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Journey to a New Life

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Ever since I was a kid, I always thought about the day when I'd grow up and be independent so that I could get my own place, move out, and live by myself. But when that day finally came, I was scared deep down inside. With packed bags surrounding me, I turn around and take one long look at the room that used to be mine. A place which was always messy, with clothes thrown around everywhere, with books all around the place, with covers and papers strewn across the floor - now looked totally clean. There was nothing there, everything cleaned out. 

With a sad sigh, I pick up my bag and walk out, locking the doors of the house behind me. My parents were waiting for me at my new place, which I was going to start renting from that day. As I stood at the gate of the place which was my home for 20 years, all the memories come rushing - me running around the place as a kid, me watering the plants with my grandfather, me watching my brother ride his first cycle in the front yard, me playing with my cousins on the porch, me and my mom standing at the gate and just randomly talking about stuff. What seemed like silly things when they took place, now played a special place in my heart.

I had always waited for the day I would move out and be by myself. The day where nobody would be there to tell me when to wake up, or when to close my book and go to sleep. Isn't it a dream of every single soul to have that utmost freedom? And what happens when this is received? You get scared. It is an understandable human emotion, I believe. It is normal to get scared a bit when something you were always dreaming about, comes true.

As I make my way to my new home, I feel butterflies in my bellies, the fluttering of which stretches to my heart. As happy as I was to be independent, I was also sad that I had to be without my mom, I was worried as to what would happen if I fell ill, and I wondered if everything would turn out to be fine.

My new place, 1BHK house in one of the most populated areas of Bangalore, glowed beneath the lights which was put all over it. Picking up all my stuff, I make me way to my new home, a place which would be mine, at least for the next couple of years, with hopes that everything would be fine. 

Now, I can proudly say that it's been one hell of a scary ride, but the journey was totally worth it, as everyday that I spend at my new home, I'm learning something new. To be more independent with every passing minute.

I'd like to thank Housing for giving us this wonderful opportunity for sharing our experience in starting a new life. Starting a new life never seems easy, but honestly, with your mind and heart in it, anything is possible.

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