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That Last Night

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 All that running had made me tired, So I just put my head on my father's lap. He wasn't going to be left out of this. So he also put his head on my dad's lap. I had laughed and kissed him, utterly pleased my his jealousy.
I don't remember when I first met him. I was very little. How little? Maybe a week old.
I was in my mom's arm fast asleep and for the first time in my life, I saw someone else as soon as I opened my eyes instead of my mom.
At first I was shocked and scared but soon started loving that face.
That's the face that could make me smile, any time, any day.
The cutest and the sweetest face.
His name was Tiger and literally he was not my dog. He belonged to my Aunt, but I had an extremely strong bond with him. Maybe that was because I grew up with him. He was just a couple of Months older than me. When I was a little girl, I used to sit on him. I know that's bad, but I was really little. He never showed any signs of pain or anything.

My parents told me that I had even pulled his tail once but still he hadn't done anything. He usually put up with all my mischief. He was my FIRST and the BESTEST FRIEND I ever had. Even though he was my aunt's he spent a large amount of time in our house.

When I was like 7, my father used to conduct running race for me and Tigy every night. Bless his tiny-winy little heart cause he always, and I mean ALWAYS let me win. After all the running we both would go and sit next to my dad. He had become a part of our family. But soon my Aunt shifted her house. Which meant that Tigy would come to me only on weekends. It hurt both of us a lot. Yes, A dog has feelings. Probably much more than us humans.

I still remember that one time, when I was 9 and me and him had just finished a race. Obviously, he had let me win again. All that running had made me tired, so I just put my head on my father's lap. Tigy wasn't going to be left out of this. So he also put his head on my dad's lap. I had laughed and kissed him utterly pleased by his jealousy. 

After that day, he didn't come to our house for over a month. I was totally depressed. My parents didn't let me go to him as he wasn't well and needed complete rest which he wouldn't get if I was there. After another month, a call comes from my aunt and suddenly my mom and grandma got all dressed up and almost left the house, when I stopped them.

I didn't know where they were going, and they didn't usually leave me home alone. So I asked them where they were going. My mom said that Tigy isn't well and that they are going to see him. Hearing his name made me smile, but hearing the news made me sad. I begged them to take me with them. I promised that I wouldn't disturb him and make sure that he took rest.

Finally, after long persuasion they agreed and took me with them. When we reached the house, I was shocked to see so many people gathered there. I mean, I know he wasn't well but there is no need for so many people to come. That's when I saw him. He was sleeping on his favorite mattress. But, was he really sleeping?

I didn't know anything about death. I had only witnessed only person's death and that was my great-grand mothers. Moreover I was just 3 then. So basically, Tigy's death was the first one I actually witnessed. It blew me right out of my mind. I had gone upto him and had shook him real hard so that he could wake up. But, even I knew. I knew deep down inside my heart that he wouldn't wake up, he would never run with me again. He would never be there to attack anyone when they tried to hurt me. He wouldn't be there to please me with all his jealousy.

Before I knew it, I was actually crying my eyes out. Losing Tigy was more than losing just a best friend. It was like I lost a part of my life, part of my childhood that day. Finally I managed to get hold of myself so that I can ask what will happen to him. The reply was the same thing every grownup tells a child. "He has gone to be with god". Even though I was totally lost, I was happy that he was with God.

I'm old enough to know that what they said was just a fairy tale, but I still like to imagine that he is with god. Probably having a great after life. Made a new friend perhaps. After all Death is but the next great Adventure

The thing is, I can still feel him by my side everytime I take part in a running race. I feel him being all Jealous when I sleep on my dad's lap. I feel him being with me, IN MY HEART through all the moments of my life. Just with me. Supporting me and holding on to me. Giving me strength and making me strong. More than anything else, I feel him protecting me. I feel his love around me always.

A day doesn't pass by where I don't think of him. When I had all the time in this world, I used to go upto our house terrace, lie there and think of him. I had even named the Brightest star after him. Somedays I used to go up there just so that I could tell him how my day went. I used to talk and talk not bothering to notice that people will think of me as a mad person.

I still wish I could do that. But Life doesn't go as we wish right? So instead of going up every night and talk to him, I just lie in my bed, and think about THAT LAST NIGHT we spent together. That awesome night, when he had made me laugh out loud because of his jealousy. THAT LAST NIGHT when I won the race for the 1000th time. THAT LAST NIGHT when him and my dad were the only things I needed in this world. THAT LAST NIGHT when I was whole. THAT LAST NIGHT of bliss and total happiness. Just THAT LAST NIGHT.

This is something like Me and my TIGY
Its such a sad thing that we don't have a photo together. But I have it in my heart.
A pic of ours. Me hugging him tight.
Me keeping my head on him and falling asleep.
Me chasing him.
Me kissing his cute little nose.
Me brushing his soft skin.


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Kajal said...

Very very nice are going places:)

DS said...

Beautifully penned down PP. Its that unspoken love that you wrote about. Wonderful, Tigy lives on in the world now through this post.

Kinara :) said...

Amazingly written! <3
The words make me feel :( and yeah, life brings us some unexpected events, whether wanted or unwanted.
Lots of love to tigy and you :)
Wish you had a pic! :*

Maun Vision said...

excellent penning of sincere thoughts.

Prince Taurus said...

Awesome :D
i too used to have doggy named "jhonny"
but wen dad got transferred :(
we got apart :(
wen i went again ,he is no more :(
i miss him too :(

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

wow...I know how people can be passionate of their dogs! I've never really wanted to have one myself ..I don't know why I get scared of them but love the puppies!! :)

The Fool said...

