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Biking is Passion, Fun & Life.

I'm exceptionally happy to say that, today I have got an opportunity to interview one of the best Bikers of Bangalore. Let me thank the Castrol Power 1 Team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

He is one of the most renowned racer. His passion is not only for Bike Racing but also for Car Racing. He loves to ride and can usually be seen more on his vehicle than one can ever see him in home. Let us know more about his passion, shall we? Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go right ahead.

Mr. Varun Satyanarayana

Hello Mr.Varun. Can you please tell us introduce yourself to us?

My name is Varun and I love motorsports. I have taken part in TSD rallies, bike and car stage rallies, auto cross and I have a list of other motorsports I need to strike off from my list.

Wow, That's really nice. 

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions so that myself and my friends can get to know about you and your passion?
Not at all. Please go ahead. It would be an honor.

      How did your passion for biking begin?

  My passion for biking had always been inside me as I used to follow 

motocross and motogp from my school days. 
It became more after coming in contact with friends who used to race and rally in India

  Which according to you is the best bike?
In India, Yamaha has always been my favorite. Yamaha RX and YBX to be precise. 
There are other bikes I like as well like Suzuki Fiero ,
my liking for bikes goes on how well you can they perform off road than on road with little mods.

                 You have been to many races, how many have you won?
I have been in the top 3 in most of my races or rallies, 
won quite a few. 
Have been national champion in TSD rallies 2007 and 
Indian National Rally Champion in 2009 in 1600 cc category 

 What have you learnt from them?

Rallying has given me a lot of lessons in life. 

It brings the best out of you mentally and physically, the situations and conditions make you tough. 
It make you a lot responsible and respect the rules on the normal roads.

     Do you think Bike Racing is Dangerous or Fun? Why So?

Bike racing is dangerous if you are not trained, 

if you have not practiced and if you are not wearing the safety gears. 
It’s fun when you have practiced well, using the riding gears and have a well prepared bike.

Rallying Brings the best out of you physically and mentally

If you could have any bike in this world which would you want?

I would like Valentino Rossi’s bike from Team Yamaha.

If you could race with anyone whom would you choose?

I would like to race 4 of my idols Valentino Rossi (MotoGP), Michael Schumacher (F1), 

Sebastian Lobe (WRC) and Travis Pastrana (MotoX).

 What is Biking to you?

Biking is passion, fun and life.

    Your words for New bikers out there?

Have fun, play safe & follow rules.

  The best moments you had with your bike?(Professional)
My 1st bike rally, but the best yet to come.

Have Fun, Play Safe & Follow the Rules.

The best moments you had with your bike?(Personal)
Spending 30K on a 10K bike, had fun riding it.

 Who is your favorite biker? Why so?
Favorite biker: Travis Pastrana, he is the best in the world. 
Watch the movie ‘199 lives’ (his life story) you will know.

  Who is the toughest competition you have faced so far while racing?
Competition is tough from any one on any day. 
It’s your best or his best on that day. Sorry cant name one.

 You like riding on streets or on the tracks? and Why?
Riding on streets is dangerous and for guys who want to show off. Real men show their talent on track

Which is your favorite track and favorite street to ride?
I love Bangalore and Coimbatore rally track. 

Real Men Show Their Talent On Track.

Do you like riding in the morning or at night?
 I like riding any time of the day.

Have you ever been on a road trip on your bike? 
If yes to where? 
And tell us about your experience.
I have done a lot of road trips to places where my rallies used to happen, but not any long trip on bike. 
Have been to Mysore and Nandhi hills.

You have had many races, which is your favorite till date?
My favorite on bike was K1000 rally in b'lore and Kolkata rally for car.

Tell us about your childhood and how you came to like Bikes.
I started riding at a very young age, thanks to my grandfather who taught me.

Lastly, what skills does a role model require as per you? 
Are you a role model to anyone? 
I have been a role model for quite a few people. 
You should set standards and behave like a professional for 
your followers to like you and learn from you.

Competition is best from anyone on any day.
Its your best or his best that day.

The way he has answered every questions, itself shows his passion and love for riding. He surely seems as an inspiration to me. If I ever do ride, I will make sure to follow his words.

Thanks a lot Varun, for spending your time and for your cop-operation. You have given a whole new definition to Biking and Racing. I really loved the way you said that Biking is Passion, Fun and Life. It was really nice to get to know you. Thank you.

"You are Welcome".

Wow, that was one awesome interview. I really did learn a lot from it. His words were of a true professional. Hats off to you Varun. 

This post is written for the contest The Power 1 Biker Code Of India which is powered by Castrol Power 1. I also want to thank IndiBlogger for giving us a platform to showcase our talent and helping us learn and grow by getting such awesome contests.

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DS said...

Loved his answers! Most of all 'I will be riding at any time of the day!'
Nicely interviewed princess.
Best wishes for the contest:)

Maun Vision said...

excellent insights and very brilliantly interviewed, like a supe professional. real talent.

Ajay Kontham™ said...

Nice Interview.
I also learnt a few things as well. :)

Princess Poo said...

Yeah DS :D :).
Thank you ;).

Hehe Thanks :) :D.
I know, the man is great :).

Thanks :) :D.

Obsessivemom said...

That was interesting.. quite a journalist you are.

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :) Thanks <3 :)

Weather Anchor Mama said...

Hey Pooja! I'm visiting from Sits. Love your blog design!

Princess Poo said...

Wow thats really great :).
Welcome dear :D.
Thank you so much :).
Glad you love it :D.

PeeVee™ said...

Bikers are such passionate people, no? :)

Princess Poo said...

Yeah they are :) :D <3

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