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Day Ten~10 Day Challenge

Day Ten: One Confession.

So, this is the last day of the challenge :D. I know everyone was waiting for this :P :(, Except me ofcourse ;) :P. I'm glad that I'm actually completing this challenge :D. 10 Posts, 10 Too Challenging posts :D. I did it :D. Yay :D ;). 

One Confession eh'? :O. Nothing really interesting to be precise ;) :P. I haven't had any secret affairs or done any heart-breaking and nerve-wrecking tasks :( Though I wish to :P :P. But, to be truthful, I've never said this to anyone before. Not my parents, not my brother and not even my best friend :O. And, I'm posting it here :D. Can you believe it? :O :D No na? :P Good ;) :D :P.


I wanted to take up Science after my 10th :P. Disappointed you? o.O Well don't be ;) :D :P. I've always wanted to take up Bio-Technology as my subject. I was so interested in it. Ever since I read the book "Third Twin" my heart has went out to do research on this subject. But I had one obstacle in my way "Physics". Ugh!! That subject :|. I don't know if I hate it to core or It hates me to core :|. I couldn't take more of it and hence decided I'll be taking up Commerce. I had 2 Advantage because of this :D. Firstly, I'll get rid off Physics b-), Secondly, I can give my whole time to MATHS <3 which is my most favorite subject :D. And, as per that I took up Accounts, Business Studies, Statistics and Maths in my 11th :D ;). At first, I cursed myself for taking it up, as my interests lay else where, but now I don't regret it :D ;). I found a new love :D that is ACCOUNTS <3 :D and have taken up CA :D ;). I'm happy I chose this :D. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had taken up Science only, but if God grants me Second Chance, then I'll say, "No Thank You. My Life is Perfect" :D :).

Uff! Thats done :D. I ruined the D-DAY Didn't I? ;). I'm special at that :P :D.
Now the challenge is complete :D.
Hip Hip Hurray :D ;).
Phew! That was hard :P.

*Does a Somersault* << I can do that only VIRTUALLY :( :P.

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Kajal said...

aww sweetheart.. This is the most sane confession I have ever heard..I am glad you are doing what is working best for you. you can only go places doing things you like...:))


DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

haha :D Royal challenger BANGLORE !
This is not at all a confession, YOU LIED :D there must be something very fishy than this :D

CYNOSURE said...

that wasn't a confession... :P
nice blog... :)

N.S.Kirti said...

hmmm... i never discovered that i hated physics TILL i came to class 12. and sometimes i think, its not HATRED, its more like FEAR. i just fear that i dont have my concepts right...
its ok dear... you are spending more time with maths, a thing you love and CA is very cool you know... you will get more bhav if you say "I am a CA" than if I say "I am engineer" :P so chill :P
and at least you could be broad minded enough to KNOW what you wanted.i STILL dont know what i want! and after 10th I could see NOTHING except science. i didnt even CONSIDER arts and commerce. maybe i regret that, maybe i dont...
anyways... you have a good future to look forward to :) best of luck :)

Ana_treek said...

I agree with cynosure..this is cheating, not a confession! :D

Princess Poo said...

@Kajal Jhi
Thanks a lot :).
So true jhi :).

No da :(.
My life isn't that interesting :(.

lol :P. It was jhi ;).
Its something I've never told anyone. Never thought I would tell too :P.

Hehe! Aah yeah! Fear :| :P.
Hehehehe :P True again :P ;).
Thanks dear <3 :D :).
Good luck to you too ;).

@Ana jhi
Same comment as for Cynosure :P said...

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Ritvik Gautam said...

I actually love Physics. :D
I enjoy every bit of it, and it only grew when I entered 12th! I used to be doing Physics most part of the day! :-)

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha :P wow ;)
Future Einstein haan? :)

Ritvik Gautam said...

Hahaha... LOL :D
I'd love to be one!! :P :D

Princess Poo said...

All the best :D

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