A touching post indeed, princess. The minute you started the post I saw this coming for I know your age and I know that a dog has a life span of 15 years. First time experience of death can indeed be very unsettling.

Shilpa Nair said...

Awwwwww :( :( I am a big big big dog-lover and cannot imagine life without dogs. This post made me cry :( :(

Princess Poo said...

@Kajal Di
Thanks Di :D :).

Thanks a lot DS :) :D.
Aww :"> Thats sweet :).
He would be too happy to hear that :D :).

Thanks a lot jhi :).

@Prince Taurus
Thanks a lot ji :).
Aww :( Thats sad.. It happens :(.
Sad na? :(

Thanks TF Jhi :) :D.
Yeah :(. It really was too much :(. That too the first death was my best friend's :( it made things even worse :(.

@Shilpa Ji
Same pinch jhi.
I just love dogs :D :*
AWw :(. I had a lump in my throat too :(.
Its ok don't cry.
Tigy doesn't like it when people around him cry :(. He wants everyone to be happy :). That sweetheart he is :*

lIl hIgH said...

Seemed to be a sincere, close to heart post.

Enchanta said...

I had a pup who died when I was 10 and he was barely 1 year old... We had left him with a keeper and had gone on a tour and when we returned we found out that he tore off a curtain, got entwined in it and hung.
Torture, it was. Sheer torture. :(

Ankit Patel said...

Very nice... amazing yaar.... ! :D just loved reading each and every word .... your way of expressing things and penning them down... :D :D awesome.... supalike for this post ! ♥

PS - Have you forgotten my blog?! :(

D.Nambiar said...

Such a beautiful tribute. Dog! aren't they the best of creatures on earth?

You reminded me of a post I wrote a long time ago... I invite you to read it when you find some time on you.

Princess Poo said...

Ohh :( Poor pup :(
Yeah dear.
Thats a really bad way to die :((
First of all dying is sad and that way :( just too sad :(.
Its ok. They are still with us :). Always :)

Thanks ya :D :).
Hehe :D. You are so sweet as always :) :D.
Ahan? How can I forget your blog? ;) :D.
Was stuck in exams :P :D.
Now I'm free :D :).

Yeah they are :) :D. The BESTEST :) :D <3
I will check :D

Ankit Patel said...

Ohh exams! I hate 'em too. Just ended couple of days ago... :@ :P :D

neeraj said...

Having had Hector (my spaniel) in my life for the last 13 years, I feel every word in this post. There is a lot that I could say here, as describing what I feel for my fella will open a flood of emotions, but let me just say that your post struck a soft spot somewhere! Lovely write.

Princess Poo said...

Ooh :) :D.
Have fun :D

@Neeraj Jhi
Aah! Dogs <3 :D :).
They take up a major part in our heart :) :D.
I would really love to hear it jhi :) :D.
Why don't you make a post on it and send me the link? ;) :D.
Thanks a lot :D

neeraj said...

Already did, here it is ;)

Heh, I don't think you'll write a similar comment again asking me to send you a link :P

Sankar Shaji said...

thats why a dog is a mans best friend :)
missing is sure painful

all the best :)

Ankit Patel said...

hey pooja.. :P
I also wrote a post on : The Last Night
I'm pretty late... but I wrote.. :P :P :D please do read it .. ;) :P

aativas said...

Very touching post. It is difficult to pen a child's perspective when we grow up .. but you have captured the emotions so well!!

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha nothing like that :P
Let me check it :) :D.

@Sankar Jhi
Yes they are :) :D.
Yeah :( It hurts a lot :(
Hmm! Thanks :D

Ooh. Lemme read :D :D.

Thanks a lot :) :D.
Thank you :D

Someone is Special said...

I'm glad to read you. The post is very beautiful, touching and sad. Well, who need a photo, the memories are always sweet and to be cherished.. and your heart knows it better.. Tiger and you, wow must be the beautiful days of your life. (Sitting on him, I've done that too with my snoopy). I loved each and every word you penned here.. I'm pretty close to my pets. I had Jazy and Pokiri (Cats), Snoopy and Browny (Dogs) and hens as well. I love them a lot but they passed away long back. Currently I've Mittu with me.. My darling... Visit here to read more..

I wish you to win this time BAT.

Someone is Special

Vikram Pyati said...

It really is a special post !!! Liked it very much.

Kshitij said...

That's a very special post.

I've never had a dog, so I can't exactly fit into your shoes. But, I know very well what pet dogs mean to people.

Good job bringing this out.

By the way - this Twitter bird is Twitter bird on your blog is irritating :) I wish we could keep it at one corner :)

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot jhi :) :D.
Exactly :D. Memories are all I need :) :D.
The best days of my life :) :D <3
Heheh! Wow. SO many pets :). Lucky you :D.
I will surely check it out :) :D.

Ahh! Thats really sweet :). But I'm really happy that I got a chance to participate with great writers like you :) That itself is a winning :D :).

@Vikram Ji
Thanks a lot :D
Glad you liked it :) :D.

Thanks a lot :D :).
Aah! I know :(.
I have got many complaints about it :P :D.
We don't have any such option :( But would still try :D.

D2 said...

I feel really sad, reading this. I miss my old Labrador. She had gotten old and lonely and I was much too small. Like in the story she was my best friend yet wasn't my pet per se. I do wish I had her.
Lovely story.

Princess Poo said...

Oh! It happens :(.
Dog is always a man's best friend :).
Even I wished I had tigy :(
Thanks yaar <3

Ritvik Gautam said...

That's a very touchy and emotional post. Beautifully written.

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Ritvik :)

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