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Mid~Summer Morning Dream

I had just finished my 11th and was enjoying my summer holidays. It was one of those days, where I woke up late(Just like always). I guess my mom was waiting for me to wake up, cause as soon as I did, she had a bad news ready for me. "Pooji, today there is a marriage in so-and-so place. We are all going, and you are coming with us". At once I started to protest. I hate attending functions, moreover, I love my home, and I prefer to stay here, than go and attend some stranger's marriage. But for once, my mom wouldn't hear of it, and told me that I had half an hour to get ready.

Half an hour later, my uncle was here with his car, and at once I ran to book the window seat. Atleast the journey has to be fun. The marriage was toward the other end of the town and I was told that it would take minimum of 2hours to get over there. 2Hours! Can you believe that? What an awesome way to waste time. I could have been reading Harry Potter.

After 15 minutes we came to a signal, and our car stopped. Along with it, my thoughts of, 'How I could have spent this day' also stopped, cause I had just seen a really poor family. They had made the Street their home and were living off of scrapes of food from the nearby trash bins. I was shocked seeing that much poverty. I had heard about people living in such conditions, but to witness it was really heart-breaking. Soon, the signal turned green and the journey started once again. As I launched into my semi-thinking mood, wondering about their life, I fell asleep.

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Next thing I know, I'm on the streets with the family I had just seen. I'm wearing torn dress and I have 5 other people surrounding me. A Man, probably my father. Oh! Wait, What?. A woman, that man's wife obviously. And 3 kids all younger than me. One of them seemed not older than 2 years. The little one was crying on top of his voice. He was hungry, I guess. But not one of them seemed to notice that he existed. The other 2 kids were busy crying over a piece of bun. The man and his wife were busy shooing off dogs, who had come to eat.

They were fighting with dogs over food that was leftover by some people. I couldn't believe my eyes. Parents were at war with dogs and they didn't even give a second glace to their kids. Two of the kids were fighting over a piece of bun, which wouldn't satisfy either of their hunger. I turned to look at the little one, and saw that it had just put a piece of Glass into its mouth. I shouted and tried to run to it, but neither could I move, nor the voice came out of my mouth. I just sat there, not able to move, watching a child die due to extreme conditions. No one cared that the child was dead, not even its own mother. She didn't even drop a tear, rather she was happy that she had one less tummy to fill. I wanted to grab her, and shake her until she got some sense. But, Thankfully, at that moment, due to my Everest high anger and the loud horn of a truck, the horror came to an end, and I woke up.

I took deep breaths, in order to regain my calmness. I noticed that my cheek was wet and realized that I had cried. I didn't know what else to do. The dream had scared me out my wits. I was spellbound. I didn't want to think about it. Atleast at that moment. So I turned around and kept my head on my mom's shoulder and started watching the road once again. Once again, we got stuck in the traffic, and this time I saw a pretty little girl with her dad. I smiled, but 2 seconds later it faded. That pretty girl, was wearing one of the most beautiful dress and looked like an angel. She had toys in her hand, and her father had got her a packet full of chocolates and what-not. But this girl didn't think it was enough. She was pestering her dad to get her a Bicycle. Her dad said, "Sweetie pie, my angel you already have 2 bicycles, why do you need another one?", But she didn't listen. She continued to wail, as I drifted into another dream. But this wasn't like the last one. This one was DIFFERENT.

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I wasn't in the middle of a street, but infact I was on a throne. I looked around, it was a pretty room. It was filled with everything one can find in a kids mall and looked like a princess's room. I turned around, and voila, PRINCESS POOH it said on the back of my THRONE. So, was I a princess? I got down, and walked towards the door. Suddenly 2 people came running out of nowhere, "Madam, sit down. Where are you going? Do you need something? Tell us. We will get it for you." I stared at them for a long time. 'What are the saying? Me? Madam? Oh my god. I think they have mistaken me for someone else'. "Look, I don't know what you are talking about. You have mistaken me for someone else, I am going to my mom now", I said. "Umm. Madam! Your mom. She.. She left with your dad to Austria today morning. They won't be back for a month", came the reply.

