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A Day For Love?

Why do we need Valentine's day? Do we really need a Day to show our love and affection to someone? Shouldn't we be supposed to do it everyday? If yes, then what is the use of Valentine's day? Why was it started? Has MAN gotten such Busy that he doesn't have time for Love? Does he really need a day to celebrate his love? 

So many questions come to our mind when we think about Valentine's day. But that is only for the people who are Single right? :P. I mean all the couples would be busy with their loved ones, not bothering to think about such questions. People celebrate this country world wide by buying gifts and other stuff for their loved ones. But is it really necessary?

Well, I don't think so to be truthful. And thanks to Indi Cause it gave us a platform to discuss about it. On valentine's day Me, AniDan(DD)Roshan(TS) had a debate about the same topic. It was a lot of fun and we all got a chance to express about this day ;). Dan/DD was supporting the topic saying that A DAY FOR LOVE is Necessary, while Me and Ani were against it. No one still knows which side TS was on :P. Though he did an awesome job in confusing us all ;) :D :P. Anyways here is how it went.. 
Note:. P=Pooja(Me). D=Daniel. A=Animesh. S=The Sorcerer.

Why Valentine's day? do we really need a day to express our love?

P: First point. If you really sum1 then isnt everyday supposed to be val day???
D: valentien day a day specally dedicated for the lovers in this todays fast running world where every one is so busy in their life dotn have time for each othr we usually also farget oruself 
A: really? no time for love? what have you time for then?
D: today we as a human we are in our own tentions,pressure and commitments where we have to keep ourself with time tables and acccording to our planning we live in this situations we cannot affort
P: I'm sorry Dan but timetables really??? whoever does it really doesnt havve a life.
D: to really make special time but yes we live each other but valentien day is some hting whihc makes special period a special day where we rmemeber our lover we make time ofr them 
A: first we make our life complicated and then find ways to make it simple
D: ok i know i understand but you know just imagin yo ucan take examle of any oen even our parents who because of us to fufll our needs they fargot themself 
P: See Dan, love is not when u give ur partner GIFTSand STUFF. its when u find time to spend with them even out of your busy schedule
S: lol timetable. Okay hunny, we have like 15 minutes to makeout and then I need to for an appointment.
D: every day work at home office,responsiblities even at late night they have to work again next day same scedule in this case we really ened soem speocal day like it 
S: today is V day. there's another name for it, especially for older singles. its called the forever alone day
D: see its not that only one day in the year you need ot love yrous partner but yes one special day for the partner we have thats it 
D: pooja let me ask you one personel questio nto yourself how much are you able to give time for yours own personnel lif may be some thing to yours personnel life am i correct and it happens with all 
P: @DD See if its val day your love would be expecting u to be with her. But instead when u r having a very busy day just take some time out and surprise her. See which makes her more happier.
D: same with me even i am not able to give proper time to eveyr hting what ever i do in my life but you know whe nyou decide every thing means important things of yorus life you can do it correctly 
A: U hit the nail Poo
S: i know why some politicians dont like valentine's day.most of them are single and/or don't have a relationship. they want to celebrate forever alone day
P: @DD I give all the time for my personal life. when it comes to me M SELFISH! I love me. and no timetable can restrict me.
D: i am sure scorcer even if they are nto supporting ti them themself might becleebrating ti with their lovers 
A: I give extra time to my wife today only. or I am unable to take out some time today but care for her throughout the year..when will she will be happier?
D: pooja you are not understanding what i am trying to say see once whe nyou start working and with that yorus studies and regular life you will farget many things 
persnnally i am working,i have my part time work, i have to submit articles to newspaper,some times am tour guide, make time form y studies and you know many mroe things 
P: I have school for 8 hours. After that CPT classes for 2 hours. And for travelling and stuff an hour goes. I do part-time job for 3 hours. I still have tym for personal life 
A: DD, dont forget I am working. I am working in a tight schedule. I have my blog and damn serious about it. I play guitar, I learn singing and drums
we are talking about the relevance of a special day for love.I think there cannot be a special day
D: i feel i have myself brought in such a stage i feel i should think and give up few things lets see whath appends we never know of futher 
A: love is more necessary than your paycheck
A: I may not be earning in 6 figures, fine.I am ready to earn as a taxi driver.but cant afford to leave my family for money. and I still take out time for that.
D:but yes it is never like this that only on the day of valentine day you need to make time and spend time with yours lover 
A: ppl go back home at 11PM daily. and on 14th feb they have to leave before lunch.why? leave by 6 daily yaar.They usually have to work on weekends.but on 14th feb, they want mazaak nahi to aur kya hai?
P: @DD As I said earlier. On this day ppl decide to spend time with their loved ones. why? Is today is the only day they mattered to you? What about those lonely nights? When they needed u by their side?
D: oh that is also importnat point 
A: I have seen enough of corporate and modern life to analyse this. I will share even more scary things. Seniors flirt with their subordinates. hotel room bhi booking hotee hai.lekin 14th feb, they have to spend with their wife.yukkkkkkk 
D: see you cannot expect every time yours lover ot be with you. real true stories or real lovers and all this t hings are usually in the books and movies in real life it is nto easy to 
D:i really dont understand yet what to comment 
A: hehe, so u lost?
P: @DD I know!! U cant expect them to be there with you always. Then y on VAL DAY?? y not the day when u really want them??? Why on the day when the whole world celebrates it/? BE DIFFERENT. Do as u want
A: u agree to my point?
D: its very strong point what pooja said.
D: see that is the reason we have all this days mothers day,fathers day,womans day,friens day and all.but actually syainy this days are us to remind importance of them and it is not that they are to be remembered on that respective day 
A: if u ask me, they all are bull shit. do i need a day to remember my mom? do I need to send a day to send flowers to my mom or call her?If this is so, I would better die.
D: but pooja one thing is sure it is not necessary all celebrating this day actually love each other 
A: see, u urself are contradicting to ur point
P: @DD Exactly. Most of the ppl who celebrate this day are the ppl who are desparate to be in a relationship. As I said before, not true love
D: actually you know our world have many things around us it depends on us what we need to take and depends on perso nto person 
D: sure i have the point it is very important to have this important day belive me i see that world is fargetting importance of love may be such day would help all to remind al lof us and with full faith that this iti s not compulsary nor even .
A: ppl understood the meaning of love?only think which changed is Archie's balance sheet.and now we have so many online florists
D: what would you give the defination of love animesh 
A: I cannot define love coz its a feeling
D: pooja if you say you are agianst this valentine day the naccording o you whe nwould be the day for lovers 
P: @DD Targetting at love? Please!! If a dog is hurt no one even cares. This is love??
@DD Everyday. Every minute, Every second of your life is.
@DD WHY NEED LOVERS DAY??? You dont need a day to showcase your love
D: but in reality you cannot do it right every muite and second yo ucannot spend with yours lover need ot give time 
P: @DD Do this. When u get married. Instead of getting ur wife BIG PRESENTS and TAKING her out for dinner on Val day. One day go to her, and tell her what she means to you.. See how happy she feels!
A: Pooja, exactly. That works. I have never purchased anything costly for her.but everytime we go somewhere, I run here and there to do shopping for her
D: too emotional moment what you told but dear is that possible every time. is that really possible for you to take her for a dinner and spend longer time normally its not possible except weekends right 
P: @DD Getting a COSTLY gift is possible but telling SIMPLE WORDS isnt?? I didnt know that!
A: ur actions speak
A: I can get home on time unless something is REALLY urgent at office I can come back immediately without even thinking about a moment in case of emergency. I can make dinner on sunday. I can take care of our kiddo when I am at home.
D: but dear a special day for the lovers couples near the beach or in the hotel spending candle light dinners and celebrating things. you know few things on tha special day makes more improtance 
P: @DD You can do that ANYDAY u wantt... YOU DONT NEED A DAY FOR IT
A: Why a day for candle light? that day would become special. If my wife does not wish me on 14th feb, I can live with it but if she forgets my bday, I will make an issue out of it.

