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A Day For Love?

Why do we need Valentine's day? Do we really need a Day to show our love and affection to someone? Shouldn't we be supposed to do it everyday? If yes, then what is the use of Valentine's day? Why was it started? Has MAN gotten such Busy that he doesn't have time for Love? Does he really need a day to celebrate his love? 

So many questions come to our mind when we think about Valentine's day. But that is only for the people who are Single right? :P. I mean all the couples would be busy with their loved ones, not bothering to think about such questions. People celebrate this country world wide by buying gifts and other stuff for their loved ones. But is it really necessary?

Well, I don't think so to be truthful. And thanks to Indi Cause it gave us a platform to discuss about it. On valentine's day Me, AniDan(DD)Roshan(TS) had a debate about the same topic. It was a lot of fun and we all got a chance to express about this day ;). Dan/DD was supporting the topic saying that A DAY FOR LOVE is Necessary, while Me and Ani were against it. No one still knows which side TS was on :P. Though he did an awesome job in confusing us all ;) :D :P. Anyways here is how it went.. 
Note:. P=Pooja(Me). D=Daniel. A=Animesh. S=The Sorcerer.

Why Valentine's day? do we really need a day to express our love?

P: First point. If you really sum1 then isnt everyday supposed to be val day???
D: valentien day a day specally dedicated for the lovers in this todays fast running world where every one is so busy in their life dotn have time for each othr we usually also farget oruself 
A: really? no time for love? what have you time for then?
D: today we as a human we are in our own tentions,pressure and commitments where we have to keep ourself with time tables and acccording to our planning we live in this situations we cannot affort
P: I'm sorry Dan but timetables really??? whoever does it really doesnt havve a life.
D: to really make special time but yes we live each other but valentien day is some hting whihc makes special period a special day where we rmemeber our lover we make time ofr them 
A: first we make our life complicated and then find ways to make it simple
D: ok i know i understand but you know just imagin yo ucan take examle of any oen even our parents who because of us to fufll our needs they fargot themself 
P: See Dan, love is not when u give ur partner GIFTSand STUFF. its when u find time to spend with them even out of your busy schedule
S: lol timetable. Okay hunny, we have like 15 minutes to makeout and then I need to for an appointment.
D: every day work at home office,responsiblities even at late night they have to work again next day same scedule in this case we really ened soem speocal day like it 
S: today is V day. there's another name for it, especially for older singles. its called the forever alone day
D: see its not that only one day in the year you need ot love yrous partner but yes one special day for the partner we have thats it 
D: pooja let me ask you one personel questio nto yourself how much are you able to give time for yours own personnel lif may be some thing to yours personnel life am i correct and it happens with all 
P: @DD See if its val day your love would be expecting u to be with her. But instead when u r having a very busy day just take some time out and surprise her. See which makes her more happier.
D: same with me even i am not able to give proper time to eveyr hting what ever i do in my life but you know whe nyou decide every thing means important things of yorus life you can do it correctly 
A: U hit the nail Poo
S: i know why some politicians dont like valentine's day.most of them are single and/or don't have a relationship. they want to celebrate forever alone day
P: @DD I give all the time for my personal life. when it comes to me M SELFISH! I love me. and no timetable can restrict me.
D: i am sure scorcer even if they are nto supporting ti them themself might becleebrating ti with their lovers 
A: I give extra time to my wife today only. or I am unable to take out some time today but care for her throughout the year..when will she will be happier?
D: pooja you are not understanding what i am trying to say see once whe nyou start working and with that yorus studies and regular life you will farget many things 
persnnally i am working,i have my part time work, i have to submit articles to newspaper,some times am tour guide, make time form y studies and you know many mroe things 
P: I have school for 8 hours. After that CPT classes for 2 hours. And for travelling and stuff an hour goes. I do part-time job for 3 hours. I still have tym for personal life 
A: DD, dont forget I am working. I am working in a tight schedule. I have my blog and damn serious about it. I play guitar, I learn singing and drums
