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10 Men In My Life

This is a  Challenge for blog post that I have received from Desire v/s Destiny 

So, as the title says, I am supposed to post about the 10 Men in my Life. Let me get Started.

1.My Dad
What can I say about my dad? He is the most PERFECT person on this earth for me. The KING of the KINGS and for him I'm his little princess. He is always there for me, through the Best and Worst times of my life. Always by my side, Holding my hands and leading me. Never has he once, forced me, but just followed me everywhere I went making sure I won't slip. I can never thank him enough. 
Just love my Papa. 

2. My Brother Vicky
The person I love the most on this earth is my Brother. Being 9 years older than me, he was always kind of a second dad to me. A day doesn't go by where we fight, similarly a day doesn't go by when we sit together and laugh for hours. Both being extremely naughty, I have no idea how much we have troubled our poor mother. Pranksters we are. I love him for being so protective of me. He is my role model and idol. I love the way he lives life. 
Just love my Anna.

3. My Kamal Bhai
Kamal is my Brother from Another Mother, but no one who have met us till now has ever agreed to it. Everyone thinks we are siblings itself, and well we kind of are like that. Kamal is just like Vicky to me, the only difference is I can share anything I can with this idiot. He is only 2 years older than me and understands me extremely well. So yeah, if you want to know anything about me you know whom to go to. He probably knows more about me than I do. He is the only person in this world, who can make me LAUGH with tears in my eyes. 
Love you Kamal bhai. 

4. My Bhai Jaan
Partha, aka my bhai jaan is also my Brother from another mother. He is this sweet and cute guy who always takes care of you and guides you. Me, him and Kamal form the 3 idiots gang. We are especially good at teasing others and fighting with each other. My bhai jaan is an exceptional guy. He is extremely good at heart and always caring about others. His way and his method always pleases me. Moreover, he loves animals and has made his home a LIVING ZOO. His rabbits are probably the cutest one on this planet. He takes care of them as if they are his own kids. He will be an awesome parent. The best thing about him is, He always tells me, "Poo, you come over to my place, I will keep you in a showcase, will feed you, will look after you and take care of you. Will do whatever you want, just come na". Hehe! Sweetheart my bhai jaan is. Loves me a lot.
I love you too bhai jaan. More than you love me.

5. My Love Ian
Ok, If I start explaining, It will never end. My biggest crush till now is Ian. He is probably the hottest guy on earth and I just love him.

6. My Bestie Krish
Aah! What can I say about Krishna? He is the first friend I've ever had in Boys and he is my bestest friend ever. Everyone calls us Tom and Jerry. Why you ask? Because 24*7 we keep fighting, but still we can't be without each other. He is a sweet guy and extremely good, Just like me(heheh) hence we REPEL each other. You know, Like Poles repel.. Magnet theory?? Anyway, we fight so much that one would think that if we come in front of each other we will pull each other hairs out, but the fact is that, if we do go in front of each other, we both will sit down and start talking. Hehe! Crazy we are. But still, he is the only person I can talk anything with and for him also its the same.
Hate you Tommy boy. You know what I mean.

7. My Friend Vivek
Vivek is my second best friend. Aka my Choco. He is this extremely sweet guy who loves teasing others and pampering his loved ones. He is one guy, I can talk to all day and not get bored. He always makes me smile with his stupid comments and silly words. I just love how when we are together, I always have great moments. Time speeds by whenever you are here. 
You are extremely sweet Choco. Always be like that.

8. My Jeeju Vik
Vikranth aka VIK aka Every Girl's dream boy, is my dearest Jeeju. He is the Choco Boy for so many people. This guy, I tell you, is handsome and sweet and extremely nice. Almost every girl is behind him. Thats why I decided that he'll be my Jeeju and whomever "HE LIKES" will be my sister. My jeeju is really sweet you see, even though so many girls are behind him he Loves only me. I'm his jaanu saali. His little kid. He loves me a lot and takes care of me as if I'm his kid. He looks after me like a Father, takes care of me like a mother, fights with me like a brother, laughs with me like a friend and loves me more than anyone else.
I love you a lot jeeju. You are a very nice person. 

9. My Friend Abhi
Abhi is my sweet friend. He and me love playing Counter Strike together. Hehe! We keep fighting a lot and when I say I don't want to talk to me, he starts a server and comes to me saying, Wanna Play? And I'm like YEAH PLEASE! Hehe. Its awesome to play with him. At first I was really bad, then he trained me up. Just love playing with him. He and me love shooting each other. Hehehe!

