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The Light of Darkness

The spring had just begun,
And it was a beautiful day.
But there was no one there,
Just an empty pathway.

I decided to take a walk,
And went out to face the sun, bright,
But darkness erupted everywhere,
Consuming the light.

Wanting to forget everything,
I roamed around without fear.
But the sadness wasn't going to leave me,
And I felt my eyes fill with tear.         

I hushed them right away,
And tried to give a smile.
But little did I know that,
Its been a long while.

He was my happiness,
My love and my desire.
But now he's gone away,
And left me burning like fire.

Do you see me now?
Are you happy that I'm hurt?
I have no one to share this pain with,
No friend to let it blurt.

Please come back,
And tell me everything will be fine.
Because you are not a stranger,
But someone I'd like to call Mine.

I'll be waiting for you,
Because you are all I need.
Come back and wipe this tears,
Which from my eyes bleed.

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