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Mischief Managed~January

I Solemnly, Solemnly Swear!

January has come to an end. 31 days of 2012 have already whooshed past like a tornado. Can't believe it went so fast! With Boards coming up and me trying to manage my busy Schedule, I'm breaking my new year resolution of posting at least 5 posts per month! :(. I managed only 4 posts in January, and right now that looks like an achievement to me. Well anyway, even though the month is over, many things happened in that time which I'll never forget. Somethings so sweet that they are being put up on Sweet Somethingz :P :D. Oh! Don't mind me, I'm just trying to brag about my blog. 

So, Here are the few things which took place in January which touched my heart beyond anything else.

1> IndiBlogger : Yep! IndiBlogger. This time it surprised me a lot by giving me a wacky tacky rank. Jan rank was just my second rank and I was waiting for it eagerly. My first rank was 25 which was just 5 up from the original rank that they give you. My fingers were crosses until the rank was out. I was really hoping to see my rank in 40's :D. I mean, that is a great jump ain't it? When the D-DAY came, the rank was postponed. Ugh! Sometimes, I feel like killing the IndiCrawler. Now, My fingers were to be kept crossed for some more days. Finally, with a big bang surprise, Indi announces the rank a day before the D-Date :D. Oh my! I had found that on the forums, and now I couldn't wait to click on my Dashboard and check my rank!! My heart was beating so fast, that I thought it would beat the speed of sound :P :P :P. Finally, I got everything inside of me to click on it, and VOILA o.O my rank made my heart take off like a flight :D. I couldn't believe I was checking my own rank :P. I refreshed my page three to four times making sure that I was checking my rank itself ;). Thankfully, it was mine only :D. Uff! If I get that much in my boards, I'll probably dance like a Ninja xD. Hehehe! Anyways, the dear Indicrawler outdid all my expectations and took my rank right upto 78 :D. Can you believe it? "78". I was so happy seeing it, that I called my mom and showed it to her :P :P. Well, it is a good thing cause she didn't even know that I had a blog o.O :P. Anyway, thank you Indi <3 You made my life :D :) :*.

2> Arti Deedi's Words : Yeah! My deedi touched my heart with the beautiful comments she left on my posts :D :). To tell about her in 2 words I would say, "THE BEST BLOGGER" :D ;). Thats right! She is one of the best bloggers I've ever met. The way she rights in her YATRA DIARY never fails to take me on an imaginary ride to all the places she has ever written about. Her writing skills and extraordinary and what more? This girl is the Forum Queen in IB ;) :D. The first post I ever read of her, was the post she had written for a contest wherein you have to state what you would do if you had 2 extra hours in a day. Her post touched my heart and I thought of leaving a comment on it :D. So I crawl down and down and down and down! Gosh! This girl gets way too many comments. They seemed longer that the post she had written :P. I finally gave it up and decided not to comment. Soon, I found out that, this girl was real famous. So I was like, Hmm! Ok. So this girl is really famous and an awesome writer. She's also the forum queen. There's no way in that she'll even look at you... But obviously that was proved to be wrong as she turned out to be the most MODEST and loveliest person on this earth :D. As much famous as she is, she never lets it go into her head and treats everyone as an equal :D :). Oh! I love you for that Deedi :*. One day while talking on forum, I just asked her to visit my blog once ;). Annnndddddd she did it :D. What more? She comments on all my posts :). Her words really inspire me. Just seeing her name in my inbox my heart does a somersault :D ;). Thanks for being who you are deedi :D :). I really hope you keep inspiring us always di :). Love you loads :). Mwahx :*

3> Kirti's Inspiration : Kirti :D. Ah! What to say about this girl? :D Even though I don't know much about her, Its like I know everything about her ;). Didn't get it? o.O :P. Umm! Ok! So anyway, this ossom blossom writer, posts an awesome poetry which is dedicated to her mother :D which can be read HERE. Anyways! I was always wanting to write a poem dedicated to my poem, but something or the other always distracted me. If there was no time, at that moment I get the perfect words but when I have time I get no words :|. Its real hard to describe a mother :(. What can I do? She's the most perfect person in the world right? ;). Back to the point. I was going though the blog lists and I found that Kirti had posted a poem. So with eagerness to read it, I open it. I don't know what happened but as soon as I finished the poem I had this immense urge to take a pen and paper and write whatever that comes to my mind about my mom ;). Well I did :D. That can be found HERE. Without knowing it, I was inspired by the beautiful poem of Kirti's, And to this I owe her many THANK YOU's :D ;). Thank you Kirti for inspiring me <3 :D. I really hope you keep doing it ;) cause at least that way I'll post things on my blog :P :D. Love ya gal <3.

4> Leo's Inspiration : Leo aka Vinay is an fantabulous writer ;) :D. An extremely helpful and a very funny person. I was going through his blog and I found that he writes HAIKU's :D. OMR! How much I've always wanted to write a Haiku ;). I've tried so many times but the words never seem to make sense after a few minutes. But when I read his Haiku's it took my breath away. They were perfect in every sense. How he writes it? I have no idea. But he has really inspired me with his way of writing. And I really hope that this inspiration helps me to write a Haiku by myself ;) :D. Thanks a lot for inspiring me without knowing it Leo :P :D <3. Keep writing ;) I love the your way :) :D <3 Cheers :D :).

Hmm! I think thats all ;). Its LONNNGGGGGG write? :D I don't know but my mom really thinks so :P cause I just spent an hour writing this up :| while I had to be studying for my exams :P. Well anyway, Thank You guys for making JANUARY a memorable month for me <3 ;). Will love you always for this :D :). I hope you guys keep visiting my blog and keep inspiring me in this way always :D :). 

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Wonderful writeup !
effort never fails !
Glad to see about your inspirations and you have a great heart to acknowledge
keep doing this stuff :)
i love this blog and blogger's attitude !
keep rocking

Princess Poo said...

Thanks :).
heheh! Thats real sweet :).

I will :). All help from you guys :).
Thanks :).

N.S.Kirti said...

glad to be found of some use Pooja :) you place me on a higher pedestal than i deserve though :)
glad to have found you as a friend and reader. keep writng. and poeming :)

Arti said...

Oh my, I am really moved by all these words of yours...

Please don't shower so many praises, I am not used to so much love.. You are a gem of a person Pooja, I am so glad we met through Indi :) Be like that always, your passion is inspirational to me. You are one lovely person, lil lil sis and you made my day today! Thank You so much :) Keep penning your somethingz, they are indeed sweet! Keep it up, best wishes :):)

I had actually come here to give a review for your blog on Indi. Now that needs to wait :D

Princess Poo said...

No Dear! You deserve much more :).
Even I'm glad to have found you as a friend, reader and an inspiration :).

@Arti Deedi
Not used to so much love? :O
Well get used to it ;) :D. Now you are my deedi :D. Which means you will get all the love in the world :).
Aww <3 :) Thanks didi :).
I'm so glad to know that I made your day :) :D.
I will deedi :D :).

Hahaha!! Thank you so much :*.
Lots of love <3

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