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My Galfrnd~BFF!!!

It So Happened,
That I Wandered Far Enough,
To Come Somewhere Like Here.
I Knew Now, And I Know Not,
What Brought Me Here.
But It All Happened For A Reason.

A Reason So Specific And Cute,
Which Makes Me Play My Flute.
A Reason Which Is More Defined,
Than All The Formulas Lined.
A Reason, The Reason, Only Reason,
Which Makes Me Dance With Happiness.

I Just Can't Control Myself Anymore,
As I Have To Let It Out,
Let You Know Who You Are,
Not To Others But To Me.

You're The Brightest Star In The Sky,
Who Lightened My Life.
You're The Coolest Breeze On Earth,
Who Taught Me To Breathe.
You're The Friendliest Girl In The Universe,
To Me And Only To Me.

I Won't Let You Leave,
As Its Not 'You' And 'I' Its We.
Two Bodies But One Soul,
Let Them Take Me As A Ghoul.

You Don't Know How Happy I Am,
To Have A Friend So Dear.
And Don't Fear Dear Madam,
I'm Always Here.
Waiting To Chit-Chat And Fight.
And For Me You're Always Right.

You're The Bestest,
Of My Bestest Friends.
You're The One Who Understands,
All My Bends.
I Promise We'll Be Like This Forever.
Hand In Hand And Best Friends Morever.!

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Anonymous said...

very soulful ... heart touching lines .. i hope your friend will understand what you mean to her :) sometime one friend can full fill 100 friend's place... will stand by you , will care you .. love u .. eventually you will start to expect same things... and your that friend will become your world.. if your friend doesnt mean anything to you , you cant write such beautiful poem .. its simply superb to give life to feelings..

Princess Poo said...

Thanks yaar :)

Maun Vision said...

Very innocent heart speak. Long live your friendship.

Sujatha Sathya said...

awww! your friend must LOVE this one :)

Princess Poo said...

@Pramod Bhaiyya
Thank you :).

@Sujatha Jhi
Yea she does :).

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