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|A Parallel Universe|

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly 14Billion years ago expansion started,
It was a very tiring day as I spent the most of it being upset with the people around me. Sometimes it just feels like all of them are irresponsible and are born just to make your day bad. It was one of those days where I felt like it. So, I threw my bag at home, grabbed the keys of my Safari Storme and left to go on a long journey all by myself.

I put in a pen drive with all my favorite songs, and the day started to get better as I left. Thankfully the roads were pretty empty today, I wonder why though, as it was a weekday. But then nothing could bother me, so I went on, with high speed, racing against myself and the time. It was like a drive of my life.

And to say that it wasn't true would be the biggest lie of my life. Because I don't know how it happened or when it happened, or if it had always been the same but I just that I realized it then, everything was same, and yet everything was different.

I stopped my vehicle at once and got out. I saw my mom, right there, sitting in the verandah of a huge bungalow shouting at my brother for something he did. I was dumbstruck. What was going on? Firstly, my mother in a Bungalow? We live in a normal house, not too huge or too small, where did a Bungalow come from? And most importantly, she is scolding my brother? My MOTHER is scolding my BROTHER? That's impossible! Something is not right. I pinched myself and I winced at the pain it caused! I wasn't dreaming. So what was going on?

I moved a bit ahead to see a film star living right next to our so-called Bungalow. My jaw dropped! This definitely had to be a dream. I continued to move, and I was awestruck by everything I was seeing. This seemed like a different place, one that cannot exist, but yet it did, right in front of my eyes. It was all happening right there. But how?

I was so busy fighting with my consciousness as to whether this is true or not, that I didn't notice a man standing right behind me. Suddenly, I felt a prick at the back of my head as if someone was watching me and I turned around to see, that I was indeed being watched. That man looked eerily calm, which kind of scared me, yet I asked him the first thing that came to my mind, "What is this?".
He looked at me as he smiled and countered, "What is what?"
"This! This whole thing. This isn't real."
"Are you sure about that?", he seemed amused by my question.
I was getting really tired of this whole thing by now. Yes, it was cool the first time I saw it, but few things tend to bore you real soon.
"Look Mr, I don't know who you are, but I know this for sure, this is not the life that I live in. Look at everything here, it seems peaceful, like everyone just had a huge dose of happiness. And there are celebrities living right next door to my parents, and wait! What are my parents doing in a Bungalow. Last time I checked, we didn't have one. So, what is all this? Is it some kind of fantasy thing you are doing? Are you a magician?"
He smiled at me again, which pissed me off badly, but finally he spoke something useful, "You think this is a fantasy? A fiction?", he asked. I nodded, what else could it be? "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you my dear, but it certainly isn't any dream or fantasy. It is as real as it could be."
"B..B...Bu..But", I stammer. I'm losing my words.
He puts his hand on my shoulders, it was soothing, just like when a father calms down his daughter. I certainly felt calm. "If you believe in it, it is real. If you don't believe in it, it isn't. It is as simple as that. Everyone you see here is real, everything that is happening here is real, and all of this", he points at everything, "is real. The only thing is that even though its all same, it is very different from the world YOU exist in."
I think about what he just told me.  As much as it makes sense, it doesn't. This man, who I don't even know, just told me that the place that I currently was in, was a parallel universe. 'Is that even possible?' I wonder.

"So, everything we dream of being in our world, we just get to live it here?" I asked, very curious. He chuckled at my question as if I was a kid who asked a silly question.
"Yes and No. This world, isn't much different from yours. You live there, and you live here. Simultaneously. You die there, you die here. Its like you are in 2 different places at once. And in both the places you are living the life opposite to the other. Its a Parallel Universe."
 "So, if I am fighting with someone in my universe, then it means I am being friendly here with that person?" He doesn't reply but starts to walk. I stand still at my place, my thoughts racing faster than my car could ever go. Finally, I come back down to earth, or whatever the place I was in and run to catch up with the man.
"Okay! I believe you, I believe this. But, can I ask you one thing? If all this is true, everything in here, then why haven't I seen myself yet? I am not from this universe, I belong in the other one, that means there should be a replica of me here, shouldn't it?"

He turned to look at me, his eyes glinting, as if he was waiting for me to ask this question. Without any further ado, he pointed to someone, "That's you", he said, and started pointing to all the other people there repeating the same thing, "That's you, That's you, That's you."
I felt like this could go on forever, so I cut him short, "What do you mean? That is not me, THIS is me", I pointed to myself. 
He smiled and said, "Yes, THIS is you, but so is that, and that and everyone else in here. You are the person who are talking to me now, and you are also that baby who is that lady's lap, and also that old man who is trying to walk without his walking stick, you are also that little girl who is crying over her broken toys, and also that teenage boy who is angry that his girlfriend left him. Every single person here is you, and You are the every single person here."

He continued, "Just like this parallel universe existing at one time, you are a parallel person, existing in many ways in just one time. You see, there is only ONE person in this whole world, and that is You. Everyone else here is just a part of you, they are living in a parallel life to you, in a parallel way and in a parallel world. At one place you are just being born, while at the same time in another place you are dying. Its all you. You don't die, its just a part of you which does. Once the journey of that part is over, it ceases to exist. So, if you are complaining about your best friend hurting you, it is in fact, you hurting yourself. So you see, its all you. Even me, I am a part of you, just living in a different world in a different way."

I finally understood it all. There are no different people, its just one person and a million parts of him, living at once in a different style. The creator of the world, created just one form, making sure it lived again and again, never getting to die. And in that moment, I understood how the world worked.

I got back into my car, smiling the whole time, started my engine and drove for a few minutes, until I came back to my so-called universe. I parked the car, walked into my house, shut the door and ran to my mom's room and crawled into the bed next to her, cuddling her as I fell asleep. 

I was just hugging myself! And yet, I was hugging my Mother!

Thank you IndiBlogger and Tata Safari for bringing forth such wonderful contest, making the writers to come up with something really creative. I love this opportunity you have presented me with. My love for Indi will never fade <3 neither will my respect for Tata.

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If only!

If only words could express

How much I miss you,

I’d speak them all,

So that you can know.

If only my eyes could speak

As to how much I need you,

I’d look at you all day,

So that you can understand.

If only my heart would be beat loud enough

For you to know that you are the reason for it,

I’d rip it open and keep it in front of you,

So that you can know how much you mean to me.

If only you could read my brain,

To know I think of you all the time,

Then I would let you read my thoughts,

So that you can recognize

If only! If only all this could happen,

So that you can understand me,

I will leave my life in your hands,

So that you can know that I love you.

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