D: pooja may be lets end the debate here itself for now because even i am tried kind of let the people decide about the debate.
A: how can we end a debate without conclusion?
P: You don't need a special day for love. Everyday is special when you are in love  . THE END 

A: we are humans, and we DONT need a day to celebrate even the most silliest reason to celebrate. 
D: perosnnally may be i did nto have much points pooja was more stronger 
S: that is the most logical conclusion

And, Thats that :P. You are not supposed to SCOLD ME for the spelling mistakes :|. Scold the ones who made it :P ;). All I did was "CTRL+C" and "CTRL+V", so Excuse me please :P :D.

Hmm! So that's our opinion about this day :). Please share yours also ;) :D. 
I really wanted to post this on Valentine's Day itself, but IB was totally filled with LOVEY-DOVEY posts that I thought I would give some time for the people to come out of the mood ;) :D :P.

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Spring~A Haiku

Just like Spring
before Rain, Her heart Blossomed
after endless Pain.

Written for Haiku Heights.

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Silver Jubilee Post

Neither I nor MY BLOG complete 25 years :P :P. So Don't worry about that ;) :D :P. This is just an Acknowledgement of my Accomplishment of writing 25 posts :P. Too many Big Words? :P :D :P. Yeah! I go crazy when I'm excited :D ;) :P. 
I mean common not everyday I get to post the 25th post on my blog :D ;).

I thought I'll say something about me on this post ;) :D. Yeah I know I'll have to thank all my stupid friends who sincerely commented here :P but will do that on My Blog's Bday ok? ;) :D :P.

The funniest thing about me is, people tend to judge me easily :O :(. But never get it right :| :/ Ugh!! Why do you people have to judge? :/. Can't leave me in peace, Can you? x-( :(.

Hmm! Anyway :P. My name is Pooja :). I'm currently pursuing my 12th :D :). I'm from BANGALORE :D ;).
I have many hobbies like Reading books, singing(in bathroom :P), Dancing(with bro) ;) :P, Playing in Computer, Collecting Rs.5 Note, Listening to songs, and ofcourse writing in my blog :D ;).

In my previous school, where I studied for 13 years, I had been a real Prankster :P. Me along with my 5 Bestis ruined each and every teachers mood, every single day b-) :D :P. We were special at that :P. Never stopped talking :D. I still remember our class teacher yelling at us, "Last 2 Bench Girls, Out Of the class" :P. Well if we had obeyed that words :O, We would have never been inside the class :P :P. 
What more irritating to the teachers was that we 6 were the ones who did everything :P. We studied Ok-ish, We took part in all Cultural activities :P and played Sports :D ;). We even took part in Inter-School outdoor and Indoor competitions :D and lastly we were the Volunteers for all the school functions ;) :P. Our teachers couldn't scold us also :P. She has tried to get us by asking us questions when we were not listening :O and we Told the answers to that also :P :P. Gosh!! Heaven those days were <3 :D.

