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Just Some Crazy Stuff

Well everyone who knows me knows how CRAZY I am. Well, being a Crazy Girl, I have some Really CRAZY FANTASIES. Its my wish that I do all of this, before I.. Well, Die. There are many fantasies of mine, but I can't mention all of them here na? My readers will die of utter shock. So, lets spare them. Here are some of the (small)Crazy Fantasies that I'm dreaming to do..

1. Deep Sea Diving
I love being under water. Its really peaceful. Water has always attracted me towards it. Moreover, I love fishes and the way they move. I've always wanted to jump into the sea and just swim after them. Well, that has been NOT POSSIBLE for 2 reasons, Firstly My Mom didn't allow me. Secondly because I don't know swimming. Anyways, I'll learn it one day and then go jump into a Sea or an Ocean.. Oh! How much I want to be there!!!

2.Paragliding & Para-sailing
Cry, Cry. Oops. I Mean, Fly Fly.. The words bring a smile to my face. I'm damn afraid of heights, but I would so love doing this. Its just like Flying isn't it? With some duplicate Wings. I want to fly!!!

3.Bungee Jumping
Another Fantasy that challenges my Phobia, but that won't bring me down. How awesome would it be to Jump off a cliff for FUN and manage not to DIE.. Sounds Yummy... 

4.Cliff Diving
Look at the picture. I'm going to Die in Jealousy by just looking at it. I so badly want to jump off a cliff. But first, need to learn to swim. 
Most importantly, I must make sure that my Mom never hears of this. Otherwise I'm Go Went Gone even before I can say Cli....

5.Climb Mount Everest
Nature is something that I really love. Trekking has always been my favorite thing to do. So, Going on top of Mount Everest is one of my Dream Fantasies. I think I'll really love it there. But to be really truthful, Of all the Dream Fantasies I have, I doubt if I'll be able to do this one.

So, cool na? Its like Flying, walking and Skating all together. Oh my! Can't wait to do this. I can easily let myself get lost in this Snow. Why doesn't it snow here? *Sob Sob*

7.Dance in Rain with a STRANGER
This is something I've been dreaming since a long long time. I've danced in rain many number of times. Sometimes alone, Sometimes with my friends and Sometimes with my Cousins. I've even danced in Rain with my Teachers. But I want to dance with a Stranger when its raining. I know, I know I'm crazy. But this would be so awesome. Just Imagine!!!

8. Go to Top of Eiffel Tower
Yep! I really want to go on top of the Eiffel Tower and shout "WASSUP PEOPLE?". Sounds Fun. Yeah, I'll get nice kicks and probably get arrested as well. But, Fun is Fun I say. You only get to live once.

9. Run Away from Home
Don't give me that look. I just want to run away from Home for a little while and Face the world on my own. My mom keeps saying, if you were left alone, I want to know what you would have done. And that happens everytime I don't do some work. So I really want to find out WHAT WOULD REALLY HAPPEN If I am left alone. So, yeah. Let me run away.

10.Meet Ian
Don't Stare at the Photo. The Guy is MINE. And the words are so true. Sometimes, All I need is IAN. He is the reason for my Smile :).
Blush! Blush!! How badly I want to meet him, no one will ever know. I want to meet him and then tell him that, "I Love Him" and that He has the Most Beautiful Eyes in this world and that He has a really Charming smile Which makes me feel as if I'm dead and gone to Heaven. And that he is real sweetheart and that I want his Autograph on a Photo in which Me and Him are together. And that I wan't him to write, "I Love You" on it... Uff!!
So Much I have to tell him. But to be truthful, if he comes in front of me, I'll faint. So the above things happening are really doubtful :(.
Oh! Ian!!!

11. Scold My Manager
When I'll be working, if I ever want to Change my Job or leave a Company then I want to SCOLD MY MANAGER really nice before giving my Resignation letter. I want to say everything I wouldn't be able to and then Scold badly. At last, say "It was Fun. Hope you accept my resignation. I mean, ofcourse you will".

12.Shout and Run
Well, in the picture its Brother and Sister who are shouting. But I always do that don't I? 
But its not my dream fantasy. What I want to do is, Shout Out Loud some really funny thing and then Run out Classroom or Office. Hehe! I'll get kicked out for this. But, as I said before, When you want to have Fun, you have to have Fun.

13. HP way
When I start to go to College, and if 'BY MISTAKE' I turn up late, then I want to run into my Classroom saying, "Troll in the Dungeon! Thought you ought to know" and then Collapse on the floor. Just like Quirrell.

14. Have GolGappa & Ice Cream eating Challenge

I hate EATING. But well that depends on certain things. ICE CREAM is my most favorite thing in this world. After that would be French Fries and then Golgappa. 
I really want to have a challenge stating who will eat More Golgappa and IceCream..
I am so doing this as soon as my boards are over..

15. Attend a totally Strangers Marriage

Not for the function.. Ewww!! I just want to attend some stranger's marriage just for the fun of it.
I want to go to the Guy's parents and say, "Hi Aunty. How are you? Forgot me? I was there when you had come to See the Bride" and same with Girl's Parents. Heheh! Sounds so fun na? 

Well, Thats all for now. These are the Little SANE ones. All others are totally insane. I am waiting for the day, when I can post on my blog saying, COMPLETED ALL MY DREAM FANTASIES :D. Aah! Music to my ears ;) :D. 
Oh! BTW, Don't bother calling the Mental Hospital!! They are still in search of me :P :P.