Tears formed in my eyes. My mom went where? Without me? For a month? That doesn't seem like her. And she didn't even tell me. I started to cry. 
"Madam, What happened? We are so sorry if we did anything wrong. Tell us what to do madam, we'll do anything", said someone.
"Can you get me Ice Creams?", I asked. Its the only thing that can make me forget other things for a while.
2 minutes later, I had Ice Creams of every flavor in front of me. Once again, I was shocked. 'WHAT IS HAPPENING?' I wasted to ask, but right then, I wanted to eat. So I just shut up my thoughts and feasted on Ice Creams.
Once I ate them all up, I turned to them and asked the questions I was waiting to ask. They told me everything. I was the ONLY daughter of an IT COMPANY OWNER. My parents came home only once in 6 months and that I was always left at the care of servants. It seems, that I was extremely stubborn and always got Everything before I even asked for it. Too much pampered Without Love. 

Hearing it hurt me. My mom has abandoned me? But I love her. And she loves me. Moreover, I'm not the single child, I have a brother.A wonderful elder brother. What happened to him? The pain was too much, I started to cry once again. This time, the woman who had brought me Ice Creams, showed me concern and gave me a Tight Hug as I closed my eyes. I smiled a bit, atleast someone liked me enough to give me a hug. I opened my eyes, and found my mom hugging me tight and wiping my tears. God! I was crying again! I lifted my head from her shoulders and escaped out of the car, before she could ask me what had happened.

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That day, at the marriage, I sat way away from my family and thought about my dreams. All I could think was how best my life was. I had a roof over my head, healthy food to fill my hunger, My mom's love to keep me happy, My dad's friendship to keep me strong and my brother's support to lead my life. I realized how much I had in my life. I remember all those times, I had created a big scene in my house, cause my parents didn't get me a toy or because I didn't get to eat Ice creams, Now I laughed at it. I was really stupid. I have got more than my share in life. I have the perfect life to be precise. There are lakhs and crores of people who would die to take my place. When I understood this, I realized how precious my life was. That day, my whole life changed. My perspective of the world and life changed. I have been gifted with an extraordinary life, and I decided to make a good use out of it. 

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After all, that day had not gone to waste.

This post is written for Mahindra Xuv Contest on IndiBlogger

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Kajal said...

I tis indeed very painful to see someone fighting for what is a basic need. The amount we spend on silly , unimportant things is not funny. If we just kept aside a wee bit and helped a hungry person.. the world would be such a happier place.

DS said...

Nicely written post. Shows the ways of life, people who are poor and the people who are rich, both are unhappy. Thats life!

Rohan Shankar said...

Insane... how much a small scene can impact people!

Life's undeniable truths have been so awesomely revealed here. You only know the value of something if you lose it/don't have it.

sudha...a touch of madness said...

Your beautifully written post reminds me of a beautiful couplet I often repeat to myself:
I had the blues, coz I had no shoes.....
Until uopn the street I met a man who had no feet....

It is amazing how much difference just a shift in our perspective can make...

Vyankatesh said...

Beautifully written.

Leo Paw said...

Great write up. Born as a human on either side of spectrum, there s always something we lack. Solution: sharing (wealth, love, food, hug, happiness and almost anything we can list) what one has with those who don't. All the best for the contest.

Kinara :) said...

So very nicely written!:)<3
Gives a lot of keen observations and explains the way of life!
Funny how so small events can change the course of life.
Sad how little we can do about it.
P.S : All the best for contest btw!:) You will always stay in my prayers :*

Obsessivemom said...

Lovely writeup... we actually gove very little thought to what we have always hankering after what we don;t have. So touchwood to your life.. hope you never lack for love.

Ajay Kontham™ said...

Nicely Written.
A aspect of life described beautifully in your perspective.

And all the Best for the contest. :)
iVoted. :)

Ajay Kontham™ said...

You have won a "Awesome Blogger Award". As it is a passing on Award, I am passing it on to you for you. Cheers' to dancing in your own way. Congrats and enjoy. Find out the award details here:

Take Care and keep writing. :)

Arti said...

