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RIP - Review

Book Name: RIP
Author: Mukul Deva.
Cost: Rs.200
Rating: 4/5.

R.I.P. The Resurgent Indian Patriots. Self- appointed guardians of a nation seething with anger at the endless scams and scandals rocking its very foundation. Vigilantes who vow to stop corrupt politicians and colluding civil servants. Even if it means killing them.
Colonel Krishna Athawale and his team of Special Forces officers rally to protect the country from the enemy within. They call themselves the K-Team. And no one is safe from their deadly intent.
Hellbent on stopping them is Raghav Bhagat, rogue para commando, gun for hire and Krishnas bete noir.
Caught in the crossfire is Vinod Bedi, Special Director CBI. Reena Bhagat, a glamorous news anchor, embittered by her husbands betrayal. And two young boys, Sachin and Azaan, torn apart by the loss of a parent.
It doesn't get bigger. 
About the Author:
An alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defence Academy, Pune and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Mukul Deva was commissioned in December 1981 into the Sikh Light Infantry of the Indian Army. He took early retirement from the army after fifteen years of service, including a decade of combat operations in India and overseas. Now settled in Singapore, he is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an executive, business and creativity coach. He is also a Mentor on the United Nations Institute of Training and Research Afghanistan Fellowship. He is Indias leading writer of military thrillers, includeing the bestselling Lashkar series.

This book had my interested captured from the time I read the plot. What with the incidents going on in our nation now, this book seems perfectly in time according to our situation. Just the thought of having a clean country with a good stable government, though at the cost of the lives of the corrupt was so very welcome. Makes you wish something like this really happened in our country. Makes everyone wish that Colonel Krishna Athawale was real. 

The story is mainly based on the story of a K-Team who are named so because all their names start from K, like Krishna Athawale, Majors Karan Singh, Kevin David, Kashif Nadeem, Kamlesh Saikia & Kulwant Singh. They have a certain task to be done and do it without any troubles all over the country. Once their name got to be known, government appoints many teams to track them down and kill them. And in this cross fire between the government and the k-team many innocent people that is the civilians and the family members of the k-team gets killed. What happens next? What exactly is the K-Team? To know all of this you have to read the book.

I really loved the book, especially the plot was one of the best I had read in a long time. The book had me hooked to it from the beginning to the end. There isn't a single part where one can say it goes boring or any other crude comment, its a perfectly written suspense novel.

The Author has done a really good job, and his words and his style is really amazing as well. I loved his way with the words, and am ready to go pick up other books of his. I surely suggest all the book lovers to take up this book.
 One warning! Take it up when you are free, because once you start reading it you wouldn't want to put it down.   

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Indiblogger Meetup

 Indiblogger meet with HP & Harper Collins, this was my second Indimeet and I was extremely excited for this as even my parents had given me permission for this. So Sunday morning, I woke up early, which is a big thing. The meet was scheduled at 1:30 so I left my home at 12, and I reached the venue by 1:20. I had to ask too many people to reach the destination because this part of Bangalore was new to me, even though I was born here. Finally it was my call to Renie which rescued me and got me to the right place.

As soon as I reached, I was welcomed by Vineet who was really sweet, as he remembered my name. I also saw Siddesh ji and talked to him. I was informed that it would take another few minutes and that I had to wait down, I went to see that no one I knew was there. I picked up my phone and called up Vinay(leo), who was supposed to be here with Suresh Ji and Karthik Jhi(The Fool) and I find that they were lost. I couldn't help laughing because they were the ones who had told Me and Nimisha that they'll rescue us if we got lost, and they themselves were lost. 

They seemed to take forever to come, so I went up and got myself registered, got hold of a last bench, kept my bag and ran out to meet everyone. I met Nabanita, Farida ji along with Farheena and Rayyan, also some of the Indiblogeshwaries. I moved along and went to chit chat with Siddesh ji and his wife, and finally the Three Musketeers(read as Idiots) finally came. I jumped in joy and greeted them, and was immediately seized by Leo who seemed very interested in breaking my hand. 

