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Happy Birthday To You!

Please Watch This Cute Video Before Reading Further

So, Wondering whose birthday it is? ;) :D.
Well, this time I won't play with you :D :).

Its my Dearest Darling Blog's Birthday :D :).
Yep, SWEET SOMETHINGZ turned 1 year today :D :).

My first ever post was Barbie Girl~ Dream Come True!. A Post whole heatedly dedicated to my dear Niece :D :). 

My blog's birthday means a lot to me :). More than my birthday :D.
Know why? Because, the day my blog was started, was the day I started expressing myself.
Being a shy and introvert girl, my blog gave me a new life :D :).
A lovely new life :).
I don't know how much I have to thank it for that :D :).

I love you a lot <3 :).

On this beautiful day, I want to take some time in thanking people who helped me with this.

First of all, my Parents :). For giving birth to me and for bringing me up in such a nice way. I wouldn't take it any other way :). I love you for everything you have done to me and most of all for tolerating my nonsense ;) :D. I know I'm not easy to handle ;) :P but you really make it look easy :). Thanks a lot :D :). I hope to make you PROUD :). I know I will someday :). Thats a Promise :D :).

Secondly My brother. My ossom blossom brother :D :). I can't thank the gods enough :). Yep, there are so many times we fight and all, but a day without you is hell. You were always a second dad to me.  I never thought I would be gifted with such a nice brother :D :). I love you so much :D :).
Please DONT read this post :| :P. You are not supposed to know about this ;) :D :P.
I'm the one to fight with :D ;). No lovey dovey things :P.

Thirdly, My dear friends and Sweet Cousins :). Life without you guys is totally incomplete :). Holidays or School days you guys made my life total heaven :D :). Just love you so much :). Thanks for always being there for me :D :). And looking out for me ;) :D. 
And thanks for teasing me also :P *Ahem Ahem* :P
Ofcourse I would have teased you back na ;) :D. I know all your crushes :P.
I'll make another post for it ok? ;) :P.

Now, lets come to the amazing people who helped me with this blog :).

Firstly, Kamal Bhai. For being an inspiration and for always looking after me :D ;). 
Moreover, thanks for supporting me in whatever I do :D :). You never told me the way to go, but just followed me everywhere I went :D :). I'm not going to thank you ;) Cause I know I'll get some nice scoldings for it later :D :P. I just want to say, be like this with me always ok? :). 
Even though we are not together, you are always with me :). In my heart :D :).
Love you Bhai Jaan :* <3.

Next comes::

