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Day Six~10 Day Challenge

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

OMR! If I mention ONLY 5 all other would come with Wands and AK-47 to Kill Me :| :(.
Oh God of all! Save me..

1. Mom: Obvious right? ;). I love my mom more than anything else in this world <3 :D :). She's my first love and no one can ever even come an inch equal to her :D :). She's my life and would do anything in this world for her :) <3.

2. Bro: My sweet and lovely and THE MOST IRRITATING bro :D ;) Oh how I love him <3 :D :*. A day spent without fighting with him is a day down the drain ;). I just love to fight with him :D ;). The funny thing about him is, he is the one person who can make me cry for hours, and yet again he is the ONE person who can make me stop crying :D ;). 

3. Bhabhi: Everyone always said that "You have a Gem of a brother", (lol) but trust me, "I got a Bhabhi whose heart is much more than all the precious stones put together" ;) :D. Such a sweet person o.O, its like she has been made up of HONEY and SUGAR mixed together b-) :D. I just love how caring and possessive she is ;) :D. She pampers me like anything :D :D :D. Uff! I can write and write and write about how sweet she is ;) :D. Love you Attige <3 :) :*

4. Girlfriend: Ahem Ahem! I'm not a lesbian :( :P. But yeah, I have a Girlfriend <3 :D. I love you Hiral <3 :D. What my life would be without you :(. You are my best friend, my sister, my second mother, my girlfriend, my love, my.... my everything :D ;). She is the reason, I am whom I am today :). She turned my weaknesses into my strong points and kicked everyone who dared to mess with me b-) :D. Pooji's Angel she is ;) :D <3. Love you so much Hiru <3 :D. You are my Cuppycake :* ;) :D. And I will sing for you ok? ;) :D.

5. BFAM: Kamal ;) My brother from another mother :D ;). How much I love this idiota :D ;). 3 Idiots we are Me, Him and Partha <3 :D ;). Gosh! How much I am addicted to these 2 idiots :( :P. Even though we talk once in a week or so, we know everything about each other ;). Even God probably shuts his ear when we start talking cause we just keep Blabbering :P :D. Funniest about them is that, they are the ONLY ones who can make me Laugh with tears in my eyes ;) :D. Just love you both :D. Just do :* <3.

So Thats that ;) :D. These are the 5 people who mean a lot to me <3 :D ;). All those people whose name I haven't mentioned, please forgive me :(. I love you all <3 :D. Everyone of you means a lot to me :D :). Mwahx <3 :*

Ps. I'm so stupid :P. I wrote this yesterday and yet I forgot to post :( :P. Finally posting it now :D :). 

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

cute post :)
loved it....

N.S.Kirti said...

sweet!! :)

Kajal said...

love the challenge.. amazing stuff and what a great way to get to know the blogger better.

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe! Thanks :D :).

Thanks <3 :D.

Thanks dear :) <3
Yes it is :D

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