And then, I had to change my school :P cause apparently we don't have 11th and 12th in the same school :(. So, after changing my school, I found a change in me as well :O. I became extremely silent, and my friend circle consisted of only me :O. I became a nerd too :|. I went and called Teachers if they were late :| Can you believe it? :O :O. Uff God!! The funny thing is, I got scoldings for not talking to my classmates :O. I used to sit alone and teachers did all they could do to get me front to sit with my fellow classmates :P :P. One teacher actually called me an "Anti-Social Element" :P :P :( *sob sob* :( :P. Well, thats how I am :P. I don't know what happened suddenly :P. I always had this fear of talking to people and changing school was like my worst nightmare coming true :( :P :(. I'm ok now btw :P. Got used to all the rantings :| :P. I finally made friends after 1 and half years :O :P. Uff!!

School and Pre-university was like that :P. Now, lets come to Internet :O :P.
My internet friends know me as the Most Naughty girl and extremely talkative :O. If you meet me in real life then please don't ask me if I'm the same Girl :P :P. I won't talk at all :O :P. 
I'm also Innocent ;) which only my Closest friends know :D. Ask HIRAL if you want ;). She'll give you my bio-data :P :D. I love all, hence talk sweetly and politely with everyone, which irritates some of my close friends :P. I get scoldings every day saying "People will mis-use you if you do that" Uff :P.

Hmm! Well that's me I guess :O. One person, too many personalities :P :D.

BTW, CHEERS :D. 25th post ;) :D. You can collect Ice Creams and Chocolates below :O :P.

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Day Ten~10 Day Challenge

Day Ten: One Confession.

So, this is the last day of the challenge :D. I know everyone was waiting for this :P :(, Except me ofcourse ;) :P. I'm glad that I'm actually completing this challenge :D. 10 Posts, 10 Too Challenging posts :D. I did it :D. Yay :D ;). 

One Confession eh'? :O. Nothing really interesting to be precise ;) :P. I haven't had any secret affairs or done any heart-breaking and nerve-wrecking tasks :( Though I wish to :P :P. But, to be truthful, I've never said this to anyone before. Not my parents, not my brother and not even my best friend :O. And, I'm posting it here :D. Can you believe it? :O :D No na? :P Good ;) :D :P.


I wanted to take up Science after my 10th :P. Disappointed you? o.O Well don't be ;) :D :P. I've always wanted to take up Bio-Technology as my subject. I was so interested in it. Ever since I read the book "Third Twin" my heart has went out to do research on this subject. But I had one obstacle in my way "Physics". Ugh!! That subject :|. I don't know if I hate it to core or It hates me to core :|. I couldn't take more of it and hence decided I'll be taking up Commerce. I had 2 Advantage because of this :D. Firstly, I'll get rid off Physics b-), Secondly, I can give my whole time to MATHS <3 which is my most favorite subject :D. And, as per that I took up Accounts, Business Studies, Statistics and Maths in my 11th :D ;). At first, I cursed myself for taking it up, as my interests lay else where, but now I don't regret it :D ;). I found a new love :D that is ACCOUNTS <3 :D and have taken up CA :D ;). I'm happy I chose this :D. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had taken up Science only, but if God grants me Second Chance, then I'll say, "No Thank You. My Life is Perfect" :D :).

Uff! Thats done :D. I ruined the D-DAY Didn't I? ;). I'm special at that :P :D.
Now the challenge is complete :D.
Hip Hip Hurray :D ;).
Phew! That was hard :P.

*Does a Somersault* << I can do that only VIRTUALLY :( :P.

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Day Nine~10 Day Challenge

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

Smileys :D :D. Now this is something I love to post right? ;) :D. Before I start, I wanted to say that, I have been officially given the name of "SMILEY PRINCESS" by the great great DS jhi :D ;). Such an Honor :D :) *Happy Tears* :D. Now that the drama is done :P lets get real b-) :D :P.

1. O:-) [Angel Smiley] : I'm in an Angelic mood ;) :D :P. Well I just saw Adventures of TinTin and am extremely excited :D. Mystery gets me excited ;) :D. And right now all I want to do is to have my own Adventure ;) :D. I troubled my bhabhi :P and got called a DEVIL b-) :D. So yeah, ANGEL smiley describes my life a Lot right now ;) :P :D.

2. :P [Naughty Smiley] : This is a smiley which describes every second of my life ;) :D :P. I'm always upto some mischief :D. I'm a very very naughty girl you see :P. How I love using ":P" after every line ;) :D. People who know me from a long time know what I'm never serious ;) :D. Even when I got less marks, I updated my status as, "Almost failed, but yet passed :P. So Cheers :D ;). Lets Party :P". So yeah, thats basically how my life is :P. Just like every other person, I also have some troubles :(, I mean common, I have made sure "MATHS CALCULATION" is there in all the subjects that I've taken :O. Isn't that Troubling enough? :O :(. But I never mind ;), cause I'm fantastic in that way :P :P :D. 

Lol :P. That ended very fast :O. Last but one day of the challenge :D. I don't know if I'm happy or Sad :P :( :P. Aah!! Smileys playing with me you see o.O :P :D.

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Day Eight~10 Day Challenge

Day Eight: Three Turn Ons

First turn me off then turn me on? o.O Ufff! God of all, SAVE ME xD :( :P.