Wow!! These are journeys within and we should be thankful to such voyages that only make us a better human being for tomorrow! Nothing can beat that incredibility! What a lovely thought and so beautifully expressed :) Wish you all the very best, sweetie! :)

Princess Poo said...

@Kajal Ji
So true di.. I wish Rich people would have some heart and help the poor ones. Then this world would be a better and a happier place to live ;)

Exactly :D.
Glad you liked it :) :D.
Thanks :).

It really is insane :).
Thanks yaar :D.
True words..

@Sudha Ji
Aah! A wonderful couplet :)
I had heard of it as well :).
Should have used in the post :P :D.
Hehe :). So true :).
Thanks :D.

Thanks a lot :) :D.

@Leo Paw
True words. I wish people had enough sense to do so :) :D. It would really make the world an awesome place :).
Thanks a lot :D.

Thanks dear :).
Yep. True words..
I wish we could do something to change it right? :) :D.
Thanks yaar :D. Aww :"> Thats really sweet of you :) :D <3

Thanks a lot jhi :).
So true :D.
Once again thanks :) :D.

Thanks a lot yaar :D.
Once again thanks :D
Wow wow wow :D. An award :">
*faints* :D. Thank you so much Ajay :D.
I'm dancing :D ;) :D.
Thank you Thank you Thank you :D.

@Arti Deedi
Yeah Di :) :D.
Nice na? :D :).
I'm so glad I went on this journey :D.
Thanks a lot Di :* <3

Ankít Pαtєl said...

wohoo ! that was superbly written Pooja.. :D :D
and I was surprised .. you were actually crying when you were day-dreaming .. :P :D :D
and yea, we're fortunate, very much fortunate then others..... Life is a gift to us... we should use it fully and wisely .. :D ;)

Awesome post...♥ All the best! :D :D :D ;)

The Fool said...

Very nice, princess. Very sensitive post described in a nice way with both the scenarios accompanied by good pictures. Liked the way you brought the two dreams triggered by the two roadside scenes.

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot yaar :D :).
Hahaha! I'm very sensitive :).
I can't see others in troubles. Even in dreams :).
So true yaar :). We should really use it fully :) :D.
Thanks man <3 :D

Thanks a lot jhi :) :D.
Glad you liked it :D

elixir_of_life said...

lovely post... the point you made is so apt but we somehow seem to forget it and just find flaws with what we have ... good job .. keep it up!!

Princess Poo said...

Thanks :) :D.
Yes we always forget the positivity and take only the negative :(. Thats human nature..
Thanks a lot :D

Ritvik Gautam said...

Wow.. That was an awesome post. Perfectly written and with a great message.
In the middle, when you just introduced the "pretty little girl", I thought I knew where you were going (to criticize her), but it was a completely different way you took it. I really liked that! :-)

Your newest follower,

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :) :D.
Hahahaha. Glad I took a different way :).

Thanks for following :D :D.
Thank you so much :*

Rahul said...

Loved the write-up.Neatly narrated.Well done.

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :) :D

Ashwini said...

That's the way of life dear... but isn't it good that this incident made you realize the value of what you have? Very well written.

Princess Poo said...

Yeah :).
It was the most wonderful thing that happened in my life :D :).

Jasmeet Kukreja said...

hey Poo....loved the way you scribbled.
great piece of work, following you :)


Destination Infinity said...

Why is this bird following my mouse? Ok, now it is out of the comment box. I think, the fault lies with parents who buy anything and everything that their children want. Obviously, they'll keep asking for more. People don't realize the value of money if they've earned it easily or they've not earned it at all. I am not sure how much of these stories or your thoughts afterwards are true, but it makes great reading :D

Destination Infinity

Princess Poo said...

@Jasmeet Ji
Thanks a lot :D :).
Wowie :D Thank you so much <3 :*

@Destination Infinity
Hahah! It loves to follow everyone :D Like that dog ;) :D.
I agree. Parents ruin their kids ar times.
Hahahah! It was true :D ;) :D :P.
Thanks <3

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