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Kajal said...

your bucket list is impressive. I too would love to attend a random wedding, have that gol-gappa/ice-cream challenge... and the rest except for bungee jumping ! and running away is my fav...

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

awesomeeeee poo :)
i had a smile and still smiling...
we share the top 3 things :D

Cheena Chopra said...

Well, I too share many of these fantasies, but some of them sound really rebellious more than sensible or adventurous.. I hope your mom doesn't read your blog *wink*

CYNOSURE said...

OK...just for ur surprise...I'm not shocked and i'm not going to call mental hospital...

except that 10th wish...all ur wishes are already in my list too...(not i guess u'll not die out of utter shock)... :P :P :P

Sangeeta Reghu Nair said...

Princess Poo - I have to confess I have attended stranger's wedding :) I had almost forgotten about that until I read your list .. while growing up we friends would go random wedding in the community hall ... hehe !!!

Great stuff !!

Princess Poo said...

@Kajal Jhi
Thank you :D :D.
Hehehe :P Not Bungee Jumping? :( :P.
Ahan! Lets have the challenge together then :P.

Hehe :D Hi-5 ;). Lets do them together :P.

Hehehe :D. Yeah they are :P :P.
She wont ;) :D.

Hehe :D Wow :D. I'm happy :D Yay :).
hahahaha :P. Now I'm really shocked :P :P.

@Sangeeta jhi
Oooh :D. Thats awesome ;). Hi-5 :D.
Thanks :D

Ankit Patel said...

Just leaving a few of them aside, I too want to do what yo're willing to! :D :D :P
Loved the point 'Dance in Rain with a STRANGER' ♥ ... Oh! I'm so desperate for it! :P ;)
'Run away from HOME'... Let's plan about it someday! :P :P ;)

Iceman said...

Interesting list. Makes me wanna write out my bucket list now.

Seema said...

Hi ,you are really a Princess.....may God fulfill all you wishes dear......and for Golgappa's I am sure tum muzse nahi jeet sakti...hehehe

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha :D ;).
H-5 :D :D.
Ooh! Same pinch!! Waiting for the RAIN and for a STRANGER who is willing to dance :P :P :P.
Oooh :P Surely ;) :D :P.

Hehe :D. Do write ;) :D.
Welcome to my world :).

@Seema Jhi
Aww :"> Thanks a lot jhi :) :D.
Thank you :D :D.
Hahaha! Really? :D :D.
If I come over to your place or if you come here we are so having this challenge ;) :D.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

I always wanted to go bungee jumping and rafting!!! :) Nice list Princess POO!! :) Even I had this strange desire to run away from know that is what so many girls want too.. WEIRD!! :)

alka narula said...

i can proudly say here that i have done two things on ur wishlist 1was cliff diving this i did in rishikesh..and second attend a total strangers wedding..well this i did just the past month:p...though i dntly wana try deep sea diving vich is no.1on ur list n bungee jumping and para sailing too:p

Ana_treek said...

Hahaha amazing list!..cliff diving :O.. and Quirell, he is so funny :D..who is ian, btw?

Princess Poo said...

hehe :D. Lets do it together haan? ;) :D.
Hahaha :P. Lets run away together too :P errr!!

@Alka Jhi
Oooh wow nice :O :D.
Hehehe :D. Someone had an awesome time haan? ;) :D
Oooh :( They are my favorite :D.
Never mind ;) Will force you :P

Hehe :D Yeah ;).. Cliff Diving is exciting :D.
Yeah Quirrell is :P :P.

IAN :O Oh my :| :D. If I start I won't end :D.
He was BOONE in Lost ;) :D. I saw him there Fell in Love <3 :D Now watch a serial about VAMPIRES :| just for his sake <3 :D :P.

indu chhibber said...

You have given a tough task to the God almighty,with so many wishes & many more hidden ones..i hope they are all fulfilled.

Princess Poo said...

@Indi Jhi
Hehehe :D :). True True..
Thanks a lot jhi :"> :D

Ritvik Gautam said...

Reading this, I'll actually say you are a lil CRAZY!!

I've actually done paragliding... Minus the seconds when you're taking off and when you're landing, there are about 10 seconds when you are actually in the air, FLYING. It's almost a feeling like you are a bird and can actually fly. :)
Climbing Mount Everst... That's the easiest way of losing weight. I was reading an interview of India's youngest mountaineer, Arjun Vajpayee, and he said you actually lose 20-30 KGS climbing. :-P
The weirdest of them would be "Run from home" while the best would be "Shout at manager" :P :D

BTW, I recommend you watch the movie, "The Bucket List".. It's something related to this..


PS: Now I know why everyone call you the "Smiley" queen. In the four posts above, you've used smiley's 84 times!! That's about 21 in a single post!! WHOA!! :D

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha =)) :P
Little? :D :P.

Wow. Lucky you :O.
Hehehe :P I dont want to lose weight :P.
I just want to have fun ;) :D :P.

Hahaha :D. Wow :D I know. Shout at manager :D. Just imagine :P :D.

Ooh! Will check it out for sure :) :D.

Hehehe :D Smiley princess :D not queen :) :D. Wow 84 :O. Baap re :P

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