1. Long Hairs: Think its weird? :O. Not at all for me ;) :D. In fact, half of the celebrity crushes I got was because they had long hairs :D ;) :P. Guys look really cute when they have long hairs :D ;). Moreover, I like it when it is stylish and all :D. You know, like Spikes and stuff ;) :D :P. Oh! How I love long and stylish hairs :D ;). Its totally COOL but makes you look HOT :D ;). Awesome na? ;) :D.

2. Self Confidence & Respect: I love people who have self-confidence. I mean, it is the most essential thing right? ;). If you have self-confidence then anything is possible :D ;). So Self-confidence  people attract me :D. And ofcourse not to forget RESPECT. I love people who respect others, regardless of their age ;). A real guy would always respect a girl ;), and I only like Real guys ;) :D :P.

3. Simple Character: I like a person who is Great at heart more than the other stuffs. I never cared about outer beauty/appearance and money, The thing that impresses me the most is Nice and Simple Character. Be sweet and simple. Moreover, just be YOU and not others ;) :D. I like people who express themselves rather than trying to impress others :D ;). 

So, thats that :P. Another Nightmare came to an end :D ;). The biggest one will be day after :| :( :P. Well then, what are you still doing here? :O Go back to Indi and vote for this post :P. Runnnnnnn! :D

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Day Seven~10 Day Challenge

Day Seven: Four Turn Offs

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, and I had all the time I wanted :P but I just couldn't bring myself to write this :P. Don't know why :( :P. Finally, after thinking for a long time, I got to know what turns me off :P. I never had given much thought about such things you see :P :D. 
So here it goes :D :P.

1. Beard & MustacheYou heard me right :P. They say, its necessary for a boy to have atleast a mustache o.O I don't agree with them :P. Guys look cute and young without it :D ;). I hate guys who have them :|, yeah they look all manly and stuff :| but Ewww :P :P. Sorry boys :P It just doesn't attract me :P.

2. Smoking: Oh! Please oh Please!! If you smoke, please stay 100 miles away from me :|. I hate people who smoke :|. Its the worst habit one can get :|. I can't believe how one can give up their tender life so easily :|. I mean common, its universal truth that Smoking causes Cancer. Its the worst that can happen to a person. Moreover, smoking affects people who are near the smoker as well :|. So its like killing people along with you!! Its a SIN :|. Smoking is such a turn off! Ugh!!

3. Abusing: Yep! :P I hate it when people abuse in front of a girl :|. I hate it more when a guy abuses a girl :|. Where is the Respect?? A Girl deserves some respect in this society may it be your mother, your sister, your friend or your enemy. Abusing a girl or using bad words in front of her is totally Un-acceptable. Naah Ahh!!.

4. Six Packs: Please don't glare at me :P. I've told you before that I'm an abnormal girl :P. It is true :P I hate guys who have six packs :|. Yeah, yeah you got great body, whatever :|. I don't care about your outer appearance :|. As long as your heart has a six pack, I don't care if you are skinny or fat or have nice biceps or have six packs :P :D. I have the feeling that all the guys who have six packs are rough and tough guys who do it to impress girls :P, and I don't need that to get impressed :P. So please, no six packs :P :D.

Uff!! Ok. Now thats done :P. Finally!! :P. Laugh at this as much as you want :| :D. I don't mind :P. 

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Day Six~10 Day Challenge

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

OMR! If I mention ONLY 5 all other would come with Wands and AK-47 to Kill Me :| :(.
Oh God of all! Save me..

1. Mom: Obvious right? ;). I love my mom more than anything else in this world <3 :D :). She's my first love and no one can ever even come an inch equal to her :D :). She's my life and would do anything in this world for her :) <3.

2. Bro: My sweet and lovely and THE MOST IRRITATING bro :D ;) Oh how I love him <3 :D :*. A day spent without fighting with him is a day down the drain ;). I just love to fight with him :D ;). The funny thing about him is, he is the one person who can make me cry for hours, and yet again he is the ONE person who can make me stop crying :D ;). 

3. Bhabhi: Everyone always said that "You have a Gem of a brother", (lol) but trust me, "I got a Bhabhi whose heart is much more than all the precious stones put together" ;) :D. Such a sweet person o.O, its like she has been made up of HONEY and SUGAR mixed together b-) :D. I just love how caring and possessive she is ;) :D. She pampers me like anything :D :D :D. Uff! I can write and write and write about how sweet she is ;) :D. Love you Attige <3 :) :*

4. Girlfriend: Ahem Ahem! I'm not a lesbian :( :P. But yeah, I have a Girlfriend <3 :D. I love you Hiral <3 :D. What my life would be without you :(. You are my best friend, my sister, my second mother, my girlfriend, my love, my.... my everything :D ;). She is the reason, I am whom I am today :). She turned my weaknesses into my strong points and kicked everyone who dared to mess with me b-) :D. Pooji's Angel she is ;) :D <3. Love you so much Hiru <3 :D. You are my Cuppycake :* ;) :D. And I will sing for you ok? ;) :D.

5. BFAM: Kamal ;) My brother from another mother :D ;). How much I love this idiota :D ;). 3 Idiots we are Me, Him and Partha <3 :D ;). Gosh! How much I am addicted to these 2 idiots :( :P. Even though we talk once in a week or so, we know everything about each other ;). Even God probably shuts his ear when we start talking cause we just keep Blabbering :P :D. Funniest about them is that, they are the ONLY ones who can make me Laugh with tears in my eyes ;) :D. Just love you both :D. Just do :* <3.

