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Biking is Passion, Fun & Life.

I'm exceptionally happy to say that, today I have got an opportunity to interview one of the best Bikers of Bangalore. Let me thank the Castrol Power 1 Team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

He is one of the most renowned racer. His passion is not only for Bike Racing but also for Car Racing. He loves to ride and can usually be seen more on his vehicle than one can ever see him in home. Let us know more about his passion, shall we? Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go right ahead.

Mr. Varun Satyanarayana

Hello Mr.Varun. Can you please tell us introduce yourself to us?

My name is Varun and I love motorsports. I have taken part in TSD rallies, bike and car stage rallies, auto cross and I have a list of other motorsports I need to strike off from my list.

Wow, That's really nice. 

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions so that myself and my friends can get to know about you and your passion?
Not at all. Please go ahead. It would be an honor.

      How did your passion for biking begin?

  My passion for biking had always been inside me as I used to follow 

motocross and motogp from my school days. 
It became more after coming in contact with friends who used to race and rally in India

  Which according to you is the best bike?
In India, Yamaha has always been my favorite. Yamaha RX and YBX to be precise. 
There are other bikes I like as well like Suzuki Fiero ,
my liking for bikes goes on how well you can they perform off road than on road with little mods.

                 You have been to many races, how many have you won?
I have been in the top 3 in most of my races or rallies, 
won quite a few. 
Have been national champion in TSD rallies 2007 and 
Indian National Rally Champion in 2009 in 1600 cc category 

 What have you learnt from them?

Rallying has given me a lot of lessons in life. 

It brings the best out of you mentally and physically, the situations and conditions make you tough. 
It make you a lot responsible and respect the rules on the normal roads.

     Do you think Bike Racing is Dangerous or Fun? Why So?

Bike racing is dangerous if you are not trained, 

if you have not practiced and if you are not wearing the safety gears. 
It’s fun when you have practiced well, using the riding gears and have a well prepared bike.

Rallying Brings the best out of you physically and mentally

If you could have any bike in this world which would you want?

I would like Valentino Rossi’s bike from Team Yamaha.

If you could race with anyone whom would you choose?

I would like to race 4 of my idols Valentino Rossi (MotoGP), Michael Schumacher (F1), 

Sebastian Lobe (WRC) and Travis Pastrana (MotoX).

 What is Biking to you?

Biking is passion, fun and life.

    Your words for New bikers out there?

Have fun, play safe & follow rules.

  The best moments you had with your bike?(Professional)
My 1st bike rally, but the best yet to come.

Have Fun, Play Safe & Follow the Rules.

The best moments you had with your bike?(Personal)
Spending 30K on a 10K bike, had fun riding it.

 Who is your favorite biker? Why so?
Favorite biker: Travis Pastrana, he is the best in the world. 
Watch the movie ‘199 lives’ (his life story) you will know.

  Who is the toughest competition you have faced so far while racing?
Competition is tough from any one on any day. 
It’s your best or his best on that day. Sorry cant name one.

 You like riding on streets or on the tracks? and Why?
Riding on streets is dangerous and for guys who want to show off. Real men show their talent on track

Which is your favorite track and favorite street to ride?
I love Bangalore and Coimbatore rally track. 

Real Men Show Their Talent On Track.

Do you like riding in the morning or at night?
 I like riding any time of the day.

Have you ever been on a road trip on your bike? 
If yes to where? 
And tell us about your experience.
I have done a lot of road trips to places where my rallies used to happen, but not any long trip on bike. 
Have been to Mysore and Nandhi hills.

You have had many races, which is your favorite till date?
My favorite on bike was K1000 rally in b'lore and Kolkata rally for car.

Tell us about your childhood and how you came to like Bikes.
I started riding at a very young age, thanks to my grandfather who taught me.

Lastly, what skills does a role model require as per you? 
Are you a role model to anyone? 
I have been a role model for quite a few people. 
You should set standards and behave like a professional for 
your followers to like you and learn from you.

Competition is best from anyone on any day.
Its your best or his best that day.

The way he has answered every questions, itself shows his passion and love for riding. He surely seems as an inspiration to me. If I ever do ride, I will make sure to follow his words.

