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An Honorary Moment

Writing has been my passion and a hobby since a long time. I usually write to express myself and not to impress others. From past few months I've been checking some of IndiBloggers blogs and I must say I'm more than impressed. The way they right! God! Just perfect. Poems with such heart-felt feelings and Stories that take you on an Imaginary ride. Just Splendid!
I know that many of the bloggers love to get noticed by their writing. They love to win stuffs and get awards. But I'm not one of them. As I told before I write for my own pleasure. But a few days ago I got this award called VERSATILE BLOGGER from one of the best bloggers in the world Ms.Kirti
Kirti is an extraordinary writer who has really influenced me by her words. Not to forget her coolness and her way of taking things lightly. I love to tease this girl and her BFF too!!. 
To receive an award from such a great writer was really an honorary moment for me. This is my first award and to get this for such little posts is a great thing. Thanks a lot Kirti.

So, 7 Random things about me are as follows:-
  1. I go ga-ga over Ice Creams :). [Well everyone knows this :P].
  2. I am very very emotional and extremely sentimental.
  3. I am a Pure Vegetarian ;) :D. But I hate VEGETABLES :P :P :P.
  5. I'm an Universal Sister :). I have the habit of making a "bro" out of every guy I meet :D.
  6. I LOVE HARRY POTTER <3. And I Hate it when people compare HP and TWILIGHT x-(.
  7. I Truly Madly Deeply have a Huge Crush on IAN SOMERHALDER :D :P <3.
    P.s: Dont you dare ask me who he is or speak a word against him x-(. Coz all I do is AVADA KEDAVRA u :D :P.

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
  • Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers 
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  • Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

And, *drum rolls* Here are my nominees to the Versatile Blogger Award:-

  1. Hiral -> My bestest friend and an exceptional writer. Her way of writing is extremely beautiful and she has a great sense of humor. She is one of the best.... Wait.... The best person to Hangout with :). A very chillax-ed and a sweet girl.
  2. Rahul -> One of my close friends and a fantastic writer. He is one in 10000. I'm 100% sure that he'll be one of the best authors in future. His stories are fabulous and very interesting. Makes one want more and more.
  3. Kirti -> As I've already said she is a splendid writer. She inspires me a lot, not only with her writing but with her personality. My lovely GOD MAA :D :P.
  4. Antara -> One of the best persons I have met. She not only writes amazingly but takes some heart-touching photos. The best thing about her is, she'll never take it to heart how much ever you tease her ;). Always gives me MANN KI SHAKTI :D :P :P :D.
    P.s Yeah I wrote the last line on purpose ;) :P.
  5. Satish -> A nice writer who actually writes his heart out. Love the way he actually sees the things and the way he describes them. A great writer in making ;).
  6. Pramod -> My dear bhaiyya and a superb, splendid, extraordinary, fantastic, fabulous writer (Didn't find any other words). Words are not enough to describe his WORDS :). A great writer, a great brother, A great husband and the Best father :). Your sons are really lucky bhaiyya :).
  7. DS -> The person whose posts actually makes me want to watch cricket other than for checking out the players :P :D. His posts are extremely nice and very very informative.
  8. Nikhil -> Another great writer. Would surely see him in the Author's list soon. I like his poems more than his stories. That doesn't mean his stories are bad, its just that his poems are exceptionally lovely.
  9. Sujatha -> I met her very recently on Indiblogger. All I had to do was read one post of hers. Now I'm waiting every passing minute of every day for her next posts. She really expresses herself a lot through blogging ;). I just love the way she writes.
  10. Arti -> Last but NEVER the least, My deedi Arti :). I wont give any description. If you don't know her you don't know a real writer.
Uff! Finally. This took way more time than I thought it would.
I just want to say one thing, I love the way all of you guys write and I hope that you would keep writing more and keep inspiring me like this always.
Love you guys :) And love you INDIBLOGGER <3 :).


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As I walk out the door,
The sunshine falls on my face;
And I hide my feelings in my deepest shadows,
As I move my way.

I get loads of smiles,
And some winks from my friends.
As I smile back and greet them,
I feel the pain that is inside.

Now I wish I could run,
And never look back.
To go to a place,
Where my dreams come alive.

Its time for you to know,
That there is much more inside of me.
Than the normal girl you see,
Whom you've taken to be me.

Deep down inside,
I'm more innocent and sensitive.
But that's the real me,
And from now on, That's how I'll be.

I'm sick and tired of all these smiles,
Which I've faked this long.
The lonliness Inside of me,
Is starting to grow strong.

And One day, I'll leave, leave forever.
In the beginning it may pain,
But everone will learn to move on.
As I'm just a girl, Who was meant to be gone.!

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My Galfrnd~BFF!!!

It So Happened,
That I Wandered Far Enough,
To Come Somewhere Like Here.
I Knew Now, And I Know Not,
What Brought Me Here.
But It All Happened For A Reason.

A Reason So Specific And Cute,
Which Makes Me Play My Flute.
A Reason Which Is More Defined,
Than All The Formulas Lined.
A Reason, The Reason, Only Reason,
Which Makes Me Dance With Happiness.

I Just Can't Control Myself Anymore,
As I Have To Let It Out,
Let You Know Who You Are,
Not To Others But To Me.

You're The Brightest Star In The Sky,
Who Lightened My Life.
You're The Coolest Breeze On Earth,
Who Taught Me To Breathe.
You're The Friendliest Girl In The Universe,
To Me And Only To Me.

I Won't Let You Leave,
As Its Not 'You' And 'I' Its We.
Two Bodies But One Soul,
Let Them Take Me As A Ghoul.

You Don't Know How Happy I Am,
To Have A Friend So Dear.
And Don't Fear Dear Madam,
I'm Always Here.
Waiting To Chit-Chat And Fight.
And For Me You're Always Right.

You're The Bestest,
Of My Bestest Friends.
You're The One Who Understands,
All My Bends.
I Promise We'll Be Like This Forever.
Hand In Hand And Best Friends Morever.!

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