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Day One~10 Day Challenge

I know this is a TUMBLR challenge, but I've never followed any rules :P :D. So here I write :D In order to bore you guys more ;) :D.
I was browsing and I came across this pic. I really liked the challenge :D. Even though I'm 100% sure I won't be able to actually finish this in 10 days :P, I really want to take up this challenge ;) :D.

So here it goes.
Day One: Ten Things you want to say to Ten different people right now.

  1. My Mom :: Mommmeeeeee!! I'm really Hungry :( but I don't have the mood to eat! So please, read this post and then FEED ME :D  ;) :P :D.
  2. My Dad :: Pappa!! I want Ice Cream :((. Real Bad!! :(( Like Right now :( :D. Can you get it for me? :D ;). And Please don't tell mom! :P ;) :D.
  3. My Bro :: Anna please stop working so hard :( and take rest for a while :D. I feel like becoming a NINJA and then Assassinate your Manager :| :P. Care for your health Idiot!!
    Ps. You owe me a big Teddy now that I've mentioned you in my blog :P ;) :D.
  4. My Bhabhi :: I love you! I love you! I love you! :D ;). But you already know that right.? :P. Anyways, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS for the Green Card and also for winning those prizes today ;) :D.
    Ps. Please remember me how many treats you owe me :D ;) :P.
  5. My Besti :: Hiru, its high time you started commenting on my blog you lazy lazy girl :| :P. And, I want you to sing a song for me :( :D. Will ya? :D Please ;) :P :D.
  6. My Deedis :: (a) Arti :: Thanks a lot for being such a sweetheart :*. You are real sweet and modest :). I like you a lot :).(b) Ankita :: Mwahxx didi :D ;). It was good to hear your voice in the morning :D. Made my Day ;) :D.
    (c) Sahiti :: Take it light ;) :D. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT :D :). Stay calm :). Always here by your side :D.
  7. My Maths Teacher :: Please Pass me this time :|. Please :( :P :D. I don't want to take up re-exams :| and I really need my Boards Hall Ticket :|. Please :( :P.
  8. My New Friend :: Deepak, No more cheesy lines :P :D. ok?? :D. Or, I'll irritate you to core :D. Remember ;) Only 2 days :P :D. Just 2 days :D ;) :P.
  9. Myself :: Go Study Gal!! You got boards right next door!! STU DENT-DYING :P :D.
  10. My Ian :: Please, Know that I exist :P :D!! Its really sad to know that you don't know me :( :P. I've been a very good girl :P :D. Can I have you as a gift? :P ;). Please :D :P.
So, thats the 10 things that I want to say to 10 people :P :) Though I added more :P :D. Whatever :| :P.

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

LOL :P i loved the MATHS teacher thing :P :P
similar cases here :) sob sob
entertainment !-Dee..

N.S.Kirti said...

haha!! lovely post!
and Pooja, ye Ian kaun hai??
please tell me ki ye SMOSH wala Ian Hecox hai!!

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Mine is the same you wrote for your bro and bhaabhi!! :) And Ian -- cho cute!! LOL..awesome post! :)

Princess Poo said...

hahaha :P
I know ;) :D.
Hi-5 :P :D.

Thank you Thank you :D :).
Hahahaha!! Not him :P.
Its IAN SOMERHALDER <3 :D :*. *whispers* MY LOVE* ;) :P :D :P.
He was in LOST and now acts in Vampire Diaries :D. Just google him :D ;). You'll know why I'm crazy about him :P :D.

Ooh! hehehe :D.
Your bro also works too much haan? :(.
Fine! Then I have a partner NINJA :P :D.
Hehehe!! Yeah IAN <3 :D :).
Thanks dear <3

N.S.Kirti said...

oye i googled :P
maybe i hsould start watching vampire diaries now :P atleast i think i can suffer that crap for this hot guy :P :P
and tere recent wale post pe mera comment dikh nahi raha hai. and it was published. spam check karna to...

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :D.
Now you know why I watch Vampire Diaries :P :D.
The whole serial is total crap :P :P. I endure it just to see him o.O <3. Too Hot right? :D. Dreamy smile <3 <3 <3.

Yeah I saw :). It went into spam :O Brought it back :D ;).
BTW that was the first comment which went to Spam :O Congo :D :P.

N.S.Kirti said...

lol :P at least i was the first SOMEWHERE :P :P

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha! You are always first dear ;) :D.

animesh said...

Ten Things you want to say to Ten different people right now.
1. Maa: I love you.
2. Papa: Its just a misunderstanding. I'm not wrong and you'll realize it sooner or later. I'm still the same son of yours whom you called your diamond.
3. Vandana (my wife): I may be weird at times, but believe me I will always be there for you.
4. Rudransh (my two months old son): I promise you'll be proud of your dad one day:)
5. Bade papa: Noone can replace you in my life.
6. Badi Maa (Didi): I knew you before my Maa. You're an integral part of my life.
7. Piyush (my bro): I can't see you troubled my bro. I wish I could do something for you :( You'll always find me with you, no matter what.
8. Someone: I am still looking for an answer!!!
9. My friends: What my life would have been without you.
10. Princess: Thanks for the post :)

Sorry for spoiling your blog :( but had no patience to go to my blog and write a post on it :P
Story in pieces

Maun Vision said...

Just amazing post. Very sincere hearty pennings.

Princess Poo said...

Not a problem :D ;).
Awesome one btw :P :D.
I loved the 1st 4 <3 :).
Extremely sweet :).

Thanks PL jhi :D :)

Ankit Patel said...

haha... expressed very nicely.. :D

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Ankit :)

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