Thanks a lot Varun, for spending your time and for your cop-operation. You have given a whole new definition to Biking and Racing. I really loved the way you said that Biking is Passion, Fun and Life. It was really nice to get to know you. Thank you.

"You are Welcome".

Wow, that was one awesome interview. I really did learn a lot from it. His words were of a true professional. Hats off to you Varun. 

This post is written for the contest The Power 1 Biker Code Of India which is powered by Castrol Power 1. I also want to thank IndiBlogger for giving us a platform to showcase our talent and helping us learn and grow by getting such awesome contests.

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My favorite bike!!!
Bikes! My heart starts fluttering whenever I hear the name or I go near a bike. I just love bikes and dream of riding them one day. Before I start my rambling, I just want to take some time to thank the Castrol Power people for giving all the bikers a wonderful opportunity to share their experience or in my case, a Dream and it coming true in a very different way than I expected.

My love for bikes started at a very early age. As all my brothers are 9-10 years older than me, some of them got their bikes before I even entered Middle school. I still remember the first time I sat on a bike. I was 11. I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school and instead my cousin comes over with his new bike. I just stood there and stared at it for few moments. I was dumbstruck. I had never seen such a beauty in my life. At once I climbed behind and shouted, its time to RIDE.

That was the day I fell in love with bikes. I had always heard that bikes was GUYS STUFF and girls don't usually ride it, but my brothers were very keen on making me learn. Maybe because they were the one whom I spent a lot of time with. They have brought me up in such a way that I am not a typical girl, and hate all girly stuff. Well, they did a really good job. The thing was, one after other all my brothers got a bike, and everytime they came over(which was every weekend), I used to make sure I got a ride on their bikes.

Picture Credits:
I just loved to go Rounds on the bikes. The thrill it gave me can never be explained, and there is nothing in this world, which can give me a thrill as much as Riding gave me. I remember one incident, when I was coming back from school on my cousin's bike. As soon as we came to our road, he took his hands off the accelerator(the road slopes downwards) and he made sure his hands were not near the bike. He turned around trying to see a startled expression on my face(I don't scream, its girly), but instead he saw a big grin. He thought I would be terrified but I was actually enjoying it.

From that day, my cousin always made sure that I was the only person sitting behind him when he does such stunts. Its not only because I love it, but because he knew that I wouldn't mind taking a little risk for the happiness I would get. This encouraged all my cousins to try stunts with me in the back. I used to have the best time of life then. The best thing about this whole act was, they not only enjoyed doing Stunts they also learned to be safe and cautious while doing it because I was there. In this way, they made sure that their stunts were super safe for Me as well as them.

I will never forget that one day, when my cousin took me on a long drive on his bike. Our whole family had to attend some function which was at the other end of our city, and instead of joining them in the car, I decided to ride with my cousin. As it was a long ride, and we had some empty roads, I lifted my hand, as I stood up and balanced myself. I felt happy, I felt like I was flying. More than everything I felt Free. Its that particular moment that I have treasured till now, and will treasure forever. I have got all the freedom in the world and my parents don't force me for anything, but that one moment, on the bike was much more than anything else.

Today, I had visited Amoeba. I am a big fan of video games and all, so the first thing I saw when I entered was the Car race and the Bike race. As I had always been in love with bikes, I chose it and for the first time in my life, I rode a bike. Well, not a real one, but it still felt awesome. After I finished riding, the people who work there, turned to my brother and said, "Please make sure she doesn't get a bike. She'll probably make the Streets her home". They probably have no idea how happy that comment made me. Even thought the whole riding was Virtual, the bike was real, and I had to move it and bend it and ofcourse give acceleration, what more was it had nitro also. It was first time I ever drove a bike.

When I was returning home today on my bro's bike, I told him, "Hey! I know I gave up on driving seeing the Bangalore traffic but can you please start teaching me again?" He smiled at me. I knew that it meant "YES". After we reached home, and I got off the bike, he told me, "You are crazy you know. I saw your eyes light up when you rode that bike today. I always feel happy when I ride, but your eyes said something different. What do you feel when you ride?"

