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Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai - Review

Book Name: Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai.
Author: Rishi Vohra.
Cost: Rs.175.
Rating: 4.5/5.

About this book, well, where do I start? When I got a mail saying I get to review this book, I thought for a while whether to review it or not. Reading the name, I wasn't much into the book. Of course, I had not read the plot. Then I Google-d it up to find out that it was a love story, and it seemed pretty interesting to me. So, I decided I'll review this. And once I sent my confirmation, I was eagerly waiting for this book to be delivered.

As soon as I got the book, I started reading it, and I fell immensely in love with it.
With every page I turned, the book got more and more nice, and thrilling. I could find myself in many of the events. It was as if someone was narrating the incidents of my life to me. I enjoyed it thoroughly and finished the book at one go, because I just couldn't wait to find out what happened next. Page after page the story went, and before I knew it came to an end.

About the story. Its set in a semi-modern state. It goes on continuously, without any stops keeping the readers hooked to it. Many incidents in this book looks as if its been taken out of your life. I don't know what's been left out of it? There is everything - Family, Friends, Love, Drama, Action, Romance, Stupidity, Humor.

I want to highlight one part of this book, that is the female molestation that takes place. Many of the incidents have been put up, like guys touching you when you are in bus station or a railway station. Guys making use of your sweetness just to use you. All of this has been put up clearly. Even the girl's part of Ignoring those touchings and forgetting the guy for using you has been shown plainly as well. This can be seen in many girls life now. Just to save their dignity, they hide whatever happens to them and just ignore it. I think, at least after reading this book, girls should stop doing that and try to stand up to guys.

While reading this book, the part I felt most connected to was where the main character was lost in his dreams. It was so splendid to watch him trying to sort out his dreams and life just to get what he wants. His biggest desire. His one wish to make her proud.

All in all, it is a superb book, filled with everything that makes you want to read more and more. I suggest this book to all those who loves to read book, and all those to who doesn't like to read books as well. Because it is a really awesome book.

I would give it 4.5 out of 5 as I found it totally interesting. Thank you Rishi Vohra, for giving the readers such a wonderful piece of writing. Do keep writing. I am your new fan right here.

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Shave OR Crave - Are you ready?

Ian Somerhalder(My Hubby)
"Hey you, Yes you. You look really Handsome today. But you know what would add more to those looks? The vanishing of the Stubble."

If you know me, even a little bit, then you would know that I absolutely love IAN SOMERHALDER, and I'd die to just see him once in real life. But, if he comes in front of me with that Stubble, all I would say is, "Sweetheart, I love you but you don't really need that stubble". Yes, I would say that to the biggest crush of my life, so imagine what I would say to my guy if he comes on with a stubble.

So, my dear prince charming who has lost his way to my home, please know that I might tolerate you coming in my life so late, but I won't tolerate a stubble on your face.

As I seem to have a pretty good imagination, let me take you all to the future, to the time I am with my guy.

-Using TIME TRAVELER and transporting you all to a few years from now-

We are talking through phone, discussing the plans of our movie date.

Him: So, I've booked the tickets and it starts within an hour. I'll pick you up in half an hour, be ready okay?
Me: Yes Honey, I will be. Don't forget that I like only clean shaved men (my first hint)

He laughs and cut the call as I think in my mind that I'll kill him if he doesn't shave and come.

-Half an hour later-

The honking of a bike. I look down from my room window to see the love of my life waiting downstairs. Not wanting to keep him waiting for long, I rush downstairs and hug him before I sit behind him. After a few swish and swoops, we arrive at the theater and my guy finally takes his helmet off.
Now I wish he hadn't. I wish he had kept his helmet on throughout the movie, because inspite of my hint he had kept his stubble.
I punch him on his arm, "Lazy guy". He just shrugs it off, hugs me and takes me in.

The movie starts, I look at him, and bend the otherwise to lean on the hand holder. He looks at me, holds my hand and pulls me to him. I easily free myself and moves back to my original position as I grin.