we are talking about the relevance of a special day for love.I think there cannot be a special day
D: i feel i have myself brought in such a stage i feel i should think and give up few things lets see whath appends we never know of futher 
A: love is more necessary than your paycheck
A: I may not be earning in 6 figures, fine.I am ready to earn as a taxi driver.but cant afford to leave my family for money. and I still take out time for that.
D:but yes it is never like this that only on the day of valentine day you need to make time and spend time with yours lover 
A: ppl go back home at 11PM daily. and on 14th feb they have to leave before lunch.why? leave by 6 daily yaar.They usually have to work on weekends.but on 14th feb, they want mazaak nahi to aur kya hai?
P: @DD As I said earlier. On this day ppl decide to spend time with their loved ones. why? Is today is the only day they mattered to you? What about those lonely nights? When they needed u by their side?
D: oh that is also importnat point 
A: I have seen enough of corporate and modern life to analyse this. I will share even more scary things. Seniors flirt with their subordinates. hotel room bhi booking hotee hai.lekin 14th feb, they have to spend with their wife.yukkkkkkk 
D: see you cannot expect every time yours lover ot be with you. real true stories or real lovers and all this t hings are usually in the books and movies in real life it is nto easy to 
D:i really dont understand yet what to comment 
A: hehe, so u lost?
P: @DD I know!! U cant expect them to be there with you always. Then y on VAL DAY?? y not the day when u really want them??? Why on the day when the whole world celebrates it/? BE DIFFERENT. Do as u want
A: u agree to my point?
D: its very strong point what pooja said.
D: see that is the reason we have all this days mothers day,fathers day,womans day,friens day and all.but actually syainy this days are us to remind importance of them and it is not that they are to be remembered on that respective day 
A: if u ask me, they all are bull shit. do i need a day to remember my mom? do I need to send a day to send flowers to my mom or call her?If this is so, I would better die.
D: but pooja one thing is sure it is not necessary all celebrating this day actually love each other 
A: see, u urself are contradicting to ur point
P: @DD Exactly. Most of the ppl who celebrate this day are the ppl who are desparate to be in a relationship. As I said before, not true love
D: actually you know our world have many things around us it depends on us what we need to take and depends on perso nto person 
D: sure i have the point it is very important to have this important day belive me i see that world is fargetting importance of love may be such day would help all to remind al lof us and with full faith that this iti s not compulsary nor even .
A: ppl understood the meaning of love?only think which changed is Archie's balance sheet.and now we have so many online florists
D: what would you give the defination of love animesh 
A: I cannot define love coz its a feeling
D: pooja if you say you are agianst this valentine day the naccording o you whe nwould be the day for lovers 
P: @DD Targetting at love? Please!! If a dog is hurt no one even cares. This is love??
@DD Everyday. Every minute, Every second of your life is.
@DD WHY NEED LOVERS DAY??? You dont need a day to showcase your love
D: but in reality you cannot do it right every muite and second yo ucannot spend with yours lover need ot give time 
P: @DD Do this. When u get married. Instead of getting ur wife BIG PRESENTS and TAKING her out for dinner on Val day. One day go to her, and tell her what she means to you.. See how happy she feels!
A: Pooja, exactly. That works. I have never purchased anything costly for her.but everytime we go somewhere, I run here and there to do shopping for her
D: too emotional moment what you told but dear is that possible every time. is that really possible for you to take her for a dinner and spend longer time normally its not possible except weekends right 
P: @DD Getting a COSTLY gift is possible but telling SIMPLE WORDS isnt?? I didnt know that!
A: ur actions speak
A: I can get home on time unless something is REALLY urgent at office I can come back immediately without even thinking about a moment in case of emergency. I can make dinner on sunday. I can take care of our kiddo when I am at home.
D: but dear a special day for the lovers couples near the beach or in the hotel spending candle light dinners and celebrating things. you know few things on tha special day makes more improtance 
P: @DD You can do that ANYDAY u wantt... YOU DONT NEED A DAY FOR IT
A: Why a day for candle light? that day would become special. If my wife does not wish me on 14th feb, I can live with it but if she forgets my bday, I will make an issue out of it.

