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Silver Jubilee Post

Neither I nor MY BLOG complete 25 years :P :P. So Don't worry about that ;) :D :P. This is just an Acknowledgement of my Accomplishment of writing 25 posts :P. Too many Big Words? :P :D :P. Yeah! I go crazy when I'm excited :D ;) :P. 
I mean common not everyday I get to post the 25th post on my blog :D ;).

I thought I'll say something about me on this post ;) :D. Yeah I know I'll have to thank all my stupid friends who sincerely commented here :P but will do that on My Blog's Bday ok? ;) :D :P.

The funniest thing about me is, people tend to judge me easily :O :(. But never get it right :| :/ Ugh!! Why do you people have to judge? :/. Can't leave me in peace, Can you? x-( :(.

Hmm! Anyway :P. My name is Pooja :). I'm currently pursuing my 12th :D :). I'm from BANGALORE :D ;).
I have many hobbies like Reading books, singing(in bathroom :P), Dancing(with bro) ;) :P, Playing in Computer, Collecting Rs.5 Note, Listening to songs, and ofcourse writing in my blog :D ;).

In my previous school, where I studied for 13 years, I had been a real Prankster :P. Me along with my 5 Bestis ruined each and every teachers mood, every single day b-) :D :P. We were special at that :P. Never stopped talking :D. I still remember our class teacher yelling at us, "Last 2 Bench Girls, Out Of the class" :P. Well if we had obeyed that words :O, We would have never been inside the class :P :P. 
What more irritating to the teachers was that we 6 were the ones who did everything :P. We studied Ok-ish, We took part in all Cultural activities :P and played Sports :D ;). We even took part in Inter-School outdoor and Indoor competitions :D and lastly we were the Volunteers for all the school functions ;) :P. Our teachers couldn't scold us also :P. She has tried to get us by asking us questions when we were not listening :O and we Told the answers to that also :P :P. Gosh!! Heaven those days were <3 :D.

And then, I had to change my school :P cause apparently we don't have 11th and 12th in the same school :(. So, after changing my school, I found a change in me as well :O. I became extremely silent, and my friend circle consisted of only me :O. I became a nerd too :|. I went and called Teachers if they were late :| Can you believe it? :O :O. Uff God!! The funny thing is, I got scoldings for not talking to my classmates :O. I used to sit alone and teachers did all they could do to get me front to sit with my fellow classmates :P :P. One teacher actually called me an "Anti-Social Element" :P :P :( *sob sob* :( :P. Well, thats how I am :P. I don't know what happened suddenly :P. I always had this fear of talking to people and changing school was like my worst nightmare coming true :( :P :(. I'm ok now btw :P. Got used to all the rantings :| :P. I finally made friends after 1 and half years :O :P. Uff!!

School and Pre-university was like that :P. Now, lets come to Internet :O :P.
My internet friends know me as the Most Naughty girl and extremely talkative :O. If you meet me in real life then please don't ask me if I'm the same Girl :P :P. I won't talk at all :O :P. 
I'm also Innocent ;) which only my Closest friends know :D. Ask HIRAL if you want ;). She'll give you my bio-data :P :D. I love all, hence talk sweetly and politely with everyone, which irritates some of my close friends :P. I get scoldings every day saying "People will mis-use you if you do that" Uff :P.

Hmm! Well that's me I guess :O. One person, too many personalities :P :D.

BTW, CHEERS :D. 25th post ;) :D. You can collect Ice Creams and Chocolates below :O :P.

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

The icecream and chocolates were wonderful. It was a lovely party. Congrats on your 25th post, Pooja. May you and your blog find all that you were meant to find.

CYNOSURE said...

wooo...congratulations... :D :D :D
Sad to hear that you lost ur group on changing the always feels bad... :O

BTW...I was not surprised for you and your besties' continuous talking habits...girls are famous for that... :P
so keep talking and keep scribbling... :):):)

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

Congratulations princess
Rock and roll.

Kajal said...

Thanks for the chocolates and ice-cream Princess Poo...enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed reading your post. School friends are friends for life and hope you and your BFF go a long long way:)

N.S.Kirti said...

congos Dearie!!!
and that was an enjoyable rant :P
and thanks for the mouthwatering chocs yaar!!
muah!! :)

Raj said...

Congratulations on your 25th post! :) Keep writing.

And it was nice to know the little things about you. Not to mention the chocolates and ice-cream! :)

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar said...

Congrats! Looks like you're having fun blogging :)

And yes, my eyes feasted on the chocolates and the drool, well, my keyboard got that. Cheers!

DS said...

Many congrats PP!!
Keep writing in your exuberant manner, Loved the ice-cream and chocolates!! said...

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maliny said...

that was a very cute post . . congrats on your 25th post . . keep writing ! :)

Princess Poo said...

Glad you enjoyed it sir :).
Oh! Thanks a lot for your wishes :).

Ahan?? You can't blame only girls ;). Boys are no less chatter-box :P. Anyway its not like we were gossiping :|. We used to PLAY GAMES :P and ofcourse talked about study at times :|.

:D :D Yummy haan? ;) :P. Don't eat much :P :P. Save for others also :P.
Thanks <3 :).

Glad you liked it jhi :D :D :).
Aah true words :).
Thanks a lot <3.

Hehehe :P. Thanks :).
Ahan? Don't touch those ICE CREAMS now Mind you :P. You have egg n jam :P :P.
Muah :* <3 :).

Thanks a lot jhi :).
Hehehe! Glad you liked them :D.

Thanks a lot jhi :). Yup I love blogging <3 :D :).
Hehehe :D :P.

Thanks a lot DS :) :D <3
Ahan? :D :P Enjoy ;) :D.

Thanks a lot jhi :).

Ritvik Gautam said...

Thank you for the Ice-cream and the chocolates :P
I actually understand what you meant. I was at Ahmedabad when I completed my 10th, I moved to Delhi and I could see a change in myself. I had a great group, now I can't list here all the stuff we did cause that would make another post in the comment section :P, but I really enjoyed. Coming to Delhi, I do have friends now, But I'd just say it's not the same fun as it used to be. I became the nerd of the class.
But even now when I talk to one of my good friend (he's in Kota), no one realise how we've spent an hour and a half on the phone. :-)


Princess Poo said...

:D wow :D Nice share :) :D.
Friends are forever :)

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