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My Family, My Memories!

Our small family :D ;). 10-12 people missing though :(.
Photo By: Princess Poo.
Ours is a really small family. My Grandparents had 4-5 cousins each and every one of them had 4-5 kids each.. So all in all our parents generation had about some 30 people whereas over generation consists of only 20.. Being in such a big family, we were always used to growing up together. Every holiday we used to rush over to Someone's house and all of us used to have loads of fun.

But then times changed, and soon schools changed to colleges and then to office. Everyone got extremely busy, so it was decided we will meet once a year atleast, This was done by organizing Day Trip to Resorts, Get-Together Party and Kitty Parties. Kitty parties was only for ladies, and hence even us kids didnt go. 
Anyways, The last time we all came together was for my cousin's marriage which took place in December 2011.

One of my aunt had recently come from US and she arranged a Get-Together party. Everyone was extremely excited. It was on 23rd April 2012. Even I was excited to see all my cousins. Me, my mom, My mom's Twin, Her daughter, and my Grand mother were going from our house. As soon as we reached, we were welcomed by the TIGHT HUGS from our cousins and Smiles from Aunties whereas Pats on back from Uncles. As we held each other and walked in, the old memories seemed to rush back. 

Playing all stupid games, Fighting with each other, Practicing Calligraphy, Dancing like crazy, stealing apples from the next-door neighbor's garden. It felt like it all happened yesterday, yet a long back ago.
Soon we were all busy cuddling next to each other and talking about everything that had happened in the past 5 months. EVERYTHING! Half-An Hour later we were called out saying that the GAMES SESSION HAD BEGUN. We ran out, It was our most favorite part of every party. GAMES! 

As everyone was not yet there, our uncle(who was the only guy present) decided to keep a TUG OF WAR between families. We went first, in our team it was me, my mom, her twin and my cousin. In our opposition team it was my aunt, her sister and their daughters. 4 vs 4. "GET SET GO" said our uncle as he let go off the bed sheet(which we were using as the means for Tug of war). We pulled hard and wham all the 4 from the opposition team came rushing and fell on us. As we all fell on the ground giggling and laughing, everyone else who were missing came in.

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We got up and rushed at our cousins and gave them a tight hug. For a few minutes we stood and decided to catch-up. By then the first official game had begun. HOUSIE HOUSIE! Me and My 2nd Cousin Anusha gave the Tickets and collected the money from everyone. Soon everyone of us were having tickets and the numbers were being called. The prizes were as follows, RAJA'S CORNER, RANI's CORNER, COUNTRY CORNERS, JALDI 5, LOVE BIRDS, 1ST LINE, 2ND LINE, 3RD LINE, JAWAANI, BUDAAFA, 3 HOUSEFUL'S. One by one everyone started claiming the prizes, I was eagerly waiting for my chance to come, and VOILA! I got the Jawaani Prize. Every number below 50 on my card was scratched. And then I also won the 3rd Houseful, the prize I shared with my mom.

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I made some nice money, and went out to play our next game. Next game was, LUCKY DICE. In this game, everyone has to sit in a circle and one by one each one of them should roll a Dice. If anyone rolls a SIX then they will be given a pen to write numbers starting from 1. Until someone else puts SIX they can keep writing. Once someone else does, the pen should be snatched from the previous person so that new one can write. In this way, the person who reaches 100 FIRST wins. It was THE BEST GAME I played because the whole time we were laughing. Everytime someone put SIX we used to shout SIXXXXXXX! and snatch the pen. Snatching was my favorite thing to do, it was extremely fun. The funniest thing was, my grandma put six and she started writing. The aunt next to me put six and snatched the dice from my grandma, then I put SIX and snatched it from her, then my cousin put six and snatched it from me. All in All we were never able to write. We were busy laughing and shouting that we couldn't even concentrate on writing. Finally the youngest one in our family won..

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Next game was NUMBER GAME.You sit in a circle and one by one you say numbers from 1 to 100. If you get 25,50,75 or 100 you are out of the game. I was the first person to get out from the game. I lost in the beginning itself, I was the 25th person, but the fun I had is totally not measurable. As one by one lost, I was like "Yay! Partner. Come Join me". It was totally fun as everyone with me started shouting that.

