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Animation~My Passion

It was a long time ago, Maybe more than 10years. As I was watching Tom & Jerry I was wishing inside myself that one day I am going to do a show just like this. Thus began my passion of cartoons. I was only 6 at that time and didnt have a clue what animation was. I thought this show was of people who wore dresses of a CAT and a MOUSE and used to play around.

But soon as drawing classes began in school I got the idea that actually those might not be real people but instead cartoons drawn by people. So I gave my whole time for drawing, soon it became my most favorite hobby and I even won prizes for it. This hobby of mine gave me a head's up for my little wish. As I grew up I gradually began to learn that those drawings were actually made in a computer and not drawn in hand.
Lucky me, my bro had just bought a computer.!

And, So began my craziness for computer. I started messing with MICROSOFT OFFICE TOOLS as it provided nice clip arts. Soon I learned power-point and made my first power-point slide show in a GIF Manner. I thought that was animation and was happy that I was nearing to my wish. My First Slide~Show.I started creating more and more slide shows, only to later find out that, what I was doing was not really animation. I was depressed. I was not even a step closer to my wish.

3 Months later I found out that there are softwares which people use to edit their pics. At first I thought what will I do with that? But It attracted me a lot due to my passion in Drawing. So I download it and start editing. One by One I learn many things. Sometimes my friends used to tutor me other times I used to learn by myself. Editing made me less sad about not knowing anything about animation. Soon I learn GIF editing and that made me more merrier because it had a little touch of animation in it. I wasnt able to make a single person or thing move but at least I was able to animate something.

Click Here For Gif Png

6 Months after I learn these editings, I told my mom that I wanted to join an animation class. But as usual my mom refused. She wants me to finish my graduation first and then take up animation. I forced her as much as I could and she agreed to send me on a summer course if I get good marks in my boards of 10th. So I go to the animation center to find out the courses and what do I find? The first 3 months of the course that is the 1st semester is all about EDITING. My happiness knew no bounds. With no-where near I was already doing 1st semester of Animation from 6 months. I was so close to my dream.

So I come home and announce in front of everyone that one day I will open a Animation company in Bangalore my hometown which will beat DISNEY and PIXAR. What was the reaction I got? Burst of laughter and disappointing disagreement. My brother and my cousins said it was IMPOSSIBLE and I was dreaming too high. They started teasing me. That got me a little down because I had counted on my brother a lot. Even today he laughs at me whenever I say I can do it.

Now I am confused. These people are getting me down. Even though if I open an animation company as my wish I wouldnt be able to give myself wholly to it because of the stupid comments and taunts made by my cousins. Until now I hadnt shared this wish of opening the company with anyone else as I was afraid of another taunt. But now I dont think It will bring me down anymore. I will put my 100% to it. I should put my 100% to it as it was, it is, and it will be my most favorite thing to do. Just sitting here and Imagining the way we can put our imagination to good use by giving life to a non-living thing. What a Splendid Idea! I've now got myself a best friend for Life, that is my cartoons :).

After reading this if there is anyone who would support me with my dream then please post your view :) cause one positive comment is all I need to boost up my energy and spirits and go get what I want.

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Bindu said...

it`s nice yaa i wish ki teri saari wishes puri ho go ahead dear wish u all d very best.thanx for sharing.
lov u ........

Deep Shankar Yadav said...

nice pooja best of luck i will sure help u to complete ur dream now i got what do u want to be.

Rahul A.K said...

Nice.. Nicely written.. but tat edited pic said Jai mata jhi.. its jai mata di =)) :P and some music starts playing when i open ur blog :/ its seriously annoying:P Btw love your blog! You've got a feedjit tracker! Btw seriously you got more than 9000 views in a month !? I can't believe it.. :|

Princess Poo said...

@Bindu Di
hey thnx :)
luv ya too :D.!

Thnx da :)

Thnq :)
hehehe :P
Oh :O I didnt know :(..!! lol :P
kk will remove song :P
n thnq again :P :D..!!
n 9000 views in a month is not true ;) my counter isnt working :-/

Monk Avant Garde said...

i want some great quality if you plan to beat disney and pixar because i will be needing some good animators to convert some of my stories into animes (preferable japanese style)
you dont have much time cz i will give the assignments to get animes made within next 4 years

P.S: you see the dream dont you? its your dream isn't it? than why does others view about it matter? People always laugh of things which they think they cant do themself

Princess Poo said...

Please give me those assignments mayu bhai :D :).

संकट केतु said...

Its good.. I am loving it.. its better than my blog.. take care.. sweetie..

Prajnanshoo said...

aage badhta jaa meri behena >:D<

u will rock \m/

Princess Poo said...

संकट केतु Thnx bro :)

@bhai hehehe :) >:D< everything with ur blessing :)

kamrul said...

Oh! very nice dream I think and hope you will be succeeded in your dream...

Princess Poo said...

Thank You ;)

Anonymous said...

heard of steve jobs ?? well when apple kicked him out for sometime because of his arrogance.. he went ahead and made move in the field called animation.. he started a animation industry itself.. called pixer.. its still one of best animation industry .. your friends/cousins may not mean what they taunted on .. it may look like fun to them, but trust urself .. a correct time and right approach with good support n guidance can make you to become enterprenaur.. i am sure you will come out with animation company .. just look at your last pic.. it says the interest .. go ahead n good luck

DS said...

Since you and your brother love each other so much I expected a better reaction from him!!
Still explain to him what animation means to you, he will eventually see light!!
May you soon open your dream company!
All The Best Poo:)

Princess Poo said...

Yes I have :).
Aah! Didnt know that story :O.
Thanks for sharing :).
I wish :D :).
And thanks a lot ;).

Yeah I know :O but I was really young that time so maybe he reacted like that for it.
Will talk to him :).
Thanks man :D :)

Gayatri said...

Hey Poo!!!! I have already told u I m with u!!!! 100% with u in this venture!!! :)

Princess Poo said...

And that has really boosted me up :D :).
Thank you <3

Harsha Chittar said...

Hi Pooja,
I actually had a simillar dream too, I spent around six months or so at home tryin to learn animation off the internet. Then I had to give it up and take up a job :( if you are still passionate about animation then go for it but there is lot of learning to do and it needs serious amount of dedication and patience. Check out my first animation that I managed to do

Princess Poo said...

Thanks for the words :).
I will jhi :).
I will check it.
Thanks for visiting.
Keep coming :D :).

way2 college said...

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