"ALIVE", I said.

This post is written for the contest The Power 1 Biker Code Of India which is powered by Castrol Power 1. I also want to thank IndiBlogger for giving us a platform to showcase our talent and helping us learn and grow by getting such awesome contests.

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My Family, My Memories!

Our small family :D ;). 10-12 people missing though :(.
Photo By: Princess Poo.
Ours is a really small family. My Grandparents had 4-5 cousins each and every one of them had 4-5 kids each.. So all in all our parents generation had about some 30 people whereas over generation consists of only 20.. Being in such a big family, we were always used to growing up together. Every holiday we used to rush over to Someone's house and all of us used to have loads of fun.

But then times changed, and soon schools changed to colleges and then to office. Everyone got extremely busy, so it was decided we will meet once a year atleast, This was done by organizing Day Trip to Resorts, Get-Together Party and Kitty Parties. Kitty parties was only for ladies, and hence even us kids didnt go. 
Anyways, The last time we all came together was for my cousin's marriage which took place in December 2011.

One of my aunt had recently come from US and she arranged a Get-Together party. Everyone was extremely excited. It was on 23rd April 2012. Even I was excited to see all my cousins. Me, my mom, My mom's Twin, Her daughter, and my Grand mother were going from our house. As soon as we reached, we were welcomed by the TIGHT HUGS from our cousins and Smiles from Aunties whereas Pats on back from Uncles. As we held each other and walked in, the old memories seemed to rush back. 

Playing all stupid games, Fighting with each other, Practicing Calligraphy, Dancing like crazy, stealing apples from the next-door neighbor's garden. It felt like it all happened yesterday, yet a long back ago.
Soon we were all busy cuddling next to each other and talking about everything that had happened in the past 5 months. EVERYTHING! Half-An Hour later we were called out saying that the GAMES SESSION HAD BEGUN. We ran out, It was our most favorite part of every party. GAMES! 

As everyone was not yet there, our uncle(who was the only guy present) decided to keep a TUG OF WAR between families. We went first, in our team it was me, my mom, her twin and my cousin. In our opposition team it was my aunt, her sister and their daughters. 4 vs 4. "GET SET GO" said our uncle as he let go off the bed sheet(which we were using as the means for Tug of war). We pulled hard and wham all the 4 from the opposition team came rushing and fell on us. As we all fell on the ground giggling and laughing, everyone else who were missing came in.

Picture Credits:
We got up and rushed at our cousins and gave them a tight hug. For a few minutes we stood and decided to catch-up. By then the first official game had begun. HOUSIE HOUSIE! Me and My 2nd Cousin Anusha gave the Tickets and collected the money from everyone. Soon everyone of us were having tickets and the numbers were being called. The prizes were as follows, RAJA'S CORNER, RANI's CORNER, COUNTRY CORNERS, JALDI 5, LOVE BIRDS, 1ST LINE, 2ND LINE, 3RD LINE, JAWAANI, BUDAAFA, 3 HOUSEFUL'S. One by one everyone started claiming the prizes, I was eagerly waiting for my chance to come, and VOILA! I got the Jawaani Prize. Every number below 50 on my card was scratched. And then I also won the 3rd Houseful, the prize I shared with my mom.

Picture Credits:
I made some nice money, and went out to play our next game. Next game was, LUCKY DICE. In this game, everyone has to sit in a circle and one by one each one of them should roll a Dice. If anyone rolls a SIX then they will be given a pen to write numbers starting from 1. Until someone else puts SIX they can keep writing. Once someone else does, the pen should be snatched from the previous person so that new one can write. In this way, the person who reaches 100 FIRST wins. It was THE BEST GAME I played because the whole time we were laughing. Everytime someone put SIX we used to shout SIXXXXXXX! and snatch the pen. Snatching was my favorite thing to do, it was extremely fun. The funniest thing was, my grandma put six and she started writing. The aunt next to me put six and snatched the dice from my grandma, then I put SIX and snatched it from her, then my cousin put six and snatched it from me. All in All we were never able to write. We were busy laughing and shouting that we couldn't even concentrate on writing. Finally the youngest one in our family won..