Next game was GLASS ON HEAD. We had to keep a Glass on our head, balance it as we walk forth and back from a wall. The first 2 persons to balance it and reach the point would win. My glass decided to break-up with me in the beginning itself and hence it jumped from my head and committed suicide... We were all giggling like crazy while doing this. The funniest thing was that our parents were made to do the same. And when they did, we put songs and made them sway, so that their glasses can fall off.. It was a Hilarious Game.

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Last but not the least, we played Kabaddi. We divided our teams Equally and started playing. Our team had a little less strength and we got out easily. Only 2 people were remaining in our side after 4 rounds. My mom decided to do something and ran across to the other court saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and touched 3 players and came back to our court. We shouted "HURRAY!". 3 of our team members could now be back on court while the 3 from their team had to be benched. This continued for a long time and finally only 2 players were remaining that side. I decided to take strike, I went slowly over to their court saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and touched them both, but they grabbed me, I was about to lose my breath. If I stop saying KABADDI our team will lose 2 points. So I managed to whisper Kabaddi Kabaddi and finally dragged them along with me to our court. And WE WON... As our team members jumped, shouted, screamed, Hi-Fived, Cried, and Danced in joy, the other team members were showing their tongues to us...

After all these games, we came in and settled down on floor. Soon, the talking and gossiping began. As we kids were too bored to start our own gossip we decided to sit and listen to our parents do it. Soon Spicy Spicy home made chips and fresh juice and coffee came in front of us. For the way we were tired, and for the way the food looked, the whole thing was cleaned neatly in 5 minutes. It looked as if there was nothing on plates and in glasses. As if it had been just washed and kept.

As we dissolved into another tide of giggles the clock struck 7 indicating that it was time for us to go. The laughs in our faces vanished. It was time to leave. No more fun. Schools and colleges would begin soon and we would slog all day. For another year, we would have to go without all this. 

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That's when my Granny(Mom's mom) decided to surprise us. She brought a bowl full of rice and put some rasam in it. Within two minute, everyone ran to her and sat in a circle around her, Including our parents. Soon, my gran made round round balls in rice and started giving it to each of us as she told as a nice story. We all smiled as we ate the yummy food made by our sweetest gran. We used to do this every holidays, Sitting in a circle next to gran and getting fed by her as she told us all a story. The old memories came rushing back once again as we finished the food and got up to leave.

Soon, the house was empty as we all left. The laughter, the shouts, the excitement all died. The house looked as if it had been abandoned for years. We all left silently, Not sad but happy because at least once in a year we get to have these. Someday in future, this might all end. The house might be abandoned forever, there might be no more laughter or shouts or excitement, but only people busy in office all day. But for now, we were having the time of our lives. Even though it was only for some hours, it brought us all together to share our joys and sorrows.  

The happiness of Joint Family can only be known by those who have felt it. In this modern days the families are torn apart and parents themselves are not free for their children. I feel pity seeing those kids. Because I never understand how live their lives. I was always surrounded by one or more cousins next to me. I was born and brought up in a very BIG joint family. I savor every moment of those days. 

I love my family. I love my big happy family. Because without them I'm nothing. They are my strength.

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The Fool said...

Very nice, princess. You people seem to be having all the fun in the world. Best of luck for the contest.

C. Suresh said...

Looks like you have a very close-knit and fun-loving family, princess. Reminds me of my youth (long past, alas!) and the fun we had. Good to know that such closeness still exists! Great post and all the best for the contest

DS said...

Beautiful post princess! Loved the way you all came together and spent some quality time together.
But I feel with time, the relations with cousins are not the same what they used to be.
All the Best:)

Ruchita said...

Very Nice Poo!!! Well I have always lived in a nuclear family so I may not know the fun of joint fmaily but awesome descrption of the fun

Viya said...

Very nice post:)all the best of luck

Princess Poo said...

Thanks a lot :D :). Yeah we did have loads of fun ;) :D. Thank you :D.

@Suresh Ji
Yes we do :). Aah :( Wish this would all last forever :) :D.
Thanks <3 :).

Thanks :D :).
Hehe. Yeah :). I agree :( With time everybody moves on.. Hmm.
Thanks :).

@Ruchi Di
Thank you :D :).
Oh! Thats sad :(. I will take you to our family gathering once ;) :D.

@Viya Ji
Thank you :) :D <3
Thanks.. :)

ashwini said...

Hello, its very interesting blog, its so nice to read about the family fun you have.
We are glad to have your entry and we wish you all the best.
- Ashwini
Team imlee

Princess Poo said...

@Ashwini Ji
Thanks a lot :) :D <3.

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