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The Devotion Of Suspect X

One of the biggest-selling Japanese thriller, now available in India, and soon to be made as a cult movie. 

The book is extremely thrilling and totally un-put-downable. The book has been written in such a beautiful way that anyone can wonder, how one person can think about so many things in so many different ways.
Every character in the book are brilliant, their thoughts and the way they go about their life, is shown out in such a suspense matter, that it makes you wonder how can one have so much secrets and yet be as if nothing has happened.

The book is not only thrilling and full of suspense but it is also inspirational. Every character has hidden secrets. The way everyone put their past behind them and decided to lean on the future, is really inspirational. There is so much to learn in each one of them. There is good and bad part in all of them, but their choice decides their future. While some make the right choice, some make the bad one, but in the end everything is for the best.

The author, Keigo Higashino deserves a big round of applause and much more for writing such a story. The thoughts, lifestyle, passion, love, hate and everything has been explained in a magnified and theatrical way. Too good is all I can say. Hats off to the author.

One of the main characters Yasuko, is a single mother who lives with her daughter. She would be leading a comfortable and happy life, until one day, when her ex-husband suddenly appears in front of her. At that moment, her whole life comes down shattering when that happens. Yasuko works in a boxed lunches shop. Her personality is the one of calm and cool person. Even if she is a Single mother, and going through a rough time, she manages to act as if nothing has happened so that her daughter can be happy.

Misato, the daughter of Yasuko, is also one of the main characters. Even though her mom hides her sorrow from her, she knows about it and tries to make her happy. She is always ready to strive for her mom. The girl's personality if of a fun loving girl who will do anything for her mom.

Ishgami, the next door neighbor of Yasuko, is one of the most important characters. Being a maths teacher, his love for numbers is totally shown out in this book. His love for a woman, makes him take huge risks and also help her to get out of troubles. His love and his passion shows us that True Love still exists. His personality is not only loving and caring, but also mysterious and very brilliant.

This book is a total thriller, filled with awesome and very interesting twists. I would totally recommend this to anyone and everyone who would love to read. A really awesome book. Must read.

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DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

Sounds interesting :) lets wait for the movie poo :P

Princess Poo said...

It is too interesting :D.
Ahan :P Lazy guy :P

Abhyudaya Shrivastava said...

A total page turner! :) Kept me hooked till the end.

Princess Poo said...

Yep :D.
Same for me :D

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