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Day Two~10 Day Challenge

Day Two: Nine things about Yourself.

1. Sensitive: I'm extremely Sensitive. I can't tolerate it when someone suffers, even in movies. If something sad happens I'll cry. Yep! I cry when I watch a sad scene in movie. I also cry when I read about something sad!! Even Fan-Fictions about Harry Potter makes me cry at times :(.

2. Emotional: I'm very Emotional :P. Even simple words break my heart at times :(. 

3. Stupid: Yep! I'm very very stupid :P :D. People think I act stupid at times, but trust me its not acting. 

4. Funny: I'm not really sure about this :P, but people tell me that I am ;) :D. Good na? :D :P. 

5. Patient: My parents never believe in this :P, but everyone in my school does ;) :D. Maybe, I have two worlds ;) :D.

6. Secretive: I'm extremely secretive. I don't tell people anything until and unless it is totally necessary. Even my best friends doesn't know me for me ;). Kinda like a detective.

7. Trusting: I trust everyone blindly. I know this is bad, but I just can't help it. As per me, everyone has something good in them. Even Voldemort made sure Harry got his education and attacked him only after school ends ;) :D :P.

8. Lovable: I'm lovable for sure :D. I love everyone just like I trust everyone ;) :D. Everyone deserves love don't they?! Dumbledore himself said that we should pity those who live without love. I don't think anyone is to be pitied. I myself hate to be pitied and I hate to pity anyone :|.

9. Introvert: Yes, I'm an introvert. I can't really talk to people and stutter when I have to talk to my teachers :|. Talking is something I'm totally against :|. The only way to express myself is through writing :D :). So I love writing a lot :D :).

So, thats that :) :D. Thats the nine things about me :P :D. I guess most of them didn't know about this ;) :D.

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

doing good thing with this challenge :)
Most of that you mentioned are true i feel :P

Shreya said...

Welcome to the world of introverted writers :P

N.S.Kirti said...

why does my comment sometimes disappear on your blog sometimes????
i wrote a badda-shadda comment and now its nowhere!!
anyways, this was a lovely post!!
loved reading it :)
and ye Ian kaun hai??
(Pls pls say ki SMOSH wala Ian hai!!!)

Princess Poo said...

Hehe! Thanks :D :P.
Ahan!! ;)

Hehehe! :D Thanks for the welcome ;) :D.

Hehe! Its there dear :).
It is on the other post ;). DAY 1 :D.
Thanks dear <3 :D

N.S.Kirti said...

ohhh... sorry!! i just saw the image and thought it was the same post!!
lol at my own stupidity :P
this pretty much describes me too :P :P

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :D
Its ok ;) :D.
Ooh! Yay :D >:D< Hugs :)

manan guju said...

hey what happens when you finish the challenge? dont mean to ruin the suspense.. but just curious.. boosts self esteem? lady luck stays by your side for a month?

Princess Poo said...

Hahaha! Nothing happens :P
Its just a way to BLOG when you have no other topic in your mind :P :D.
Lady Luck o.O What in the world is that? :P xD.

I think people will just get to know more about you.

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