So Thats that ;) :D. These are the 5 people who mean a lot to me <3 :D ;). All those people whose name I haven't mentioned, please forgive me :(. I love you all <3 :D. Everyone of you means a lot to me :D :). Mwahx <3 :*

Ps. I'm so stupid :P. I wrote this yesterday and yet I forgot to post :( :P. Finally posting it now :D :). 

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Day Five~10 Day Challenge

Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done.

The topic most of you were waiting for :|. I hate this topic BTW : P :P :P :D. Can't escape it, Can I? :(. Uwan :(.

1. Lose My Temper: I lose my temper very quickly, and this had led me to undergo some very difficult situations :(. I so wish, I wouldn't lose it so easily. Once, I had lost my temper on a Teacher :|. Believe it? :| God!! For a few marks, I behaved so badly :(. Hate myself for that :|.

2. Watch Twilight(Saga): Oh! I regret this the most :|. In the beginning I liked Twilight and hence continued to watch the rest of the series :| but seriously/? :O Bleechh!! :|. No offence to Twi-Hards :). I just don't like it :|. Its totally inappropriate for my age :|.

3. Listened to BABY song: I'm not really a Justin Beiber fan, but I don't hate him either ;). I love his "Never say Never" song :D :). Anyway, once upon a time I used to like this "Baby" song of his :|. Aargh!! Such a stupid girl I was :|. No taste :| :P. I hate that song :| and it Irritates me to core :|. But my bro never stops teasing me because of this :| :(. Oh! How I regret liking it :|.

4. Fantasize about Vampires: Don't hate me :P. I've changed now :P :D. I can't believe I used to fantasize about Vampires :|. Those blood-sucking leeches o.O Ewww!! :|. I had even asked people to call me VAMPOO o.O Geddit? :| Ufff!! God Blessed me with brains later I guess :P ;) :D.

5.Scolded my brother: I hate that I did this :(. I mean, every siblings fight don't they? Hmmm! I wish I hadn't scolded him that day :|. Whatever it might have been he is elder to me and I have to respect him :D :). I'm so sorry Anna :(. I never meant to disrespect you, but you know my temper na :(. The one thing that hurts me a lot is, next morning I wake up, turn to him and say "I'm Sorry for yesterday night" and he is like,"Aah! Forget it Pooji, its over na". Such a sweetheart he is :*. I don't want to hurt ya :(. I love you so much Anna <3.

6. Scolded the Doctor: Hehehe! :P I don't really regret this :P but it landed me in a deep shit :P ;) :D. I was in hospital cause I had got Dengue :|, and even after 2 days the doctor hadn't let me go home :( even though I had begged him with tear filled eyes :|. So, I got all angry and say, "I'm fine! Just let me go! I hate hospitals". Ofcourse he didn't listen to me :P. But, he got me discharged the next day ;). I was too happy, I come home with full enjoyment :D and for 2 days don't wake up :P :(. Stupid fever :| 106 o.O Can you believe it? 106 :|. Got nice scoldings from my parents that day :P. Wish I wouldn't have scolded him.

So thats that. 6 things I wish I had never done :|. Some are really bad, I know :(. Rude girl I am :|. But, now I have changed :D :). I'm a good good girl now :P :D.

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Day Four~10 Day Challenge

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot

I think I'll become predictable after this whole Challenge thing is over :| :(. Oh! Why oh why!!

1. Ice Cream: Forget crossing my mind a lot o.O. This thing never leaves my head :P :D. I can eat Ice Creams 24*7 :D ;). Every moment I'm planning how to coax my mom to get me Ice Cream :P ;). Ofcourse half of them never works :| but still ;) :D.

2. Harry Potter: I totally obsess about Harry Potter ;) :D. Obsess also not the correct word, I must say :|. I have the habit of relating Everything and Anything to HARRY POTTER :D <3 :). Oh! How I love it :D :). I hate it when people call it "Just A Series" :| :x Aagh!! Harry Potter is a way of Life people!!

3. Music: Yep! Music :D. Just like an IPOD in Shuffle Mode, my mind keeps tuning songs one after another according to the situation ;) :D. Well, to be truthful exact opposite of the Situation :P :D. If I'm in a funeral party song will be going on in my head ;) :D and in a party some dumb Emo song will be playing :|. What can I do? o.O This player is not under my control :| It controls me :| :P :D. But sometimes it makes me laugh :D ;). Just imagine "Shut up and Bounce" playing when you are at a funeral :| :| :| :P :D.

4. Ian: Hotness!!! <3. The people who have sincerely gone through my previous posts would say "OBVIOUS" as soon as they read this ;) :D. Hehehe! Gosh! Have no idea, what this guy did to me :|. Has bound me in his magical looks :D. My my.. His smile!! Ufff!! Its stuck in my head <3 :D :). 

5. Numbers: Shocked?! Don't be ;) :D. I love numbers :D and just for the fun of it, I keep calculating something or the other in my mind ;) :D. I don't know why but Numbers fascinate me a lot :) :) <3. They surely are one of the things that keep crossing my mind.

6. Movies: My "TO WATCH" list ;) :D :P. I don't usually watch TV and when I do I just keep turning the channels trying to find something worthy to watch :P. I hate watching TV because of the advertisements, and so when I see some small scenes before the stupid ad cuts it up :| I store the movie name in my head ;). If I liked the plot then that is something I would love to watch. So my mind keeps constantly refreshing the list of movies and which movie I should watch when I get an holiday ;) :P :D.

