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I Love You. I Do. I Really Do.

So, you guys must be wondering what suddenly happened to me, right? :P. Well, the TITLE and the PICTURE says it all :D. I'm in LOVE :D ;). And trust me, I don't mean IAN :P. I'm really really really in love ;) :D.

With whom you ask? :D *Blush Blush* :">. I can't say na :( :P. 

Are you really that interested in knowing it? o.O My, My! 
Ok, then. I'll let you know ;) :D.
But for that :O, You'll have to go through this whole post ;) :D. 
Yep! I'm doing it on purpose :P :D.

Only, if you read the WHOLE POST will you know whom I've fallen in love with ;) :D.
I'll put it somewhere in middle b-) :P. 
I have to make you all lazy people read na? :P :P.

So, here it goes ;) :D.

Still here? :O Wow :P. You guys really want to know it don't you?
I thought I would have scared you off by now :P :P.
Hmm! I must SALUTE you for your braveness ;) :D.
You are ready to face my Nonsense just so that you can know Whom I'm in love with? :D
Hats Off ;) :D.

Anyways, Enough of Drama na? :P
I'll tell you all then? :D.
Irritated you enough? ;) :D.

Ok :P :D. I think it is enough now :P.


 Hahaha! Thats right ;) :D. 
I'm in love with you :D. I'm in love with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU :D  

Want to know why? ;). Well, You read everything I post :O.
I mean,wow :D :).

Hehehe! Well, This was a post, just to SHOUT OUT to the world, that my blog has got 50 FOLLOWERS.
You guys have no idea how Happy I am right now ;) :D.
I never thought so many people would read what I wrote :O.
You guys made my Dream come true :).
Love you all so much for this :D :).

I promise, I'll keep Bugging you like this till the end :P :P.
I'll make sure, I'll bore you all with my tales ;) :D.

Thanks a lot once again :D :).
I Really, I Really Love you all <3 :).
Thank you so much :).

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Ajay Kontham™ said...

Oh! Wow !
I guess I am 'Privileged', then ! :)

By the way, its not nonsense what you write. Its good writing, though !

But more importantly, you love something else more than your followers !
You want to know what?
Smileys ! ( 66 ) (Sixty Six) Yeah, I counted !

Congratulations on your 50(+) followers and probably will get more people to 'love'!

Take Care. :)

Kajal said...

lol... At the beginning I thought wow... here come the juicy story ! But I am glad and a HUGE congratulations on your first 50 ! May you get mannnnnny mannnny more! Glad to be amongst them. Keep writing :))

Princess Poo said...

@Ajay Jhi
Hahaha :D :) Yes you are for sure ;).
Hmm! Thanks a lot jhi :D ;).
Hahaha :P. I love smileys ;). Yup I Do :D but not more than my followers ;) :D ;).

Thanks a lot :D :). I hope so too :D :).

@Kajal Jhi
hehehe :D :P. You did? :D
Then I did a good job in fooling you ;) :D :P.
Hehehe :D. Thanks a lot jhi :D :).
I really hope so :). Thank you :D ;).
Hehe :D :). I'm glad you are too :D :).

Leo Paw said...

Congratz poo on hitting 50. many more to join. Happy blogging.

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Leo Paw :D :).

CYNOSURE said...

congratz pooooooo...hope you get many more...njoy... :)

Ankit Patel said...

congo!.... :D I really liked how you concluded the story! :P ... and I think we all followers love you too!

Right folks ?? :P
Keep bugging us, till the end! :D :P ;)

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

conter looks cool :)
you are a killer with this POEM :)
Long way to go !

Ana_treek said...

Congrats girl :)

Upasana said...

Congrats on the half century! Milestones always bring happiness!

My world, my thoughts, my musings...

Princess Poo said...

Thanks :D :). I hope so too :D ;).

Hehehe :D :)
Thanks man :).
Aww! :"> Really? :D :).
Thats sweet :).

Hehe :D ;).
An awesome person selected the counter ;) :D.
Thanks :D :).

@Ana jhi
Thanks a lot jhi :D ;).

@Upasana jhi
Thanks :D :).
Yes it does :).

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

AWW!You have such an Adorablly thankful heart POO!! :) And in love with you too ;) Congrats on hitting cross 50!! You rock on,girl! \m/

N.S.Kirti said...

congos Dearie!!!
* does a war dance *

Leo said...

happy 50 :)

Ankit Patel said...

@Pooja, :P
Atleast me, I really love your blog! You gotta check this! :D :P

Ankit Patel said...

@Kirti... WAR DANCE ! ??? :P I'm joining you too! :P :D o.O

Sangeeta Reghu Nair said...

Yay !! i love you too princess poo .. let there be many many more celebrations your way girl !!!

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha :D :) Thanks dearie <3 :).
Ahan? :D That is like music to my ears :) :D.
Thanks dear <3 :)

Haha :D. Thanks :D ;).
Lemme join you in the dance ;) :D :P.

Thanks man :D :).

I check it daily ;) Don't worry :D ;) :P.

@Sangeeta jhi
Aww :"> Thanks a lot jhi :D :).
Made my day :).
Thank you so much :) <3.

Ankit Patel said...

@Kirti, @Pooja
we 3 havin a WAR dance !! :P :P :P
yay.... !! :P lol

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