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The Love Of My Life

When I first entered this world,
She cradled me in her arms.
She rocked me and fed me,
And made sure no harm befalls.

As the time passed,
I started crawling around.
She made sure nothing hurt me,
Not even the hard ground.

Soon I grew up,
And started walking on my feet.
She holds my hand and makes me walk,
Not bothering to take her seat.

As more time passed,
And I started going to school.
She wiped my tears,
And taught me to be cool.

I grow with time,
And now I appear for boards.
She teaches me and helps me,
Making sure I don't reach empty roads.

Time flies by,
And now I'm in college.
I can't give much time to her,
As I'm busy studying and working for a wage.

In a few years from now,
I'll be busy with my job.
She'll be awake waiting for me,
How many sleepy night of hers shall I rob?

She has given me love and care,
From that time I was in her womb.
She made me strong and taught me that,
Love is needed until you lie in your tomb.

Life is like a beach,
Many waves come and go.
But you are the everlasting wind,
For whom all the trees bow.

Your love lasts for eternity,
Not like a computer ROM.
I love you from all my heart,
My Amma, My Mommy, My MOM.

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Deepak Karthik said...

That was a wonderful poem !
deep from heart..

Arti said...

Oh my! Simply Awesome!!! Loved every line of it :):) You ROCK :)

RioZee said...

with a very touchy, sentimental note.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, sweet poem. Lovely!

Princess Poo said...

Thanks man :).
Yeah! Totally from the heart.

@Arti Deedi
Aww :"> Thanks deedi :).
Haha! All from the support and wishes of people like you :).

Yes bro :).
Thanks for commenting.

Thanks dear :).

Elvirah said...

I think every mother deserves those beautiful words written by you. They would be delighted to learn what we feel for her who has taken so much to brought us up in this world of terror.

Life Unordinary said...

I'm sure these words will bring tears to her eyes! well said.

Princess Poo said...

Really? :).
Thats dear :).
And it is true! She has to know that we do love her for everything :).

Yeah :)
Thanks alot

N.S.Kirti said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your mother Pooja. Loved it :)

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Kirti :)
Its your inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Princess
MOther's love is forever :)

\m/ :D :)

Princess Poo said...

Thank you :).
Yeah! I know :)

Mr.Miglani said...

touchy , senty full flow
Simply superb !

Princess Poo said...

Thanks Rahul :)

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