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Day Seven~10 Day Challenge

Day Seven: Four Turn Offs

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, and I had all the time I wanted :P but I just couldn't bring myself to write this :P. Don't know why :( :P. Finally, after thinking for a long time, I got to know what turns me off :P. I never had given much thought about such things you see :P :D. 
So here it goes :D :P.

1. Beard & MustacheYou heard me right :P. They say, its necessary for a boy to have atleast a mustache o.O I don't agree with them :P. Guys look cute and young without it :D ;). I hate guys who have them :|, yeah they look all manly and stuff :| but Ewww :P :P. Sorry boys :P It just doesn't attract me :P.

2. Smoking: Oh! Please oh Please!! If you smoke, please stay 100 miles away from me :|. I hate people who smoke :|. Its the worst habit one can get :|. I can't believe how one can give up their tender life so easily :|. I mean common, its universal truth that Smoking causes Cancer. Its the worst that can happen to a person. Moreover, smoking affects people who are near the smoker as well :|. So its like killing people along with you!! Its a SIN :|. Smoking is such a turn off! Ugh!!

3. Abusing: Yep! :P I hate it when people abuse in front of a girl :|. I hate it more when a guy abuses a girl :|. Where is the Respect?? A Girl deserves some respect in this society may it be your mother, your sister, your friend or your enemy. Abusing a girl or using bad words in front of her is totally Un-acceptable. Naah Ahh!!.

4. Six Packs: Please don't glare at me :P. I've told you before that I'm an abnormal girl :P. It is true :P I hate guys who have six packs :|. Yeah, yeah you got great body, whatever :|. I don't care about your outer appearance :|. As long as your heart has a six pack, I don't care if you are skinny or fat or have nice biceps or have six packs :P :D. I have the feeling that all the guys who have six packs are rough and tough guys who do it to impress girls :P, and I don't need that to get impressed :P. So please, no six packs :P :D.

Uff!! Ok. Now thats done :P. Finally!! :P. Laugh at this as much as you want :| :D. I don't mind :P. 

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Kajal said...

Princess P..I am not going to laugh..because 6 packs repulses me too.. But that does not mean I like pot bellies, just that bulging muscles of the stomach gives me the creeps...It's a joy to come back to your posts.

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

super cool, i hate smokers as well..
interesting !

Princess Poo said...

Wow :). Thats nice to know dear :D.
I'm glad you came back :).
Thanks again <3

Hehehe :P Yeah :P.
Cool :D Hi-5 ;).
Yup! Mustache :| :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm some serious stuff!!

Princess Poo said...

Thank you jhi :)

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