Picture Credits:
Next game was NUMBER GAME.You sit in a circle and one by one you say numbers from 1 to 100. If you get 25,50,75 or 100 you are out of the game. I was the first person to get out from the game. I lost in the beginning itself, I was the 25th person, but the fun I had is totally not measurable. As one by one lost, I was like "Yay! Partner. Come Join me". It was totally fun as everyone with me started shouting that.

Next game was GLASS ON HEAD. We had to keep a Glass on our head, balance it as we walk forth and back from a wall. The first 2 persons to balance it and reach the point would win. My glass decided to break-up with me in the beginning itself and hence it jumped from my head and committed suicide... We were all giggling like crazy while doing this. The funniest thing was that our parents were made to do the same. And when they did, we put songs and made them sway, so that their glasses can fall off.. It was a Hilarious Game.

Picture Credits:
Last but not the least, we played Kabaddi. We divided our teams Equally and started playing. Our team had a little less strength and we got out easily. Only 2 people were remaining in our side after 4 rounds. My mom decided to do something and ran across to the other court saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and touched 3 players and came back to our court. We shouted "HURRAY!". 3 of our team members could now be back on court while the 3 from their team had to be benched. This continued for a long time and finally only 2 players were remaining that side. I decided to take strike, I went slowly over to their court saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and touched them both, but they grabbed me, I was about to lose my breath. If I stop saying KABADDI our team will lose 2 points. So I managed to whisper Kabaddi Kabaddi and finally dragged them along with me to our court. And WE WON... As our team members jumped, shouted, screamed, Hi-Fived, Cried, and Danced in joy, the other team members were showing their tongues to us...

After all these games, we came in and settled down on floor. Soon, the talking and gossiping began. As we kids were too bored to start our own gossip we decided to sit and listen to our parents do it. Soon Spicy Spicy home made chips and fresh juice and coffee came in front of us. For the way we were tired, and for the way the food looked, the whole thing was cleaned neatly in 5 minutes. It looked as if there was nothing on plates and in glasses. As if it had been just washed and kept.

As we dissolved into another tide of giggles the clock struck 7 indicating that it was time for us to go. The laughs in our faces vanished. It was time to leave. No more fun. Schools and colleges would begin soon and we would slog all day. For another year, we would have to go without all this. 

Picture Credits:
That's when my Granny(Mom's mom) decided to surprise us. She brought a bowl full of rice and put some rasam in it. Within two minute, everyone ran to her and sat in a circle around her, Including our parents. Soon, my gran made round round balls in rice and started giving it to each of us as she told as a nice story. We all smiled as we ate the yummy food made by our sweetest gran. We used to do this every holidays, Sitting in a circle next to gran and getting fed by her as she told us all a story. The old memories came rushing back once again as we finished the food and got up to leave.

Soon, the house was empty as we all left. The laughter, the shouts, the excitement all died. The house looked as if it had been abandoned for years. We all left silently, Not sad but happy because at least once in a year we get to have these. Someday in future, this might all end. The house might be abandoned forever, there might be no more laughter or shouts or excitement, but only people busy in office all day. But for now, we were having the time of our lives. Even though it was only for some hours, it brought us all together to share our joys and sorrows.  

The happiness of Joint Family can only be known by those who have felt it. In this modern days the families are torn apart and parents themselves are not free for their children. I feel pity seeing those kids. Because I never understand how live their lives. I was always surrounded by one or more cousins next to me. I was born and brought up in a very BIG joint family. I savor every moment of those days. 

I love my family. I love my big happy family. Because without them I'm nothing. They are my strength.

This entry is a part of the contest at in association with

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Renovation ~ A Haiku

My heart broke
when you left, now it 
is under Renovation.

The broken items
are easy to renovate, not
the broken heart.

Written for Haiku Heights

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Alive ~ A Haiku

Picture Credits:
Through their happy
eyes and beautiful smile, I 
found myself alive.


Picture Credits:
When the moon 
left and sun came out 
Nature bloomed Alive.


Picture Credits:
When she held 
her hand, and smiled, she
felt herself Alive.