We all went in and got seated, and the meet finally began. It started with the sound of Guitar, and then a voice joined in, and everyone was up clapping for them in tune to the song.
After this the mic was seized by Anoop, our sweet host for the event and then it was 30seconds of fame. This time along with our introduction we had to mimic someone, I was thinking about a line of Hermione's but then we were told that as time was less, they will give chance to another 5people only and I put my hand up, excited to introduce myself. 
Me and Tanmayee were asked to introduce together, but as it wasn't possible we did one by one. All I had to say was, "Hello, I'm Pooja Pradeep also known as Princess Poo", to win myself an 8GB Pen Drive from HP. I was really happy.

All the while people were tweeting everything possible, and so was I. It was fun. As I didn't have a good net connection, I asked for other's cell every-time I had to put up a tweet.
Next we were all given a cardboard sheet which had a BarCode on it, which when scanned revealed 'a bit' of a sentence. We were told that sentences were split into 3 parts, and all the sentences were put up on the screen, we had to find people who had our other parts. It was fun. While everyone moved around, I just climbed on my chair and waited for someone to spot me, unfortunately it was spotted only by the camera man, who took a picture of it. I'm not going to put that here.

Anyway, the first 5 group to get their whole sentence got prizes, while the rest of us satisfied ourselves with the fun we had. The best of it all was that, during the beginning when Anoop had asked us all to shuffle and move around, our group simply moved from one table to another. No matter what, we weren't ready to let go off the fun we have when we are together, and we did have loads of it. Teasing Nabanita Di for everything, laughing at every silly thing, passing comments, chit-chatting, and not to forget the lil sweetheart at our table who kept us all amused by his cuteness and also by the loads of chocolates he managed to get to our table.

Next was Miming, we had to make a group of 15 and we had to select one captain and a group name. We had the quickly done, and then we were given a piece of sheet which contained a movie name. We had to enact it out for the others to guess. We had got Adventures of Robin Hood, and at once everyone got busy discussing, and actually laughing at everything again. Finally it was decided that Gyan Ban ji would be Robin Hood, Suresh ji and Karthik Ji would be the rich people and everyone else poor ones. I was asked to dance in front of them, but in the last I decided not to, because I didn't want to. Haha! So yeah, we did it and it was easily guessed. The person who guessed got a pen drive. It was really fun.

Then the best 2 teams got prizes, as well as the worst team. Unfortunately we qualified for neither, so we just got back to what we do the best, teasing and laughing. 
Then it was time for the HP person to make himself heard. He came over and talked about how everyone should buy Original Cartridges and not the fake ones just because they are cheap because no matter what Quality matters a lot, and now even their prices are not so high. So its worthy getting an original piece than buying some cheap quality model. Well, I told that and not him. He also spoke about how it is like Plagiarism  and that's why we should avoid it, I totally agree with him, especially after the goodies I got, I have to because they are just wonderful. No copied ones can give such perfectness and smooth working. 

After this it was snack time, and also photo shoot, where we had to take a picture and the best one which gets selected would win a prize. Our whole gang went in and were discussing as to what picture had to be taken, Siddesh ji suggested that we all do Ravan pose and we went with it. It was really funny taking that picture, we had fun with that too. Obviously, right?
 The snack time was fun too, as we got to move around and talk to everyone. And not to forget the yummy food. The tasty sandwiches, the nom nom veg rolls, the tastiest samosa, and the yummiest Jamoon ever. It was like Heaven in mouth. After we got our stomachs filled to the brim, we moved back in.

Now, the host was Siddesh ji and he pulled up 5 people to the front, one of them being a little boy of 10, who was actually the most enthusiastic of all. And he went around the crowd asking them to suggest some questions. 7 questions were taken up and those 5 were asked to choose one and give an answer to it. Everyone gave a nice and a realistic answer, but the best one was the answer given by the 10year old guy who had selected the question, "What if Ravan had won instead of Ram?". His way of thinking just intrigued me and I was astonished by this person. Hats off to you man!

All the 5 of them got a mug for their words, and the rest questions were passed on to the others, one of them being, "Why this kolaveri Di?", The best answer for this was when someone spoke something related to his wife, can't exactly remember it, but trust me on it, it was an awesome answer! And so he took home a HP Inkjet printer.

Next it was just prize distribution, and prizes were given away for Best Tweet, Best Photo and such. All those people who had tweeted about what their mom or dad had scolded them got a HP STEREO HEADSET each, and I was one of them. Yes, I'm lucky.

