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Day Five~10 Day Challenge

Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done.

The topic most of you were waiting for :|. I hate this topic BTW : P :P :P :D. Can't escape it, Can I? :(. Uwan :(.

1. Lose My Temper: I lose my temper very quickly, and this had led me to undergo some very difficult situations :(. I so wish, I wouldn't lose it so easily. Once, I had lost my temper on a Teacher :|. Believe it? :| God!! For a few marks, I behaved so badly :(. Hate myself for that :|.

2. Watch Twilight(Saga): Oh! I regret this the most :|. In the beginning I liked Twilight and hence continued to watch the rest of the series :| but seriously/? :O Bleechh!! :|. No offence to Twi-Hards :). I just don't like it :|. Its totally inappropriate for my age :|.

3. Listened to BABY song: I'm not really a Justin Beiber fan, but I don't hate him either ;). I love his "Never say Never" song :D :). Anyway, once upon a time I used to like this "Baby" song of his :|. Aargh!! Such a stupid girl I was :|. No taste :| :P. I hate that song :| and it Irritates me to core :|. But my bro never stops teasing me because of this :| :(. Oh! How I regret liking it :|.

4. Fantasize about Vampires: Don't hate me :P. I've changed now :P :D. I can't believe I used to fantasize about Vampires :|. Those blood-sucking leeches o.O Ewww!! :|. I had even asked people to call me VAMPOO o.O Geddit? :| Ufff!! God Blessed me with brains later I guess :P ;) :D.

5.Scolded my brother: I hate that I did this :(. I mean, every siblings fight don't they? Hmmm! I wish I hadn't scolded him that day :|. Whatever it might have been he is elder to me and I have to respect him :D :). I'm so sorry Anna :(. I never meant to disrespect you, but you know my temper na :(. The one thing that hurts me a lot is, next morning I wake up, turn to him and say "I'm Sorry for yesterday night" and he is like,"Aah! Forget it Pooji, its over na". Such a sweetheart he is :*. I don't want to hurt ya :(. I love you so much Anna <3.

6. Scolded the Doctor: Hehehe! :P I don't really regret this :P but it landed me in a deep shit :P ;) :D. I was in hospital cause I had got Dengue :|, and even after 2 days the doctor hadn't let me go home :( even though I had begged him with tear filled eyes :|. So, I got all angry and say, "I'm fine! Just let me go! I hate hospitals". Ofcourse he didn't listen to me :P. But, he got me discharged the next day ;). I was too happy, I come home with full enjoyment :D and for 2 days don't wake up :P :(. Stupid fever :| 106 o.O Can you believe it? 106 :|. Got nice scoldings from my parents that day :P. Wish I wouldn't have scolded him.

So thats that. 6 things I wish I had never done :|. Some are really bad, I know :(. Rude girl I am :|. But, now I have changed :D :). I'm a good good girl now :P :D.

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Anonymous said...

1.for loosing temper do meditaion
2.age doesnt matter,interest matters ;) baby....:P lol just love d song not d person who sings it :P
4.vampooos :P wat abu your Ian vampires which categeory he is :)))
5.u got a lovely brother ,dont irritate him much :P
nd dont ever neglect doctors :| :| :| :|
seriously ? 106? u er name b listed in guinness world records !! idioto

Vaarija said...

Nice blog poo.. Usually, I don't read stuff on internet.. but u made me read the whole blog without any leisure...(Of course! I read some posts earlier). All the best for ur challenge!! :)

N.S.Kirti said...

1.even i have a very short temper. half the boys of my class are scared of me due to that cuz i cant be very blunt and rude when angered
2.i watched that movie cuz i liked the book-at some crazy 'class-10' time of which i SHUDDER to think now. i realised later that the story despite some of the good stuff was very HOLLOW. Twilight is about 'forever' which sadly doesnt EXIST :P i HATED the movie from the very FIRST SECOND and now i dont like the books too. and i agree with Taurus- it is a matter of interest...
3. somehow, i liked that song. i dont listen to it much though. i am more into alternative rock and punk :P
4. No comments-never liked the blood drinking fantastic creatures :P
5. ahhh i fight with my brother all the time. you regret scolding him?? i regret giving my FAVOURITE parker to him :P
6. lolling over this :P

Princess Poo said...

Thanks for the comments :).
Meditation? Really? :P
Not even in dreams :P.

Hehe! Thanks dearie <3 :).
My blog is filled with love now that you came here :) <3. Ahan! I make u do things u never thought u would ;) :D.

Hehehe :D ;). Hi-5 girl ;) :D. Take tuitions for me on that one :D :P. I become shy with my friends :|.Ugh!!
2. lol :P Right? Happily Ever After my foot :P :|.
3. Hehehe :P. Me also into Rock and Punk :D :).
4. lol :P. I liked it at first :).
5. Even I do :). But it went a way too aboard :P.
6. Keep loling :P

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

An Award for you

maliny said...

interesting post . . its always enticing to read about others life in depth ;) nice one . .

Arnab Maity said...

You are slowly moving towards the interesting part of the challenge :)

Princess Poo said...

Thank you :D.

Thanks dear <3 :).

Yep! :)

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