Written for Haiku Heights

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Awesomeness Personified

Just recently, one of my blogger friends, Ajay Kontham who blogs at The Shaded Shadows™ reached a milestone of writing 200th post :). Awesome right? ;). And to make this moment even more awesome, he created a new award called the Awesome Blogger Award.

Its my honor to say that I'm one of the 15 persons who got this award. Wow na? :) I'm on cloud 10 ;) :D. It was such a happy moment for me. I mean just look at the title, AWESOME BLOGGER. Aww :">. Thanks a lot Ajay for giving me this award and actually for thinking that I actually deserve it ;) :D.

Edited by Ajay
Just like every other award, this award too comes with some extra Spices :D

  • Thank and link back to the Person who awarded this Award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the Award.

1. I can't thank Ajay enough for giving me this award :) :D. Especially receiving it from such as awesome writer is a total honor. His writings are extremely good and his photography is just splendid :D. Just to say this guy follows my blog, makes me GRIN from ear to ear, but to make me even more happy he gave me an award :D. So sweet of him right? ;) :D. Thanks a lot Ajay :D. Support from you guys keep me going :D :). Thanks a lot :D :).

2. Seven Things About Myself...
Gosh! How many times have I told "7 things about myself". I don't think there is anything left :P :D :P.
Anyways :D :D its something I have to Compulsorily do :P :D. So here I go and blabber again ;) :D. Bear with me for some more time please ;) :D :P. 
  • I started to write when I was 7 or 8. I used to write about things around me and the events taking place. More or less like a diary. But then stopped it because I thought it was too stupid.
  • The first poem I ever wrote was to Kamal Bhai. It was around 3 years ago and I still have it with me. I read it whenever I miss him, and makes me smile.
  • Before I started blogging, I used to write everything in Sheets which I would tear out from my notebook. After writing I used to hide it in my bag and made sure that no one would see. Until one day, my parents saw them all :P. At first I was embarrassed but then they said that I wrote well and from them on I was more happy to write. I lost most of those sheets but I have some of them copied down in my notebook. Most of the stuff I post in my blog, would have already been written down in my book.
  • Music is the One of the Two things that never fails to soothe me. Whenever I'm sad I just put music and few minutes later, I would be calm and relaxed. The other thing that can soothe me is Ice Cream :D.
  • I hate chocolates :|. But I love to have them in our refrigerator :P. Whenever I go out, I bring choco's and stack them in our fridge but I usually never eat it. My brother or whoever finds it will eat them :D :). Once in a blue moon I actually eat them. But everyday I check the fridge to check if there is choco in it. If its not there, then I start my drama.. THERE IS NO CHOCO. WHY IS THERE NO CHOCO? I NEED CHOCO. I WANT CHOCO :| :P. This goes on until my mom can't take it anymore and asks me to shut up :| :P.
  • People on net find me extremely friendly, but once they talk to me or meet me they say that I'm the quietest person they ever met :| :P. On net I keep on blabbering, but if someone comes in front of me, I become like a little mouse who is afraid to come out as the cat would eat it :| :P.
  • This is the 7th  point :D. Yay me :D ;) :P :D. I get excited for everything :D. 

3. Pass on the award to 15 Bloggers.
This is the toughest part of this award. I can pass this on to only 15 bloggers and this has put me into a big trance. There are so many awesome bloggers out there, how can I choose only 15? This is too tough :(. But yet, I have to do it :). 

Below are the 15 Bloggers that I think should deserve the AWESOME BLOGGER award :). If I haven't mentioned your blog name them please don't feel sad because everyone of you is awesome :D. If I had a chance to award each one of you, I would really love to that :) :D.

In no particular order, here are the 15 blogs that deserves this award the most:-

Wow. That was one of the toughest jobs ever. But to be truthful these 15 blogs totally deserve it. Every morning, I open my Reading List to check if they have posted any new post. If they have then its my lucky day :D :). I just love reading each and every post of them :D :) And trust me they are just splendid :D.

Phew! Only one tasks remain ;) :D. Now, while I go and tell them all about how AWESOME they are why don't you all go check out their blogs? ;) :D. Totally worth your time :D Trust me :) <3.