Akash Senapati: My lovely Aaku :D. My Naruto and My 'L'. 
Ravinder Singh: My close friend :D :).
Gayatri Oza: My Sweetheart of a BHABHI :D. Just Love her <3 :) :*.
Deepak: The guy who restored my Faith in myself :D :).
Rahul Miglani: The one who helped me through my Toughest days :D ;).
Vinay: My Sweet Cousin :) :D.
Lonely Mate: My Friend who made sure, I'm NEVER Lonely ;) :D :P.
Hiral Arora: My bestest friend ever :D. My inspiration and my cuppie cake :*
Rahul kulkarni: A real sweet guy who has been a great friend to me ;) :D.
Jezz: My oldest friend ever :D. Bestie as well ;) :D.
Shriram: My Shri Bro :D :). He is too Cool to be described in words :D ;).
Ankita: My Lovely Di <3 :D Who makes me smile all the time :D ;).
Prajnanshoo Bal: One heck of a bro :P. Hehe! Just love him :D ;).
Mayank Rajput: One of my Bhai Jaan's :D ;) :D. He is really sweet :).
STALz: My ossom blossom TWIN :D ;).
Nik: Mik-Nik :D My teddy bear ;) :D.
Pouzterr: My Bro's friend who is now my BRO :D ;).
Dhimi: Again, my Bro's friend ;) :D and my sister :D.
Suvo: The Cool dude :D ;). He is really awesome ;) :D.
Prince Taurus: Hail the Prince :P. My Bestie :D ;).
Stalzy: My Dexter :D ;) :D :P.
Vivek: My Choco boi :D. Another Bestie ;)
Nishchal Diwate: An awesome writer :) Gives too good reviews :D.
Satishdappin: A very good Personal Blogger :D ;) One of my closest friends :D ;).
Sowmya Swaminathan: An awesome blogger, who writes about everything :D.
Daniel Pezarker: DD :D. My DEBATE FRIEND :D ;).
Maun Vision: Pramod Jhi :D :). Probably one of the best blogger I ever met.
Shivani Kumra: Don't really know her :(. But really want to :D.
Prabhavathi k: A totally wonderful person :). Awesome writing and Awesome Painting ;) :D.
Kirti N.S.: The girl of honor :D ;). Yup she is ;) :D. There isn't a single post I don't wait for her comment. After every post, I sit there waiting to see when she will comment ;) :D. She is my inspiration :) and a true friend :D ;) Who still hasn't replied to my mail :|. I'll get to you for that x-( :P. But dear, Just love you yaar :). Thanks for inspiring me :).
Shenoy_ThinkTank: The great Shenoy jhi :). Awesome writer. Just happy to know that he follows my blog.
Life Unordinary: A sweet person who writes with sweet words :).
Harsha: One of the best Photographers, I ever knew. Too good :).
Jen..The Butterfly Effect: The best Reader I ever got :D :). Jen, thanks for your beautiful comments :). I really wait for your comments :). They are sweet and inspiring. Too good girl :) Just love you.
Amit Agarwal: Don't know again :(. But would surely love to know.
DeepaK KarthiK: Aah! Now comes the best part :D. DEE :D My sweet CHEESY friend ;) :D. Aah! Every little chat of ours is so precious :D ;). Such an awesome time with you ;) :D. Just love you :P :P. A DEVIL LOVES YOU DEE ;) :D RUNNNNNNNNNNN :P. BTW, Don't you dare tease me with N***Y :P Or you know what I'll tease you as? ;) :D
Raj: A beautiful writer :). Thanks a lot for following my blog :D.
everachika: An awesome writer and a splendid poet :). Really thanks for following :D.
Ajay Kontham™: An awesome photographer and a splendid writer :).
Kajal: Another favorite reader of mine :D :). Always waiting for your comment on my posts :). You make my day with a single comment of yours :D :). I love your blog a lot. Really inspiring. I can't thank you enough Kajal Jhi :D :). Love you loads :). 
Sangeeta Reghu Nair: Aah :D Another sweet commentor ;) :D. Just love the way you write jhi :D :). You are an awesome person :).
sahi: Really don't know who you are :( but you are my friend's friend :D ;). That means you are awesome b-) :D. Thanks for following :D.
Abhi: A very good person :). My first friend in Indi :D :). Thank you da :D ;).
CYNOSURE: Another person whose comments I await :D :). A person with the purest of heart I must say :). I love your blog a lot Cynosure jhi :D Thanks a lot for commenting on all my posts :).
AllMyPosts: Again, don't know you :( Forgive me. But Thanks a lot for following :D.
arun kumar: My Friend's friend ;) :D. An awesome person obviously :D ;) Thanks for following :D.
Shashi: An awesome writer and a poet :). My inspiration :). Never thought you would follow me jhi :). You made me read happy :) Thank a lot.
artmusedog: An awesome blogger :D ;). Just love your posts :D. Thanks for following :).
maliny mohan: Maliny jhi :). Any words would be less for you :D :). The way you write your poems is beyond anything :). Just love your words and the way you use them :D :). Glad to know that you follow my blog :D :). Just love you jhi :D.
Leo Paw: An awesome writer ;) :D. That would be an understatement :D :). I really love your posts :). Thanks for following my blog :D.

Last but not the least, ARTI DEEDI :). Deedi you inspire me a lot :). You are a very friendly person and really lovely at heart :). I can't explain how happy I feel whenever I get a comment from you :). I've never seen a more modest person :). Just love you for YOU :D. Be like this always Deedi Please :). Love you so much :D :).

Hmm.! So Yeah, I love you all :D :). You guys make me happy :). Even in the saddest of sad times :). I can't thank you all enough :D :).
My blog also loves you all :D and hopes you keep coming here ;). Otherwise it will start missing you ;( and my Blog doesn't like missing people ;)
It is very possessive you see ;) :D.

I'm glad to say that on this day, on this auspicious day, there are so many people here with me. To support me :). Thanks a lot guys :D :). I can't express how much I love you guys :D :).

Me and my SOUL MATE Sweet Somethingz Love you all <3 :).
And wish you all a HAPPY LIFE :) :D <3

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DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

HaPPy birthday Sweet somethingz :D
where's my part of cake ???

That video was damn cute :)
Loved reading about all the people you mentioned :D
cute and touchy post.
ROCK ON poo !

CYNOSURE said...

Happy birthday Sweet Somethingz...!!! :D :D :D
nice to see the description of all your followers...
keep going... :) :)

Abhinav said...

Happy birthday..:) Nice blog..

Maun Vision said...