D: pooja may be lets end the debate here itself for now because even i am tried kind of let the people decide about the debate.
A: how can we end a debate without conclusion?
P: You don't need a special day for love. Everyday is special when you are in love  . THE END 

A: we are humans, and we DONT need a day to celebrate even the most silliest reason to celebrate. 
D: perosnnally may be i did nto have much points pooja was more stronger 
S: that is the most logical conclusion

And, Thats that :P. You are not supposed to SCOLD ME for the spelling mistakes :|. Scold the ones who made it :P ;). All I did was "CTRL+C" and "CTRL+V", so Excuse me please :P :D.

Hmm! So that's our opinion about this day :). Please share yours also ;) :D. 
I really wanted to post this on Valentine's Day itself, but IB was totally filled with LOVEY-DOVEY posts that I thought I would give some time for the people to come out of the mood ;) :D :P.

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DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

OMG.. what is this ? a post or debate :D
short i wanna say. everyday we love many people but we need a day to show it very exclusively

we want everyday of our to be a happiest day, then why celebrate Holi on a one day ?

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

That was such a funny debate!!! :D I don't know why I found this so funny! But I'm on both sides. But Honestly I don't even take sides. But that was an awesome debate there!! :)

Your new follower,oh Princess Poo!! :)

Princess Poo said...

both :P :P.
I don't agree :P :P.

Holi is a special day. Its not only about the colors. Its a festival. But Val day isn't. Its a day made for our convenience :P.

hehehehe :D :P.
Someone found it funny :D thank god ;) :D :P.
Thanks dear <3 :) :D.
I love you gal :* <3

CYNOSURE said...

hhhmmmmmfffff......that was toooooo big.... :O

ummm...actually everyone wants a special day for we njoy our life everyday(in reality only few of us do)...share treats with friends...but we celebrate our birthday exclusively...a special treat...its something similar(acc. to me)...a day for love... :P ;)

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :P :D.
Yeah!! Hmmm!

Chaitanya said...

omg debate on love .. oh why oh why?

Princess Poo said...

No other job :P

Ritvik Gautam said...

And so IndiDebate started :P

I am actually against such days, but while reading this, a thought poped up, Do we even need birthdays then? And I had no answer. :-|

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :P
This was the 2nd one actually ;) :D.

Yes birthdays are needed :).
See love didn't originate on 14th feb right.
Love originated when this world was there.
But we were born on a particular day :).
Birthday is not a day to party and throw treats but its just a day to thank the almighty for giving us a wonderful life and be happy for everything :) :D

Ritvik Gautam said...

Yeah, but why thank for just a single day? We could do that all round the year. Why a single day?

Princess Poo said...

You arent born everyday na :O

Ritvik Gautam said...

But we do live everyday. We come across wonderful experiences everyday, We tackle hardships, go through various emotions, Shouldn't we thank everyday, for the wonderful life they had given us, for giving us strength to tackle our hardships ?

Princess Poo said...

I agree.
We have to.
But birthday is something special.
Atleast for that we can try and live for others.
You ask people to live for others daily. Those people are rare like mother theresa.
But we as common people atleast on that day should be use to others.
Thats what I think of birthday.
I love my birthday because that day, I get to put all the amount I saved throughout the year and make sure the children in orphanages get good meal :D. Sometimes, my parents even put extra money just to see my happiness when I sit with them and feed them or play with them :D :).
Its like I'm alive through them.
Its a wonderful feeling.
I can't do that everyday :( which is sad.
But it keeps me going throughout the year and I make sure I save a lot of money :D.

Ritvik Gautam said...

I understand how great feeling it is. I've experienced that while at a blind school near by. That is other thing.
My point was different, But I think I've got my answer. :)

Princess Poo said...

Hehehe :)

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