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2011~A Wonderful Year

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. I know I'm a bit late. Well A lot late!
2011 was really one of the most memorable year for me. Its this year that I actually started socializing with my college friends(11th is college here), that too because one of my teachers called me anti-social element :|. God that women!!! Anyway, I'm glad she said that cause I finally have shifted from last bench :P ;). 2011 gave me some spectacular friends, brothers and moreover I met some of the best writers in IndiBlogger.
I really wanted to post this on 31th Night but you know, time really messes up with you. Anyways its better late than never right?
So here it goes, As I promised. I am dedicating this post to each and every single person I have met, because all of you mean a lot to me. Yes, All of you.

First and Foremost, I thank my parents for giving birth to me and bringing me up in such a good way. I never would like to have my life any other way. I love you both. Thanks a lot for taking care of me since I was a baby, till now and obviously in future also. I will always love you and I promise to make you both proud of me.

Vikas(Vicky) -- My dear crazy bro ;). I love him more than anything else (Don't tell him I told you so). He always helps me. He is a great person who sets a great example for everyone. Hardworker and a totally dedicated person. Just love his attitude even though it creeps me at times.

Kamlakanth(kamal/BB) -- My Idiot of a bro :D. He is actually my BFAM, but still its as if we both were born together. God! I can't even imagine my life without this totally crazy person. He is a gem of a person. My bestest bro :D(after vik ofcourse). He never loses a chance to make me smile and trust me every second I spend with him will be the happiest moments of my life. He is a person who can make me laugh when I am crying and also who can make me cry with laughter :P :D. Just love you bro. Just love you.

Hiral(Hiru) -- My BFFL :D. An excellent writer and my bestest friend. I love talking to her. We dont have a certain topic. We just rant about anything and everything :D. She is also my mom :P. She loves me a lot and cares a lot about me. Just like my mom does. That's why I call her mom. Moreover, she is totally adorable and her voice is so sweet. Just like a little baby :D. She plays Guitar :). Legendary she is :D.

Antara(MAA) -- A girl I met on Indiblogger. Excellent writer, Splendid photographer and an Extraordinary girl. I love her cool attitude and the way she takes everything lightly ;). She is my lovely Maa :D. Mann ki shakti dena wali ;) :D. Moreover, she gave me a really adorable God Maa ;). Love you Antara <3 For being you :).

Kirti(God Maa) -- My God Maa and Antara's best friend ;) :D. Her totally chill personality inspires me. I love her writing and her poems. She is a great girl with great talents. From the little time that I know her, she has really inspired me a lot. Thank you Kirti and Love you :).

Partha(BJ) -- The first Idiot in the the trio of  him, Kamal and me. A totally sweet person with totally cool attitude. Always makes me laugh and gives lots of advice :P. Love you bhai jaan :). You really mean a lot to me.

Rahul(Rahul) -- One of the best writers that I ever met. His words take you on a dream ride making you imagine all the things that he wrote. He is one of a kind. A totally cool person. He loves giving me advice on how I should not trust internet people much and that I shouldn't be attached to them. He might kill me for this :P.

Akash(Aaku/Naruto) -- My sweet little brother. A great writer and an extraordinary person. I love his poems because it never fails to touch my heart. He is my Naruto :D. Its because of his words that I started watching it and trust me I love him for this :D. Well I love him for many reasons which includes his cool personality and a totally lovable nature. Thank you for being such an important person in my life my Naruto <3 :D.

Gayathri(BH-ahem-I Dear) -- My best friend and my lovely lovely Sista :D. I can talk anything and everything with her ;). She is extremely sweet and pampers me a lot :D. How I love the people that pamper me :P. We both have almost everything in common and I love that even more :D. I love eating her head whenever I get bored. Trust me dear, I can't go on a day without messaging you at least 10 times :D. I love you so much :* <3.

Nandini Mam -- She used to take English to us when I was in 11th. She is a really great teacher and moreover, one of the best person, I have ever met. Totally selfless and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Encourages everyone and never partial. She has inspired me with her words of wisdom and the beautiful stories that she told. She is my most favorite teacher and a guide. Just love her from the bottom of my heart for making me realize who I am and what I am capable of. Thank you mam. I owe you my life :).

Nilabh(Dada) -- My dad :D and my inspiration :). Always ready to help others. I still remember how I made him my dada :P. I wished him on his birthday :) and he being the sweet guy he is said "Thank You Beta" :D and then thats it. From then I started calling him dada :P and he has been a perfectly nice one ;). When he gets married and have kids, they will be the most luckiest persons on this earth. He is really fun and very lovable :). Always guides me and scolds me too :P :D. I love u dada :) :P.

Krishna(Krish) -- He is my TOM :D :), and I am his JERRY. Whenever we both are together world war happens :P. well! Its world war for us but Tom & Jerry show for others!!! Even though I fight a lot with him, I can't imagine my life without him ;). He is my best friend(ooh! Don't tell him :P). He is sweet and really adorable :). Has helped me a lot with my passion and still does. Suggests me some excellent songs :D. I wish we will keep fighting like this "ALWAYS" Kichu :) :D.

Stalin(Stalz) -- My TWIN :D ;). Hehehe! Yeah. We are twins ;) in every aspect of our choice :D well except for maths ;) :P. He is my super duper cuddly vuddle guy :D ;). Always makes me laugh :D. We just rant and rant ;). The funny thing is we both hear each others rant :P :D. Its feels so good when I'm with him :). We have same tastes. But, we are called twins for a special reason :D. And the reason is that We both share the same DREAM and PASSION :). We both want to start our own animation company and beat Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros. When we got to know this, we were like, "Since, we both have same dream, why not combine it?" And thats the day we decided that we'll start a company together :D. So obviously he is not only my Best friend and Twin but also my future Business partner ;). Cant wait to work with you stalzie :D. Gitchie Gitchie Goo <3.

Well, thats it for now ;). As I said before I love each and every single person that has entered into my life.
But, mentioning all your names here will take me a life time. Just know that I love you guys no matter what.
I would have loved to mention all my brothers but as I am an universal sister, I can't :(.
Thank you all. Thank you for making not only 2011 but my life wonderful :).

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Gayatri said...

Thank u so much for all the lovely things that u have written!!! Wish u a very happy and a very prosperous new year!!! And trust me ppl love you coz u the most sweetest and the most adorable girl one can have in life!!! :*

Akash said...

Haha loved it sister >:D<
I am not extraordinary :P I am also normal >:( :| :P

Awesome post \m/ :*
Love ya >:D<

Akash :)

N.S.Kirti said...

God, this is so incredibly sweet of you Pooja!!! you really made my day :) thanks :)
wishing you a very happy new year with the wishes that everything you dream of will come true :)
love you too :)

Princess Poo said...

Belcum :D. And I wrote it coz its true ;) :D.
Thanchu :* Same to ya :) :*.
awww >:D< u left urself in considering that? :O :P.

heheh >:D< :* :)
You are :D. You are extraordinary ;) :D.

Thanchu :* >:D<
Me more :* <3

Aww :"> Thanks :).
And welcome :* <3
Thank you again :D.
Love ya more god maa :*

Prabhavathi said...

Happy new year pooja...

Princess Poo said...

Thank you Prabhavathi jhi :)
Same to you.

Stalz said...

Gitchee Gitchee goo u too <3 :*

Princess Poo said...

<3 <3 <3 :*

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