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Day Three~10 Day Challenge

Day Three: Eight ways to win your Heart

Really? o.O I should be posting this? o.O :D. Ohk!! 

1. Be Sweet: This is the one thing that attracts me in people :D :). I love people who are sweet to others no matter what the other person has done to them :).

2. Have A Smile: The most beautiful person in the world is the one who keeps smiling :D :). So yeah, Keep smiling always :) :D. I love it how some people manage to keep a smile even though they are dying deep down :).

3. Never Show-Off: Ugh! I hate people who show-off :|. I think they are very stupid and dumb and that they are afraid to show their true self to others hence they show-off the things they own. If you show-off it means you have no strength to prove yourself otherwise. So, never ever show-off if you want to win my heart :P :D.

4. Respect Everyone: This is my policy and I would really love that person who follows this. Everyone deserves to be respected, no matter what they have done. As elders have said, Give Respect and Take Respect :).

5. Be Yourself: Just to impress people don't change the way you are. I love it when people are themselves and not have multiple characters in them. By being yourself you show it out that you love yourself, and I love people who love themselves :). 

6. Forgive and Forget: Forgive the mistake of others and yourselves, as it is the first step in living your life. Forget the past, no matter what has happened you cant change it. Learn from your past and live your present. Learn to Forgive and Forget and consider me charmed :).

7. Get me a Black Rose: Ahan! :D. People say Black is bad and it is the symbol of dead things, Please! Grow up. Black isn't bad. In fact it is the most wonderful color in this world after White :). For me, Black symbolizes  Trust, Faith and Everlasting Love :). So yeah, Give me a Black Rose and win my heart :D ;).
Ps: I don't accept it from everyone :P :D. So please, don't use this way to win my heart :D :).

8. Discuss Harry Potter: Shocked? Don't be ;) :D. Seriously! If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then I love you :D. I love all the Potterheads ;) :D. Harry Potter is my life and it is something that I would love to discuss with people :). So, if you are a Potterhead then you are one step close to winning my heart ;) :D. Congrats! Only 9999999999 more to go :P :D. 
Ps. I got lazy in tying the 9's :P there are more than that ;) :D.

So, thats the 8 ways to win my heart b-) :D :P. I will make sure that the guy who comes to marry me will read this post :P :D. First I have to make my mom read this though :P :D.
Let me quote my mom here, "Poo, the one who marries you will be the most unluckiest guy in the world. I pity him. May god bless that poor soul" :D ;). Heheh! Yup, God should really bless that soul :P :D. So, even after reading what my mom said, you want to win my heart? o.O Go ahead ;) :D.

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Cute messages :P :D--Dee..

N.S.Kirti said...

is it really surprising that my mom say the same thing too?? :P and yeah my brother also :P :P
few days back i was like "i want a guy who owns a BMW vision" my mom saw the car and the price and nearly fainted :P
then it was " i want someone with eyes like Ian(not your vampire diaries wala Ian :P mere Smosh wala Ian :P)" and mom saw that his eyes were coral blue :P
ranting apart...
lovely post :) very sweet infact :)

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha :P :D.

Hahaha :P Your bro also? :D My bro also ;) :P.
ooh la la :D BMW Vision :D ;). Gal Hi-5 ;) :D :P.
I saw ur Ian ;) :D. I love his eyes :D ;) Its awesome <3. Wish we could get a guy like that :( :P.

Hehe! Thanks dear <3 :)

Anonymous said...

A gals heart can't be won by these ,
there is smthing beyound ,which no one knows.
its so better to read nd enjoy, rather than implimenting it :P

b/n nyc post princess \m/

Princess Poo said...

True :).
Thanks :).

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