After this, we all came together for a group photo, and finally collected our Indishirts and left for home. All the way back home, Me and Vinay were talking about how we are really glad we didn't miss this meet. I mean, we had so much fun and got loads of goodies to take home.
Be Original!
Buy Original!

I even enjoyed the part where the HP Guy spoke, because for the first time someone actually made some sense. And guys, do buy original HP cartridges, I'm not just saying this, I have a reason, and that is, I love my Pen Drive and Stereo Headset. Especially the Stereo headset which I've been showing off to everyone to who would look. Its just so beautiful and even the way it works, its just awesome.

I was a little sad I couldn't take home the printers, but well, I wouldn't have been able to take it in a bus anyway, so its all for good. I'll probably get it home delivered for being a good little girl as I took out my time for writing this. *Fingers Crossed* okay?

Well, that's that. It was an awesome meet and I really thank Indiblogger, HP and Harper Collins people for giving us a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much. We hope you'd come back soon, cause we are seriously waiting for another meet.

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Fun under the Sun

Day at the Beach
"I wish I had opted for my hair removal", said she and the 4 of us followed with, "I know right?", "I wish so too", "I'm so stupid", "I wish we could now".

It was a beautiful morning, of course it should be, cause all of us were very excited. Finally the D-Day had arrived. After postponing our trip for like 4times, we were finally going to Talkadu. 

Early in the morning we got up, met near our college and left for Talkadu. It was too good to be true actually. We were 10 of us, comprising of 2 couples and 6 singles. We left the last seats for the couples so that they can romance, while we 6 occupied the front ones. All throughout the way we sang, danced, teased each other, fought, flirted and what not.

After a two and half hour enjoyable journey, we reached our destination. Our excitement increased much more as we saw the water. At once we took our bags and dashed for the changing rooms. 

And that's when it all happened. We all had got shorts or 3/4th along with short tops, but none of us had waxed. We looked at each other and sighed. My friend looked into the mirror and said, "I wish I had opted for my hair removal", and at once four approvals followed along with our comments added to it.

The committed ones were worried because they wanted to look perfectly good to their guys, while we single girls were worried that our plan of impressing someone at the beach is going to fail. But we had no other option. So we took our bags, and went out just to see that the guys were busy discussing something. As we got near, we heard what they were saying and we couldn't help but giggle.

The two guys with girlfriends were cleanly shaved, while the other three had not. Till then they had not bothered about it, but as soon as they saw the girls out there, their inner animals came out.

They were saying something like, "Dude you could have at least remembered us right?", while another was like, "You already have girlfriends, its us who are looking and yet you guys are looking good with that shaved face, I hate you man", and we girls simply passed them as we pretended we didn't hear it because they'll feel embarrassed, and as we had guessed, as soon as they saw us they all became silent, and moved with us to keep our bags and get into the water.

As we got into the water, we forgot everything, all we knew was that WE WERE IN WATER, and that was more than enough for us. We splashed water on each other, we held hands as we all dipped in and tried to see who will stay under water the longest, we had a water fight, we sang in water, we danced, we shouted, all in all, we enjoyed a lot. 

The best part of all of it was when we floated. Not many of us knew swimming, so those who knew were helping us out. Here also we left space for the couples to enjoy, as we six acted like the craziest freaks in this world. The guys helped us to swim and float. 
One of the guys, held us one by one as we lay in his hand backwards and floated. He taught all the three of us by moving round and round as we lay there. And once he left us, we were floating by ourselves, we didn't need any support. So, that's how we were made to learn floating. Romantic right? Who said only couples can romance?

Then before leaving for our lunch, and leaving this place, we all decided we will all hold hands and form a circle as we all float. And we did that. We attracted a lot of public attention as we were doing it, and we enjoyed it to the utmost, finally it was a success. We made a perfect circle with all of our hands interlocked with each other as we floated. 

That's when a girl came towards us, she was of our age, and she seemed to move towards my friend who taught us all to float, he was the one who actually helped all of us to get a perfect circle. She looked interested in him, she came smiling, and once she saw him with face full of mustache and beard, her smile faded and so did she as she walked away.

He frowned as we all laughed at him, and he got up angry and said, "Damn it man! I wish I had shaved".

And that's how the fun-tastic day ended for us.

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