7. Pranks: I'm a very mischievous girl you see ;), I keep planning new things to do and different other ways I can pull my friends legs ;) :D and how to escape the teachers attention when she asks to show the assignment :P :|. Hehehe ;) :D.

Idle mind is a Devil's Workshop :|. I'm a DEVIL [as my bhabhi calls me ;)] but my mind is never Idle ;) :D. One thing or the other keeps passing it and these are only few of it :D. If I can write everything that passes, then oh god! Bless my readers :P ;).

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Day Three~10 Day Challenge

Day Three: Eight ways to win your Heart

Really? o.O I should be posting this? o.O :D. Ohk!! 

1. Be Sweet: This is the one thing that attracts me in people :D :). I love people who are sweet to others no matter what the other person has done to them :).

2. Have A Smile: The most beautiful person in the world is the one who keeps smiling :D :). So yeah, Keep smiling always :) :D. I love it how some people manage to keep a smile even though they are dying deep down :).

3. Never Show-Off: Ugh! I hate people who show-off :|. I think they are very stupid and dumb and that they are afraid to show their true self to others hence they show-off the things they own. If you show-off it means you have no strength to prove yourself otherwise. So, never ever show-off if you want to win my heart :P :D.

4. Respect Everyone: This is my policy and I would really love that person who follows this. Everyone deserves to be respected, no matter what they have done. As elders have said, Give Respect and Take Respect :).

5. Be Yourself: Just to impress people don't change the way you are. I love it when people are themselves and not have multiple characters in them. By being yourself you show it out that you love yourself, and I love people who love themselves :). 

6. Forgive and Forget: Forgive the mistake of others and yourselves, as it is the first step in living your life. Forget the past, no matter what has happened you cant change it. Learn from your past and live your present. Learn to Forgive and Forget and consider me charmed :).

7. Get me a Black Rose: Ahan! :D. People say Black is bad and it is the symbol of dead things, Please! Grow up. Black isn't bad. In fact it is the most wonderful color in this world after White :). For me, Black symbolizes  Trust, Faith and Everlasting Love :). So yeah, Give me a Black Rose and win my heart :D ;).
Ps: I don't accept it from everyone :P :D. So please, don't use this way to win my heart :D :).

8. Discuss Harry Potter: Shocked? Don't be ;) :D. Seriously! If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then I love you :D. I love all the Potterheads ;) :D. Harry Potter is my life and it is something that I would love to discuss with people :). So, if you are a Potterhead then you are one step close to winning my heart ;) :D. Congrats! Only 9999999999 more to go :P :D. 
Ps. I got lazy in tying the 9's :P there are more than that ;) :D.

So, thats the 8 ways to win my heart b-) :D :P. I will make sure that the guy who comes to marry me will read this post :P :D. First I have to make my mom read this though :P :D.
Let me quote my mom here, "Poo, the one who marries you will be the most unluckiest guy in the world. I pity him. May god bless that poor soul" :D ;). Heheh! Yup, God should really bless that soul :P :D. So, even after reading what my mom said, you want to win my heart? o.O Go ahead ;) :D.

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Day Two~10 Day Challenge

Day Two: Nine things about Yourself.

1. Sensitive: I'm extremely Sensitive. I can't tolerate it when someone suffers, even in movies. If something sad happens I'll cry. Yep! I cry when I watch a sad scene in movie. I also cry when I read about something sad!! Even Fan-Fictions about Harry Potter makes me cry at times :(.

2. Emotional: I'm very Emotional :P. Even simple words break my heart at times :(. 

3. Stupid: Yep! I'm very very stupid :P :D. People think I act stupid at times, but trust me its not acting. 

4. Funny: I'm not really sure about this :P, but people tell me that I am ;) :D. Good na? :D :P. 

5. Patient: My parents never believe in this :P, but everyone in my school does ;) :D. Maybe, I have two worlds ;) :D.

6. Secretive: I'm extremely secretive. I don't tell people anything until and unless it is totally necessary. Even my best friends doesn't know me for me ;). Kinda like a detective.

7. Trusting: I trust everyone blindly. I know this is bad, but I just can't help it. As per me, everyone has something good in them. Even Voldemort made sure Harry got his education and attacked him only after school ends ;) :D :P.

8. Lovable: I'm lovable for sure :D. I love everyone just like I trust everyone ;) :D. Everyone deserves love don't they?! Dumbledore himself said that we should pity those who live without love. I don't think anyone is to be pitied. I myself hate to be pitied and I hate to pity anyone :|.

9. Introvert: Yes, I'm an introvert. I can't really talk to people and stutter when I have to talk to my teachers :|. Talking is something I'm totally against :|. The only way to express myself is through writing :D :). So I love writing a lot :D :).

So, thats that :) :D. Thats the nine things about me :P :D. I guess most of them didn't know about this ;) :D.

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Day One~10 Day Challenge

I know this is a TUMBLR challenge, but I've never followed any rules :P :D. So here I write :D In order to bore you guys more ;) :D.
I was browsing and I came across this pic. I really liked the challenge :D. Even though I'm 100% sure I won't be able to actually finish this in 10 days :P, I really want to take up this challenge ;) :D.

So here it goes.
Day One: Ten Things you want to say to Ten different people right now.