Once Again, Thanks a lot Ajay :D :). 

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Mid~Summer Morning Dream

I had just finished my 11th and was enjoying my summer holidays. It was one of those days, where I woke up late(Just like always). I guess my mom was waiting for me to wake up, cause as soon as I did, she had a bad news ready for me. "Pooji, today there is a marriage in so-and-so place. We are all going, and you are coming with us". At once I started to protest. I hate attending functions, moreover, I love my home, and I prefer to stay here, than go and attend some stranger's marriage. But for once, my mom wouldn't hear of it, and told me that I had half an hour to get ready.

Half an hour later, my uncle was here with his car, and at once I ran to book the window seat. Atleast the journey has to be fun. The marriage was toward the other end of the town and I was told that it would take minimum of 2hours to get over there. 2Hours! Can you believe that? What an awesome way to waste time. I could have been reading Harry Potter.

After 15 minutes we came to a signal, and our car stopped. Along with it, my thoughts of, 'How I could have spent this day' also stopped, cause I had just seen a really poor family. They had made the Street their home and were living off of scrapes of food from the nearby trash bins. I was shocked seeing that much poverty. I had heard about people living in such conditions, but to witness it was really heart-breaking. Soon, the signal turned green and the journey started once again. As I launched into my semi-thinking mood, wondering about their life, I fell asleep.

Picture Credits:
Next thing I know, I'm on the streets with the family I had just seen. I'm wearing torn dress and I have 5 other people surrounding me. A Man, probably my father. Oh! Wait, What?. A woman, that man's wife obviously. And 3 kids all younger than me. One of them seemed not older than 2 years. The little one was crying on top of his voice. He was hungry, I guess. But not one of them seemed to notice that he existed. The other 2 kids were busy crying over a piece of bun. The man and his wife were busy shooing off dogs, who had come to eat.

They were fighting with dogs over food that was leftover by some people. I couldn't believe my eyes. Parents were at war with dogs and they didn't even give a second glace to their kids. Two of the kids were fighting over a piece of bun, which wouldn't satisfy either of their hunger. I turned to look at the little one, and saw that it had just put a piece of Glass into its mouth. I shouted and tried to run to it, but neither could I move, nor the voice came out of my mouth. I just sat there, not able to move, watching a child die due to extreme conditions. No one cared that the child was dead, not even its own mother. She didn't even drop a tear, rather she was happy that she had one less tummy to fill. I wanted to grab her, and shake her until she got some sense. But, Thankfully, at that moment, due to my Everest high anger and the loud horn of a truck, the horror came to an end, and I woke up.

I took deep breaths, in order to regain my calmness. I noticed that my cheek was wet and realized that I had cried. I didn't know what else to do. The dream had scared me out my wits. I was spellbound. I didn't want to think about it. Atleast at that moment. So I turned around and kept my head on my mom's shoulder and started watching the road once again. Once again, we got stuck in the traffic, and this time I saw a pretty little girl with her dad. I smiled, but 2 seconds later it faded. That pretty girl, was wearing one of the most beautiful dress and looked like an angel. She had toys in her hand, and her father had got her a packet full of chocolates and what-not. But this girl didn't think it was enough. She was pestering her dad to get her a Bicycle. Her dad said, "Sweetie pie, my angel you already have 2 bicycles, why do you need another one?", But she didn't listen. She continued to wail, as I drifted into another dream. But this wasn't like the last one. This one was DIFFERENT.

Picture Credits:
I wasn't in the middle of a street, but infact I was on a throne. I looked around, it was a pretty room. It was filled with everything one can find in a kids mall and looked like a princess's room. I turned around, and voila, PRINCESS POOH it said on the back of my THRONE. So, was I a princess? I got down, and walked towards the door. Suddenly 2 people came running out of nowhere, "Madam, sit down. Where are you going? Do you need something? Tell us. We will get it for you." I stared at them for a long time. 'What are the saying? Me? Madam? Oh my god. I think they have mistaken me for someone else'. "Look, I don't know what you are talking about. You have mistaken me for someone else, I am going to my mom now", I said. "Umm. Madam! Your mom. She.. She left with your dad to Austria today morning. They won't be back for a month", came the reply.