10. My Role Model APJ
Last but NEVER the least, APJ ABDUL KALAM. The man whom I love and adore the most. More than that, I respect him more than anyone else. He is my role model. His books inspired me a lot and brought a change to my life. Even though he is so famous, he is extremely modest and loves to be with kids. Its my dream to meet him one day and listen to his speech.

Well, those are the 10 men in my life. Its an extremely happy thing for me to say that I've been blessed with extremely nice and sweet and inspiring men around me who guides me, helps me and protects me.
Love you all.

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Roshni said...

I too love my dad and little bro the most as and then my grandfather.

Nitin Verma said...

Amazing choice of 10 the last one..

AmitAag said...

Amazing post, Princess jhi!

sridhar said...

Except Ian every1 deserve to be in this list... Ian has given u nothing :P...
hahaha just kidding... very nice post... n ya hope IAN reads this post too :P

Kajal said...

My dad remains by fav of all times and the hubby/ son. These 3 men are my permanent heart throbs:)


Wow !!! I knew you would start by yoour dad!!
But an awesome post and liked the way you used the description of each one of them..
Nice !!! and I kinda agree with IAN didnt gave you anything :P !!!
I kinda hate him :P :P :P \m/ !!!

Prince Taurus said...

Nice post :)
lucky that you have ossom friends :)
and inspiring nd protective people :)

Kinara :) said...

Ian is my favorite too yaar! :P
The expressions he gives mwaaahhhhhhh!!!
He totally deserves a place eheh ;)
Seriously, loved the way you described each one with a special tinge of your own! <3
Lovely post!
God bless you!:)

ritesh said...

Very well thought n executed....impressive title and an amazing list...a hint of emotion as well..

Aakriti said...

Wow!!! This was a sweet post Poo... I liked how u talked abt ur bro Partha !! Keep u in a cage n feed u!! Haha;) lucky u to have so many guy frnds around u! Had I been given this challenge... I couldn't have written it!

CYNOSURE said...

indeed a cute post, I'd say...lovely... :)
cheers...keep smiling... :)

Obsessivemom said...

Loved the mix of men you put out here. Sweet post.

Princess Poo said...

Hi-5 dear :) :D.
That is really sweet :D.

Thanks yaar :D.
Hehehe :). Yeah :).

@AmitAag Jhi
Thanks Jhi :) :D. And no calling me JHI jhi :D :P

Ian has given me nothing? :O Omg!! Don't say like that yaar. He GIVES me fast heartbeats :P and SWEETEST DREAMS :D :P.

@Kajal Di
Aah :D :). So sweet :D :D.

Hehehe :P Well everyone would na ;) :D :P.
Thanks yaar :D.
Hehehe! Shhh :P. Ian gave me so much :D ;).

Thank you :).

Hehehe :D Hi-5 Gal ;) :D.
Oye Hoye. Don't kiss my BF :P x-( HUH! :P.
*Jealousy Eyes* MINE :P :P :P :D :D.
Hayeeeeeeee yaa his expression :D and his eyes and his smileeeeeee. Uff! Dreamland for me :D ;) :D.
Thanks a lot yaar :D :).

Thanks a lot jhi :D :D :).

@Aakriti Dii
Thanks Diii :D :D :) :).
Hehehehe :D :D. Yeah he is like that only :P :P :D. Aaah! Yeah :) I'm extremely lucky :) :D.
Hmm! Hehehe!! I'm sure you'll be blessed as well dii :) :D.

@Cynosure Jhi
Hehehe thanks Jhi :D :).

Thanks a lot :D :D :).

Stalz said...

Ian huh ? >_<

Partha Preetam Roy said...

Just one thing. I luv you for what you r, dont be changed. Luv u my sis.

Unknown said...

Just one thing. I luv you for what you r, dont be changed. Luv u my sis.

Unknown said...

Just one thing. I luv you for what you r, dont be changed. Luv u my sis.

Ekta said...

Hey nice piece. The only thing mismatched was stock pics. With a such a touching and real article, one expects real pics.
Keep going!

indu chhibber said...

It's good you have this stock of supporters---keep them with you always.

Princess Poo said...

hehehe :P jealous? :P

@Bhai Jaan
I wont BHAI JAAN :D ever :).
Muahx :D

@Ekta jhi
Thank you ;) :D.
Yeah I know :( But haven't got them :(.
The real pics I mean :(

@Indi Jhi
Yeah jhi :D.
Thanks a lot :).
I will :D

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

DADS!! They rock \m/ <3

Princess Poo said...

Agree Jen :D

Jaleela said...

wow super post

thetravellingwordsmith said...

Very interesting post. Saw this challenge and was quite impressed with how a few of you'll have managed to deliver some amazing content. Keep up the good work.



Princess Poo said...

Thanks :) :D.

Hey Thanks :) :D.

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