  1. My Mom :: Mommmeeeeee!! I'm really Hungry :( but I don't have the mood to eat! So please, read this post and then FEED ME :D  ;) :P :D.
  2. My Dad :: Pappa!! I want Ice Cream :((. Real Bad!! :(( Like Right now :( :D. Can you get it for me? :D ;). And Please don't tell mom! :P ;) :D.
  3. My Bro :: Anna please stop working so hard :( and take rest for a while :D. I feel like becoming a NINJA and then Assassinate your Manager :| :P. Care for your health Idiot!!
    Ps. You owe me a big Teddy now that I've mentioned you in my blog :P ;) :D.
  4. My Bhabhi :: I love you! I love you! I love you! :D ;). But you already know that right.? :P. Anyways, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS for the Green Card and also for winning those prizes today ;) :D.
    Ps. Please remember me how many treats you owe me :D ;) :P.
  5. My Besti :: Hiru, its high time you started commenting on my blog you lazy lazy girl :| :P. And, I want you to sing a song for me :( :D. Will ya? :D Please ;) :P :D.
  6. My Deedis :: (a) Arti :: Thanks a lot for being such a sweetheart :*. You are real sweet and modest :). I like you a lot :).(b) Ankita :: Mwahxx didi :D ;). It was good to hear your voice in the morning :D. Made my Day ;) :D.
    (c) Sahiti :: Take it light ;) :D. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT :D :). Stay calm :). Always here by your side :D.
  7. My Maths Teacher :: Please Pass me this time :|. Please :( :P :D. I don't want to take up re-exams :| and I really need my Boards Hall Ticket :|. Please :( :P.
  8. My New Friend :: Deepak, No more cheesy lines :P :D. ok?? :D. Or, I'll irritate you to core :D. Remember ;) Only 2 days :P :D. Just 2 days :D ;) :P.
  9. Myself :: Go Study Gal!! You got boards right next door!! STU DENT-DYING :P :D.
  10. My Ian :: Please, Know that I exist :P :D!! Its really sad to know that you don't know me :( :P. I've been a very good girl :P :D. Can I have you as a gift? :P ;). Please :D :P.
So, thats the 10 things that I want to say to 10 people :P :) Though I added more :P :D. Whatever :| :P.

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Desire~A Haiku

Photo Taken From HERE

She looks up
with Eyes of Love and
Soul of Desire

Posted for Haiku Heights.

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Music~A Haiku

Picture Taken From Here

The Soul Embarks 
On a Magical Dream journey 
with the Music

Posted For Haiku Heights.

This is my first go at an Haiku. I don't even know if this is right. Please do let me know if its right and how I should improve.

Thank you.

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Will You Be My Valentine?!

I know that there are still many days for Valentine day, but seeing all my friends already paired up, I want to get over with mine too, This would probably be the first time I'll be celebrating this day. That is, If I get a valentine.
As no one seems to ask me out [which is really sad :(], I've planned to ask someone out myself ;) :D. Someone, whom I had a crush on since a long time. Moreover, I'm going to this proposal stuff here since I don't have enough strength in me to do it directly :P :(. Before you read further please, please pray that he will accept my proposal :).

Its been almost 7-8 years, since I first met you. My brother wanted you home as he needed some work from you. I remember very well that I was the one to open the door that day. I was expecting my dad back home, and, VOILA! I found you. Oh God! I can't even express how cute you looked wrapped up. It was really cold wasn't it? Anyway, you come straight in and greet my bro, not even bothering to take a look at me :(. But, I remember that I couldn't take my eyes off you. You were so charming! I felt like I was Flying in Air. I heard Violins in the background[Yep! SRK stuff :P]. I so badly wanted to hug you. But my brother would have killed me. 

Soon, you become to close to our family. Even mom and dad loved you and always used to exclaim how good you are. They still do it, in case you are wondering. Back to the point, You had become my best friend. I used to tell you Anything and Everything. And you, like a really sweet guy that you are listened to all my nonsense. I really love the way you always listen to me and never interrupt :D :).

You were here everyday and I'm really thankful to you for that. Not to forget, those days when you were ill and had been in the hospital :(. How much I had missed you and how much I longed to see you again. Gosh! Only I know what I go through when you are not here.

You are both mine and my brother's best friend. They always say that its bad for you to fall for your sibling's friend, but I can't help it. I don't know if this is love or what. But I do know that my life would be empty without you. Ever since that first day, you have taken a major place in my heart. I would never want to lose you no matter what comes in life. 

Trust Me Baby, All I Want For Valentine's Day Is "YOU" [JK. I want Ian :* but he still doesn't seem to know that I exist :( so yeah! Will adjust with you :P. Haha]. So what do you say love? Are you ready for this? :)

*Bends down on one knee*
"Oh My Dear Lovely Sweet Guy, I can't imagine a day without you. You complete my life in a way that you don't know. So Please, Please be my Valentine."

Whats your Answer? :O
Will you? Will you be my Valentine, my dear lovely SAMSUNG COMPUTER? :D :P :D :P.

Hehehe! Fooled ya all, Didn't I? ;).
Well! Actually No :P. I will spend this Valentine's day in front of my love only ;) cause my exam would have just gotten over and and and I want to spend that day with my LOVE <3 :P.

Did you all pray for me? ;) I hope you did :P :D. 
Now that you guys have wasted your time in reading this post please waste some more in leaving Comments :P :). Thank you :D :) :P.

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Mischief Managed~January

I Solemnly, Solemnly Swear!