Tears formed in my eyes. My mom went where? Without me? For a month? That doesn't seem like her. And she didn't even tell me. I started to cry. 
"Madam, What happened? We are so sorry if we did anything wrong. Tell us what to do madam, we'll do anything", said someone.
"Can you get me Ice Creams?", I asked. Its the only thing that can make me forget other things for a while.
2 minutes later, I had Ice Creams of every flavor in front of me. Once again, I was shocked. 'WHAT IS HAPPENING?' I wasted to ask, but right then, I wanted to eat. So I just shut up my thoughts and feasted on Ice Creams.
Once I ate them all up, I turned to them and asked the questions I was waiting to ask. They told me everything. I was the ONLY daughter of an IT COMPANY OWNER. My parents came home only once in 6 months and that I was always left at the care of servants. It seems, that I was extremely stubborn and always got Everything before I even asked for it. Too much pampered Without Love. 

Hearing it hurt me. My mom has abandoned me? But I love her. And she loves me. Moreover, I'm not the single child, I have a brother.A wonderful elder brother. What happened to him? The pain was too much, I started to cry once again. This time, the woman who had brought me Ice Creams, showed me concern and gave me a Tight Hug as I closed my eyes. I smiled a bit, atleast someone liked me enough to give me a hug. I opened my eyes, and found my mom hugging me tight and wiping my tears. God! I was crying again! I lifted my head from her shoulders and escaped out of the car, before she could ask me what had happened.

Picture Credits:
That day, at the marriage, I sat way away from my family and thought about my dreams. All I could think was how best my life was. I had a roof over my head, healthy food to fill my hunger, My mom's love to keep me happy, My dad's friendship to keep me strong and my brother's support to lead my life. I realized how much I had in my life. I remember all those times, I had created a big scene in my house, cause my parents didn't get me a toy or because I didn't get to eat Ice creams, Now I laughed at it. I was really stupid. I have got more than my share in life. I have the perfect life to be precise. There are lakhs and crores of people who would die to take my place. When I understood this, I realized how precious my life was. That day, my whole life changed. My perspective of the world and life changed. I have been gifted with an extraordinary life, and I decided to make a good use out of it. 

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After all, that day had not gone to waste.

This post is written for Mahindra Xuv Contest on IndiBlogger

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I Want "Change"

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Be the change you wish to see - Mahatma Gandhi

I'm sure everyone would have heard of this proverb. Its been in use from a long time. The thing is, I never actually understood the USE of Proverbs. Of course, they are all exceptionally true, but I've not seen a single person who has actually implemented it in their life. I can go around all day, stating Proverbs after Proverbs, but what's the use? Neither I, nor will the one who actually listens to me will implement it.

I have heard of many proverbs, but this one always confused me a lot. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE. I wish to see many CHANGES, but I can't BE all that change. Am I confusing you? Good then. I'm doing my job right.

Thanks to Indi And Stayfree people, as they have now given us a chance to speak out what we would actually like to CHANGE in this world. As soon as I saw the topic, I smiled and said, "This is the easiest one of all", Now I'm wondering if that was true. Cause it really is not so easy. There is so much to be changed. Finally, after a lot of thought I decided when I had to write about. So well, no more suspense. Lets head right to the topic.

Change! What would I like to Change? I want to eradicate Corruption.
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Aah! Corruption. You can find corruption going on, on every corner of the street. So, when thinking about Corruption, the Proverb came back to my mind again. For once it made some sense. First I have to Change myself, in order to change the world. Ok, So done. I'm Corrupt Free. Hahaha! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. Me and corrupt free? Oh please. I may not be extremely corrupt but I'm corrupt in my own way. How you ask?

