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The Stranger

This is a letter I would like to write to "THE STRANGER" that I met on road that day. He is not a celebrity or a super hero but just a normal person who emerged as an Angel that day. I wish to meet him again, just to tell him Thank You, because of what he did.

Dear Stranger,

I hope you are well. 

I don't know if we will ever meet again or not, but take this post as a Thank You from my side and the rest of the people that were present that day when you stood up for what you believed in.

It was just another random day for me, waiting in the bus stop, getting on the bus and going to college. So was it for many other people. We were all accustomed to this daily schedule. One other thing that was included in it was the girls being harassed. It was now known that no matter what you did, as you stood in the crowd guys would try to touch your waist and such. Not knowing how to stop that, all girls were used to it and just ignored it all when someone touched them.

But you didn't know all that, did you? You seemed pretty new there because I had never seen you in that bus stop before. No one bothered to look at you as you walked past all them because everyone was busy in their own world, but none of us knew at that point that you'll make sure we think about you all the time.

When that guy touched the waist of the girl next to you, and you saw it, little did we know that you would catch hold of him and drag him right out so that he could face everyone. Little did we know, that you would speak out what he did, making him feel ashamed and get some scoldings from everyone. Little did we know, that you would put some sense into him by talking rather than going the hard way. 

We were all surprised that day, because we had all been through this for more than a year and no one had bothered to step up to it. But that day when you stood there in the middle of the road telling all the girls not to tolerate such things, I think we all learned our lesson. And so did the guys, when you asked them not to behave so cheap just because they can't control themselves. It was mesmerizing how you told them that women are not toys and instead someone who makes all our lives easy and simple. About how women should be respected and treated properly. 

Thank you for that day, oh stranger. Because since then all these things have gone low. And even if someone tries to do it, we all have learned to stand up against them. I can't thank you enough because by standing up for us, you taught us to stand up for ourselves. You showed us that we don't always need guys in our lives to protect us. We are totally capable of taking care of ourselves.  

Thank you dear stranger, if not for you we would have still been the same way. 
I hope we meet again, in a different circumstance so that I get to thank you in person.

I wish you well, oh stranger! You truly are a soldier, a Hero for you changed all our lives.

Just a Random Girl. 
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