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Day Eight~10 Day Challenge

Day Eight: Three Turn Ons

First turn me off then turn me on? o.O Ufff! God of all, SAVE ME xD :( :P.

1. Long Hairs: Think its weird? :O. Not at all for me ;) :D. In fact, half of the celebrity crushes I got was because they had long hairs :D ;) :P. Guys look really cute when they have long hairs :D ;). Moreover, I like it when it is stylish and all :D. You know, like Spikes and stuff ;) :D :P. Oh! How I love long and stylish hairs :D ;). Its totally COOL but makes you look HOT :D ;). Awesome na? ;) :D.

2. Self Confidence & Respect: I love people who have self-confidence. I mean, it is the most essential thing right? ;). If you have self-confidence then anything is possible :D ;). So Self-confidence  people attract me :D. And ofcourse not to forget RESPECT. I love people who respect others, regardless of their age ;). A real guy would always respect a girl ;), and I only like Real guys ;) :D :P.

3. Simple Character: I like a person who is Great at heart more than the other stuffs. I never cared about outer beauty/appearance and money, The thing that impresses me the most is Nice and Simple Character. Be sweet and simple. Moreover, just be YOU and not others ;) :D. I like people who express themselves rather than trying to impress others :D ;). 

So, thats that :P. Another Nightmare came to an end :D ;). The biggest one will be day after :| :( :P. Well then, what are you still doing here? :O Go back to Indi and vote for this post :P. Runnnnnnn! :D

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Kajal said...

chosen very wisely..:) looking forward to the big one.which is coming up day after tomm.

P.s - Already voted:) said...

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Princess Poo said...

Hahaha! Thanks dear :) <3.

:O ok

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