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Lets take lie for instance. I'm not Satya Harishchandra's great-great-great-grand daughter or something so yeah, I lie. Actually I have lied about a lot of things. Being in school, I prefer to eat in canteen once in a week. I would have taken money from mom and would have gone, but due to some reasons I wouldn't have eaten. You know teenagers right. Even a tiny thing upsets us. So yeah, I starve the whole afternoon, and as soon as I go home, my mom comes rushing to me, and asks, "Poo you ate right? Did it fill your stomach? Rice is ready. I'll get it for you?". I look at her, my stomach would be rumbling and tumbling in hunger but I can't hurt her. If I tell her that I hadn't eaten she will feel sad and then she'll ask me what had happened. And of course I wouldn't be in mood to talk nor to eat. So I just say, "I ate mom. I'm full. No thanks", and give her a tight hug. At that moment, it feels like the right thing to be done, but then its not right. I know it will hurt my mom, but that doesn't give me the rights to lie right? So, there it goes, Corruption #1.

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Lets take another instance. Bribing! Well, I haven't exactly given bribe till now, but the future doesn't exactly go as we wish right? Being in school and preparing myself for college this year, I feel scared. What if I get less marks? What if I don't get seat in a good institution? What if no college accept me? Then it flashed, Donation. Oh! My parents will have to pay so much money for my mistake. Wait a minute! What? Donation? Giving money to useless people to push your file forward? Any idea how much money colleges and schools make every year? Well, Neither do I. Anyways its not about them. They don't exactly ask everyone to give donation. If the college is good and your marks isn't then please make sure your money is good. The funny thing is, I am speaking against donation, but if I don't get a seat in good college, then that's exactly what I'll be doing. I'll be on the tip of my toes, to pay them so that I could get in. This is Corruption #2 right?

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One more instance. Just imagine, your college is over and you are stepping into the corporate world now. What would you do if you don't get a job? Or imagine that you are struck in a company who wouldn't let you leave? What to do then? I know what parents say - "Call that chairman or minister. He/She will get it done. Without influence nothing works these days". Influence! Begging some corrupt people to get you into or to get you out of a job. Waah! Its just like Begging from a beggar. Think I'm scolding a lot? Well, what about it? Its not like I won't allow my parents to say so or not do it. So, this is corruption number WHAT? I couldn't keep track of it.

I can go on all day, but for now, these are the only things on my mind. And you know what? I feel no wrong in stating this. Because I know I won't feel wrong while doing it. 

The funniest thing is, everyday people shout that Government is corrupt and that all the officials are corrupt. I just have one simple question for you all. Who made them corrupt? Who was the one who showed them money for everything? Even to get a simple task done? You call them Corrupt, but what about you yourself? You aren't corrupt? You've never Lied? Cheated? Paid extra money to get a job done? Burst out a secret? Gotten influence? Please! Find me one such person and I'm ready to do anything they ask me to do.
I'm saying it so confidently cause I know very well that there isn't such a person. Everyone is corrupt in their own. They just don't accept it. I don't know what's there to hide though! Its not like people wouldn't know about it. A saying goes in kannada, "Bekku kannu muchkondu haalu kudidre lokakke gottagallava?" which means Just because a cat is drinking milk with Its eyes closed, it doesn't mean that the world doesn't know about it.

So, all I'm saying is, I myself have so many defects, in this case, its not right for me to say that I'll change the world. First I have to get rid off my defects and then only can I change the world. Moreover,One should always know that, when we Point our finger at someone else, three other fingers are still pointing to ourselves. As soon as Stayfree people put up this contest, it has been overflowing with posts. Everyone wants to CHANGE things around them, but no one is ready to change themselves. No one is ready to accepts that they have defects as well. When this is the case, how can one change the world?

A small story, Once a KING announced that there will be a PARTY in his kingdom and ordered every person to bring a bottle of wine. There was a poor farmer in that kingdom and he told his wife, "We can't afford a bottle of wine. So we'll just take a bottle of water. When it is mixed with all the other bottles, people won't notice the difference". In the same way everyone planned, even the rich ones. Finally, the whole Barrel was filled with WATER instead of Wine. In the same way, everyone is ready to bring WATER, but none, not One is ready to bring Wine.

This is the state of our people and our constitution. In this moment, shouting I WANT CHANGE is useless. As I conclude my elongated post, Once again I wonder, What does that Proverb actually mean? I guess I'll never know.

This post if written for the contest Stayfree-Time To Change on IndiBlogger

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