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Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai - Review

Book Name: Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai.
Author: Rishi Vohra.
Cost: Rs.175.
Rating: 4.5/5.

About this book, well, where do I start? When I got a mail saying I get to review this book, I thought for a while whether to review it or not. Reading the name, I wasn't much into the book. Of course, I had not read the plot. Then I Google-d it up to find out that it was a love story, and it seemed pretty interesting to me. So, I decided I'll review this. And once I sent my confirmation, I was eagerly waiting for this book to be delivered.

As soon as I got the book, I started reading it, and I fell immensely in love with it.
With every page I turned, the book got more and more nice, and thrilling. I could find myself in many of the events. It was as if someone was narrating the incidents of my life to me. I enjoyed it thoroughly and finished the book at one go, because I just couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Page after page the story went, and before I knew it came to an end.

About the story. Its set in a semi-modern state. It goes on continuously, without any stops keeping the readers hooked to it. Many incidents in this book looks as if its been taken out of your life. I don't know what's been left out of it? There is everything - Family, Friends, Love, Drama, Action, Romance, Stupidity, Humor.

I want to highlight one part of this book, that is the female molestation that takes place. Many of the incidents have been put up, like guys touching you when you are in bus station or a railway station. Guys making use of your sweetness just to use you. All of this has been put up clearly. Even the girl's part of Ignoring those touchings and forgetting the guy for using you has been shown plainly as well. This can be seen in many girls life now. Just to save their dignity, they hide whatever happens to them and just ignore it. I think, at least after reading this book, girls should stop doing that and try to stand up to guys.

While reading this book, the part I felt most connected to was where the main character was lost in his dreams. It was so splendid to watch him trying to sort out his dreams and life just to get what he wants. His biggest desire. His one wish to make her proud.

All in all, it is a superb book, filled with everything that makes you want to read more and more. I suggest this book to all those who loves to read book, and all those to who doesn't like to read books as well. Because it is a really awesome book.

I would give it 4.5 out of 5 as I found it totally interesting. Thank you Rishi Vohra, for giving the readers such a wonderful piece of writing. Do keep writing. I am your new fan right here.

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Shave OR Crave - Are you ready?

Ian Somerhalder(My Hubby)
"Hey you, Yes you. You look really Handsome today. But you know what would add more to those looks? The vanishing of the Stubble."

If you know me, even a little bit, then you would know that I absolutely love IAN SOMERHALDER, and I'd die to just see him once in real life. But, if he comes in front of me with that Stubble, all I would say is, "Sweetheart, I love you but you don't really need that stubble". Yes, I would say that to the biggest crush of my life, so imagine what I would say to my guy if he comes on with a stubble.

So, my dear prince charming who has lost his way to my home, please know that I might tolerate you coming in my life so late, but I won't tolerate a stubble on your face.

As I seem to have a pretty good imagination, let me take you all to the future, to the time I am with my guy.

-Using TIME TRAVELER and transporting you all to a few years from now-

We are talking through phone, discussing the plans of our movie date.

Him: So, I've booked the tickets and it starts within an hour. I'll pick you up in half an hour, be ready okay?
Me: Yes Honey, I will be. Don't forget that I like only clean shaved men (my first hint)

He laughs and cut the call as I think in my mind that I'll kill him if he doesn't shave and come.

-Half an hour later-

The honking of a bike. I look down from my room window to see the love of my life waiting downstairs. Not wanting to keep him waiting for long, I rush downstairs and hug him before I sit behind him. After a few swish and swoops, we arrive at the theater and my guy finally takes his helmet off.
Now I wish he hadn't. I wish he had kept his helmet on throughout the movie, because inspite of my hint he had kept his stubble.
I punch him on his arm, "Lazy guy". He just shrugs it off, hugs me and takes me in.

The movie starts, I look at him, and bend the otherwise to lean on the hand holder. He looks at me, holds my hand and pulls me to him. I easily free myself and moves back to my original position as I grin.

"Hey Pooh, come on", he says
"Yeah honey", I say without even looking at him.
He bends towards me and keeps his head on my shoulder.
"Ouch! That hurts", I say and push him back controlling my laughter.

He shrugs it off and tries to watch the movie. Soon the most awaited scene comes.
He turns towards me and bends forward to get a kiss from me, he comes close and touches my cheek with his cheek, and that's when I turn away from him.

"Sorry, It just hurt me cheeks", I mumble as he turns away looking sad, trying his best to concentrate on movie. I felt sorry for him but it was his fault. So we watch the movie in silence and go back home. Once out from the theater we went back to being chatty and enjoyed the ride home.
After he dropped me back home, he hugged me and as his cheek brushed with mine, I winced.
He let go off me and turned away, got on his bike and left.

I didn't do it on purpose was all I could think. I never meant to hurt him, but it hurt me. That was all I could think about as I lay on my bed.
Suddenly I got a call from him, I picked it up to hear a gasping voice saying, "Down, Now".
I look out the window, and saw him standing there below, I rush to him at once, and as soon as I go near to him, I see that the stubble that irritated me so much had finally vanished.
I looked at him with joy, hugged him with love and gave him a soft kiss.

And our day ended with perfection.

-Back to reality-

Sigh! How much must we make a man crave so that he will actually shave. 
Well, I hope you guys learned one thing from this. Clean shaved face, gives you exactly what you want, Wink wink! Or you'll be left to your cravings.

Moreover, you may think you look like a stud with the stubble, but trust me, don't keep it, Be a MAN. Then you don't have to impress anyone, girls will come to impress you.
If you don't believe me take a look at the picture of Ian without stubble. You have no idea, how many girls in this world goes ga-ga for him. [But they don't know that he is mine]


This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

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