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Smile. Smile Away!

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When the Summer is stolen away from heavy rains, it is only common to expect our Indians roads to be slippery and filled with water. 

Alas! It was a rainy day on that Tuesday Morning, when I started my vehicle to go to my college.Getting drenched in the pouring rain, I made my way to college as slowly and yet as fast as  possible. I was almost near the college when this incident, or should I call it, an accident, took place.

What else can a Rainy Day, Slippery Road, and Sudden Break result to? As I applied sudden break on my vehicle to stop it from hitting the auto in front, my vehicle skidded and the result of it was me falling on the road, and the vehicle falling on my leg. As an unbearable pain in my leg almost made me blackout, people around rushed to help me out.

The impact of the vehicle falling on my leg was pretty bad, due to which I wasn't able to actually move my leg at all. Thankfully, I was given a chair to rest in and some water to drink, after which I gave a quick call to my darling brother asking him to pick me up. 15 minutes later, My brother and Mom are next to me, at which point I solemnly burst into tears, which I had been holding back all along.

The next hour passed quickly as I was rushed to a hospital, and my leg was examined, and doctors came and went, giving me medicines and what not. Finally, came the Orthopedic who examined my leg and told me that it looks like a ligament sprain, and that I had to be on bed rest for the next 3 days. To someone who's on the verge of having her college life taken away from her forever, this news sounded worse than a death. As I cursed the doctor inside my mind, I made my way home thinking that my life was over.

Then, I made my way home. Unable to walk, I made my way from the door to the living room jumping on my left leg. The first thing I see as soon as I reach the living room is my - almost 4 month old - nephew who's on his tiny bed on the floor looking all around. I make my way to him and sit down on the couch opposite to him.

He looks at me and then sees my leg which has a knee cap on it. He stares at it for a couple of seconds before looking back into my tear filled eyes. As I look into his cute little brown eyes, he flashes his most beautiful smile at me, as if he understood everything that had happened and is genuinely happy to see that nothing worst had happened to me. At that moment, my heart melted, and all my worries faded away, including the pain in my leg. I ask my mom to pass him over to me, and then I pick him, and give him a tight hug.

My little Cutie Pie, managed to make me lose all the bad thoughts in my mind at once, by just his cute little smile. Whoever said that, Kids brighten up a home, were telling the truth, cause my little kid, manages to take away everyone's worries with nothing but his charming smile. I love you my darling, I love you.

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Just when I had thought that all was lost, my little Nephew made sure to remind me that there's a lot to look forward to and that there was nothing to worry about. Children surely light up a place, and make 'a house' as 'a home'.

I really want to thank my Nephew for cheering me up so well, and for keeping me company throughout the days of my bed rest period. I would also like to thank Housing Look Up and IndiBlogger for giving me an opportunity to write about my crazy adventures.

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