Really admirable talent. Have to learn a lot. I am really overwhelmed at such high regard mentioned for me.

Kajal said...

♬Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you ♪
Happy Birthday ♪dear Sweet something... ♭
♭Happy Birthday to you.♬

That was such a sweet post. You took the trouble to remember all your followers....very very nice..
Keep writing and we will keep reading :) Love you too Princess Poo.:)

Leo said...

happy birthday Poopoo's sweet bloggy :)

Ajay Kontham™ said...

Happy Birthday "Sweet Somethingz" !
And really, this one is a "Something Sweet" post.
That would be an understatement. Something Awesome post, still an understatement. :)

I really stumbled when I came across my name. Really, thanks for mentioning me and kudos to the effort you put to write this "Something Awesome" post. :D
That means a lot to me! Probably, I will dedicate a post for you in my blog! Hope, you dont mind.

Keep writing!
Live long "Sweet Somethingz"!
Once again, Thanks. :)
Take Care. :)

Ankit Patel said...

I wish a very happy birthday to your blog! :D :D
actually, waiting for it's next birthday... coz I might be added to that list, I hope! :P :D ;)

congo @Pooja !! tc!

Raj said...

A very very very happy bday to your lovely blog. :) A very sweet and touching post remembering all the people that matter to you and who have been a part of your blog in some way or the other. :) It is always a pleasure reading your blog. Keep writing. :)

Princess Poo said...

It says THANKS :D ;).
Cake :O. Go ask D*ahem*A :P
Thank you :D :).

It says thanks :D :).
It loves it followers ;) :D.
Thank you :D.

Thanks a lot :D :).
Hehe Thanks again :).

@Pramod Jhi
Admirable talent? :O What is admirable jhi? :O
No no jhi. You are an inspiration to me :). I have lots to learn from you :D :).
You deserve more regards PL JHI :) Words failed me this time ;) :( :D.

@Kajal Jhi
My blog is jumping with happiness :D :).
It loved your wishes :D :).
Thanks a lot jhi :D :).
It said It will treat you when you come to visit it ;) :D.
Hahah! No trouble at all jhi ;) :D. I love each and every one of them :D. I always wait for an opportunity to write about them :D :).
Thanks a lot jhi :D :). I am so happy :) You made my day :).

Heheh :D Thanks a lot man :) :D.

@Ajay jhi
Hehehe :D. That is so sweet :).
My bloggie says thanks :D :).
I want to write more jhi :). Of each and every one of you ;D :). Will put up that post soon :) :D.
A post for me :O :O :O *FAINTS* :D. That is so sweet of you jhi :). You don't really have to take the trouble :) Just to know that you thought of it made my day :) :D :). You are really sweet jhi :).
Thanks a lot :D :). I hope so too jhi :)

Hehehe :P Thanks a lot Ankit :) :D.
Ahan? :D Arrey I will make a special post for you only ok? ;) :D.
Thanks man :D :).

Thanks a lot :"> :D :).
These people mean a lot to me and my blog :D :).
Good to know that jhi :D :).
Thank you :).

Ankit Patel said...

hehe! :D :D Special Post for me ?? ! :P xD :P

Anonymous said...

Wish you a very happy birthday.
You know SWEET SOMETHINGZ there is some one who write on you and u r so lucky, bcoz you always get awesome write ups!!!!
those are perhaps the gifts u get almost everyday from her!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm..I may be a bit late but nevertheless let me wish a very happy b'day to ur blog. and the video was very cute indeed :)
Here is to many more b'days to come,dont ever stop.Cheers!
P.S. Next year u may have to write a longer post,cos I am sure u'll have a lot of new followers,starting with me :)

Princess Poo said...

Why not? ;) :D.

Hey :D Thanks a lot :).
My blog is so happy ;) :D.
Aww :"> That is soo sweet :).
Thanks a lot yaar :D :).

It isn't a problem :).
My blog thanks you a lot :D :).
Thank you :D ;).
Aww :"> I hope so jhi :) I hope so :).
Hehe! Sure :D ;).
Thanks for following :D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! May your blog bring you a lot of happiness and hits :P
I came across your blog through Wotsinaname and loved it. Following.

Ankit Patel said...

hehe.... ;) :P

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :) :D
OMG :D Thats nice :D.
Thanks again :).

N.S.Kirti said...

oh hey!
cant believe missed this one.
happy birthday!
and thanks for the honor :)

Princess Poo said...

hehe :D.
Thanks a lot Kirti :D :D.
My blog is now so happy ;) :D.
Lots of love for you <3 :D :).
Arrey, you deserve it ;) :D

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