January has come to an end. 31 days of 2012 have already whooshed past like a tornado. Can't believe it went so fast! With Boards coming up and me trying to manage my busy Schedule, I'm breaking my new year resolution of posting at least 5 posts per month! :(. I managed only 4 posts in January, and right now that looks like an achievement to me. Well anyway, even though the month is over, many things happened in that time which I'll never forget. Somethings so sweet that they are being put up on Sweet Somethingz :P :D. Oh! Don't mind me, I'm just trying to brag about my blog. 

So, Here are the few things which took place in January which touched my heart beyond anything else.

1> IndiBlogger : Yep! IndiBlogger. This time it surprised me a lot by giving me a wacky tacky rank. Jan rank was just my second rank and I was waiting for it eagerly. My first rank was 25 which was just 5 up from the original rank that they give you. My fingers were crosses until the rank was out. I was really hoping to see my rank in 40's :D. I mean, that is a great jump ain't it? When the D-DAY came, the rank was postponed. Ugh! Sometimes, I feel like killing the IndiCrawler. Now, My fingers were to be kept crossed for some more days. Finally, with a big bang surprise, Indi announces the rank a day before the D-Date :D. Oh my! I had found that on the forums, and now I couldn't wait to click on my Dashboard and check my rank!! My heart was beating so fast, that I thought it would beat the speed of sound :P :P :P. Finally, I got everything inside of me to click on it, and VOILA o.O my rank made my heart take off like a flight :D. I couldn't believe I was checking my own rank :P. I refreshed my page three to four times making sure that I was checking my rank itself ;). Thankfully, it was mine only :D. Uff! If I get that much in my boards, I'll probably dance like a Ninja xD. Hehehe! Anyways, the dear Indicrawler outdid all my expectations and took my rank right upto 78 :D. Can you believe it? "78". I was so happy seeing it, that I called my mom and showed it to her :P :P. Well, it is a good thing cause she didn't even know that I had a blog o.O :P. Anyway, thank you Indi <3 You made my life :D :) :*.

2> Arti Deedi's Words : Yeah! My deedi touched my heart with the beautiful comments she left on my posts :D :). To tell about her in 2 words I would say, "THE BEST BLOGGER" :D ;). Thats right! She is one of the best bloggers I've ever met. The way she rights in her YATRA DIARY never fails to take me on an imaginary ride to all the places she has ever written about. Her writing skills and extraordinary and what more? This girl is the Forum Queen in IB ;) :D. The first post I ever read of her, was the post she had written for a contest wherein you have to state what you would do if you had 2 extra hours in a day. Her post touched my heart and I thought of leaving a comment on it :D. So I crawl down and down and down and down! Gosh! This girl gets way too many comments. They seemed longer that the post she had written :P. I finally gave it up and decided not to comment. Soon, I found out that, this girl was real famous. So I was like, Hmm! Ok. So this girl is really famous and an awesome writer. She's also the forum queen. There's no way in that she'll even look at you... But obviously that was proved to be wrong as she turned out to be the most MODEST and loveliest person on this earth :D. As much famous as she is, she never lets it go into her head and treats everyone as an equal :D :). Oh! I love you for that Deedi :*. One day while talking on forum, I just asked her to visit my blog once ;). Annnndddddd she did it :D. What more? She comments on all my posts :). Her words really inspire me. Just seeing her name in my inbox my heart does a somersault :D ;). Thanks for being who you are deedi :D :). I really hope you keep inspiring us always di :). Love you loads :). Mwahx :*

3> Kirti's Inspiration : Kirti :D. Ah! What to say about this girl? :D Even though I don't know much about her, Its like I know everything about her ;). Didn't get it? o.O :P. Umm! Ok! So anyway, this ossom blossom writer, posts an awesome poetry which is dedicated to her mother :D which can be read HERE. Anyways! I was always wanting to write a poem dedicated to my poem, but something or the other always distracted me. If there was no time, at that moment I get the perfect words but when I have time I get no words :|. Its real hard to describe a mother :(. What can I do? She's the most perfect person in the world right? ;). Back to the point. I was going though the blog lists and I found that Kirti had posted a poem. So with eagerness to read it, I open it. I don't know what happened but as soon as I finished the poem I had this immense urge to take a pen and paper and write whatever that comes to my mind about my mom ;). Well I did :D. That can be found HERE. Without knowing it, I was inspired by the beautiful poem of Kirti's, And to this I owe her many THANK YOU's :D ;). Thank you Kirti for inspiring me <3 :D. I really hope you keep doing it ;) cause at least that way I'll post things on my blog :P :D. Love ya gal <3.

4> Leo's Inspiration : Leo aka Vinay is an fantabulous writer ;) :D. An extremely helpful and a very funny person. I was going through his blog and I found that he writes HAIKU's :D. OMR! How much I've always wanted to write a Haiku ;). I've tried so many times but the words never seem to make sense after a few minutes. But when I read his Haiku's it took my breath away. They were perfect in every sense. How he writes it? I have no idea. But he has really inspired me with his way of writing. And I really hope that this inspiration helps me to write a Haiku by myself ;) :D. Thanks a lot for inspiring me without knowing it Leo :P :D <3. Keep writing ;) I love the your way :) :D <3 Cheers :D :).

Hmm! I think thats all ;). Its LONNNGGGGGG write? :D I don't know but my mom really thinks so :P cause I just spent an hour writing this up :| while I had to be studying for my exams :P. Well anyway, Thank You guys for making JANUARY a memorable month for me <3 ;). Will love you always for this :D :). I hope you guys keep visiting my blog and keep inspiring me in this way always :D :). 

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