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My favorite bike!!!
Bikes! My heart starts fluttering whenever I hear the name or I go near a bike. I just love bikes and dream of riding them one day. Before I start my rambling, I just want to take some time to thank the Castrol Power people for giving all the bikers a wonderful opportunity to share their experience or in my case, a Dream and it coming true in a very different way than I expected.

My love for bikes started at a very early age. As all my brothers are 9-10 years older than me, some of them got their bikes before I even entered Middle school. I still remember the first time I sat on a bike. I was 11. I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school and instead my cousin comes over with his new bike. I just stood there and stared at it for few moments. I was dumbstruck. I had never seen such a beauty in my life. At once I climbed behind and shouted, its time to RIDE.

That was the day I fell in love with bikes. I had always heard that bikes was GUYS STUFF and girls don't usually ride it, but my brothers were very keen on making me learn. Maybe because they were the one whom I spent a lot of time with. They have brought me up in such a way that I am not a typical girl, and hate all girly stuff. Well, they did a really good job. The thing was, one after other all my brothers got a bike, and everytime they came over(which was every weekend), I used to make sure I got a ride on their bikes.

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I just loved to go Rounds on the bikes. The thrill it gave me can never be explained, and there is nothing in this world, which can give me a thrill as much as Riding gave me. I remember one incident, when I was coming back from school on my cousin's bike. As soon as we came to our road, he took his hands off the accelerator(the road slopes downwards) and he made sure his hands were not near the bike. He turned around trying to see a startled expression on my face(I don't scream, its girly), but instead he saw a big grin. He thought I would be terrified but I was actually enjoying it.

From that day, my cousin always made sure that I was the only person sitting behind him when he does such stunts. Its not only because I love it, but because he knew that I wouldn't mind taking a little risk for the happiness I would get. This encouraged all my cousins to try stunts with me in the back. I used to have the best time of life then. The best thing about this whole act was, they not only enjoyed doing Stunts they also learned to be safe and cautious while doing it because I was there. In this way, they made sure that their stunts were super safe for Me as well as them.

I will never forget that one day, when my cousin took me on a long drive on his bike. Our whole family had to attend some function which was at the other end of our city, and instead of joining them in the car, I decided to ride with my cousin. As it was a long ride, and we had some empty roads, I lifted my hand, as I stood up and balanced myself. I felt happy, I felt like I was flying. More than everything I felt Free. Its that particular moment that I have treasured till now, and will treasure forever. I have got all the freedom in the world and my parents don't force me for anything, but that one moment, on the bike was much more than anything else.

Today, I had visited Amoeba. I am a big fan of video games and all, so the first thing I saw when I entered was the Car race and the Bike race. As I had always been in love with bikes, I chose it and for the first time in my life, I rode a bike. Well, not a real one, but it still felt awesome. After I finished riding, the people who work there, turned to my brother and said, "Please make sure she doesn't get a bike. She'll probably make the Streets her home". They probably have no idea how happy that comment made me. Even thought the whole riding was Virtual, the bike was real, and I had to move it and bend it and ofcourse give acceleration, what more was it had nitro also. It was first time I ever drove a bike.

When I was returning home today on my bro's bike, I told him, "Hey! I know I gave up on driving seeing the Bangalore traffic but can you please start teaching me again?" He smiled at me. I knew that it meant "YES". After we reached home, and I got off the bike, he told me, "You are crazy you know. I saw your eyes light up when you rode that bike today. I always feel happy when I ride, but your eyes said something different. What do you feel when you ride?"

"ALIVE", I said.

This post is written for the contest The Power 1 Biker Code Of India which is powered by Castrol Power 1. I also want to thank IndiBlogger for giving us a platform to showcase our talent and helping us learn and grow by getting such awesome contests.

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Punit Dubey said...

This is the Best single-word answer I have ever heard...ALIVE! Kudos! :)

C. Suresh said...

Wow Princess! makes me feel alive just to read this post:)

The Fool said...

Whoa! Bangalore, watch out! Here come the biker princess ! Nice one.

Princess Poo said...

@Punit Ji
Hahaha Thanks :) :D :D.

@Suresh Ji
Wow :) :D. Sweet of you to say that :) :D.
Thanks <3 ;).

Hehe :D. Yeah Yeah! :P. Thanks :).

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Wow!! So your dream machine's a Hayabusa. That one's a 1300 cc mean machine.

Lovely post. Good luck for the contest!!

DS said...

OMG! Standing on the moving bike!!! You have some courage princess!
Completely agree with tf's comment!
All the Best:)

Ajay Kontham™ said...

And I thought, Girls were not that much interested in Bikes as Boys are.

Thats' a nice post. :)

Anonymous said...


nice ending.
guess what?
my entry to the same contest is more or less on the similar lines :)

Do read and keep writing,

Maun Vision said...

wow, is only one word I can say.

indu chhibber said...

individual differences--i would never opt to be a part of any stunt & look at YOU-enjoying it !!!!

Princess Poo said...

@Ramakant Ji
Yep :D.
Hehe! Thanks a lot :) :D.

Yeah DS :D :). I just love stunts :D :P.
Thanks :) :D <3

Haha ;) :D.
Thanks :) :D.

@Mukesh Ji
Thank you :D :).
Will read for sure :D.
Thanks a lot ;).

:D :D :D Thank you so much :* <3 ;) :D.

@Indi Jhi
Hahaha :D. I just love stunts :) :D.
It makes me feel alive :D.

Someone is Special said...

Uff, that was a great post PP.. 'Alive' - I loved this answer...

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Ji :) :D.
Thank you so much <3 :D

Santosh bs said...

I'm sorry, I'm too late here!
Awesome post and its good your passion hasn't dwindled and hope to see a good, safe rider on the roads on a mean bike soon :)

Princess Poo said...

Hehe not a problem :) :D.
Thank you :D :).
And yeah I hope so too :D

Ankít Pαtєl said...

Awesome yaar... :D
Just loved each and every experience of yours... :D (Y)
You've got some good set of cousins.. :) :) ;)
Make streets your home, starting riding a bike.. :P :P ;)
Awesome post...

PS - I hope you remember me? :P
We are meeting after a very long time... ;) LOL

My New Photoblog - Anky Photography ;) :D

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