unconditional love. Spend a day with them and we'll find everything we bothered doesn't actually matter much. And when we do it, we are actually gifting them a special day, may be their best, to treasure in life.

Sangeeta Reghu Nair said...

Princess Poo .. who is this person we are talking about ... Let me know I will send Smera over to terrorise them ..

Princess Poo said...

:) :)

@Gayu Dii
>HUGS< Thank you so much di :).
For yesterday also :D :).
Muahx :*
Love you more :)

@Cynosure Jhi
I agree jhi :).
I never EXPECT from others but sometimes get possessive. Should learn not to :)

@Leo Paw
I agree with you :).
I do that too :D :).
But its not about that :). I'm not asking the Life to go exactly as it wants.. Just asking it to atleast hear me once in a while :)

@Sangeeta Jhi
Hehehe :). So sweet :D.
I'm sure the little sweetheart will make sure no one ever messes with me :).
Just someone.. I'm fine now :D :).
Thank you :).

Iceman said...

"Tis so difficult to love
and so easy to hate,

neither could I hate you,
nor could you love me!"

Obsessivemom said...

Hey there hope you're feeling better. Forget everyone and enjoy your blogdosts - they never go away. :-) Smile now.

Gaurav Singh said...

From the poem it seems that sorrow is an integral part of everyone's life....
But hats of to ur imaginations and I'm sure u've a lot of loyal friends..

Ankit Patel said...

So touching verses... ♥
People are always needed in our life. It doesn't matter if we go wrong finding the correct one, coz there is always a second chance! So take care :D

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Rakesh Maurya said...

It only hurts to make you strong. to make you feel that you are still human who has feelings and guts to express it. Be strong and let it flow, you'll feel better and one day you'll be there for everyone.

Niraj said...

aww..I could feel the pain in ur words.I hope u'd be feeling good taking some time :)

Prasoon said...

That was some poetry. Reader can feel the pain. Reader can empathise. What else a writer want?

Wonderful writing. I wish you a life full of happiness. :) :)

AJ said...

A really nice expression of feelings. Good. touching poem.


Anonymous said...

Poo.. who dared to hurt you? There is a better person waiting for you :)

Pranita said...

Totally understnd the lines of your poem! I ve been there... done that! Difficult to not be possessive if dat's ur nature.. But now dat u kno it is, u can b conscious abt whom n how much u get possessiv abt!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Nice one Poo :)

Maun Vision said...

very sensitive heart speak. Life rolls on, and bolder and stronger with every passing second. Feel of God's virtue and guidance in any touchy
matter. see god's hidden grace over any deviances.
The time and phase of your life is passing through a sensitive phase in life.

Princess Poo said...

That is so true and so nice.
Your words? :)

Hey thanks a lot :).
Yeah I'm feeling better :D.

Yup it is na..
Hmm! Thanks a lot :) :D.

Such true words <3 :) :D.
Thanks a lot :D.
Ooh sounds cool :). Will surely participate :D.

True words. Thanks a lot <3 :)

That is so sweet :) :).
Thanks a lot jhi.
I am feeling better :D.

Wow thanks man :D :).
Yup thats all a writer wants right? :)
Thanks a lot again :D

@Kajal Di
Some stupid people :| :(.
I know Di :). Just waiting for those persons :D

Its a tough time right?
True. I have to agree with your words :).
Moreover implement it :D.
Thanks a lot dear :).

@Deepa jhi
Thanks jhi :D :)

Agree with your words more than anything PL Jhi :). Very true.
Thanks a lot

N.S.Kirti said...

pian and joy are two sides of the same coin called life. there are times we feel like the world doesnt need us anymore but the ones who love you are always in your sight.
so smile princess :)
nice poem btw. very soulful

Anonymous said...

U see, nothing can ever be more important than your own self, ur own mind. These are ur most prized possessions. So, don't let anything else hurt u. Just sit back, relax and watch. Seasons are never permanent :-)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

AWW! The little things about life that you are going to outgrow at the precise moment you know life is more than those trivial bits :)!!

Lovely,Poo! This one was good :)

Princess Poo said...

I agree :). Thanks a lot Kirti :D.

I agree :). True-est words ever :D :).
Thanks man :).

Yeah na :).
Thanks a lot :D.

Iceman said... it somewhere :) Remembered it when I read this post!

Princess Poo said...

Oh :) Wow.. Nice :D

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