"Hey Pooh, come on", he says
"Yeah honey", I say without even looking at him.
He bends towards me and keeps his head on my shoulder.
"Ouch! That hurts", I say and push him back controlling my laughter.

He shrugs it off and tries to watch the movie. Soon the most awaited scene comes.
He turns towards me and bends forward to get a kiss from me, he comes close and touches my cheek with his cheek, and that's when I turn away from him.

"Sorry, It just hurt me cheeks", I mumble as he turns away looking sad, trying his best to concentrate on movie. I felt sorry for him but it was his fault. So we watch the movie in silence and go back home. Once out from the theater we went back to being chatty and enjoyed the ride home.
After he dropped me back home, he hugged me and as his cheek brushed with mine, I winced.
He let go off me and turned away, got on his bike and left.

I didn't do it on purpose was all I could think. I never meant to hurt him, but it hurt me. That was all I could think about as I lay on my bed.
Suddenly I got a call from him, I picked it up to hear a gasping voice saying, "Down, Now".
I look out the window, and saw him standing there below, I rush to him at once, and as soon as I go near to him, I see that the stubble that irritated me so much had finally vanished.
I looked at him with joy, hugged him with love and gave him a soft kiss.

And our day ended with perfection.

-Back to reality-

Sigh! How much must we make a man crave so that he will actually shave. 
Well, I hope you guys learned one thing from this. Clean shaved face, gives you exactly what you want, Wink wink! Or you'll be left to your cravings.

Moreover, you may think you look like a stud with the stubble, but trust me, don't keep it, Be a MAN. Then you don't have to impress anyone, girls will come to impress you.
If you don't believe me take a look at the picture of Ian without stubble. You have no idea, how many girls in this world goes ga-ga for him. [But they don't know that he is mine]


This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

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Shop till "I" Drop!

Are you straining to hear those weird girl shrieks that girls do whenever someone says Shopping? Well, don't worry; I'm not one of them. Actually I'm not into shopping at all. Whether it’s for me or someone else, shopping is not something I really enjoy.

But now I ain't got an option. Why? You ask, because all my brothers have decided to get married. And my mom says that I'm not allowed to wear the same dress for everyone's marriage and Pant & Top is a total NO! So I've got to go shop now. For 3 marriages! Can you believe it? Anyway, my mom was eating my head off to go shop, so I thought, why not decide what I want to buy here only and then go get them. I mean, it would save so much time.

So, I open Shoppers Stop. Everyone knows they have loads of variety, and I usually go to Shoppers Stop to get my tops as they have really good quality ones. 

Well me and my brother sit together and go through the hundreds of clothes put up on display in the site, and finally we come up with 3 dresses each for the 3 marriages we have got to attend. Our choices may look really weird or totally messy, so we would like to know what you think about it before we actually go and buy them.

A black and cream Salwaar, perfect for the marriage. Comfortable enough for me to be worn doesn’t have much weight, which makes it easier for me to more around during the marriage doing the last minute preparations. It is Beautiful enough to make me look Gorgeous. And what more? It is considerably cheap and a very good quality material. 

I can not only wear this for marriage but also during fests in my college. This classic beauty will surely make me look good.

An Indigo colored Insense frill dress. A perfect dress to get me glowing during the glorious times when I get to dance.
Comfortable, Classy and awesome. What else does a girl need to show off her beauty and elegant poise?
I'm pretty sure I'll be using this dress more often than I intend to, cause I have some super seniors who keep throwing parties where we have to dance. So yay!
Its time to Party!! 

Okay! I'll try not to be too dramatic, but OH MY GOD! Just look at that top. Simple and elegant. How I love it!
I'm a big fan of black dresses, and this top just makes me want to love black more and more.
BLACK BEAUTY! The perfect phrase for this perfect top.
I can wear it anytime and anywhere. Where can you get such a beauty for such a reasonable price.
I'm wondering why I'm still writing this while I could have gone and bought this beauty.

 Its time for ACCESSORIES!!

 Remember how I told you I'm not into shopping? Yeah! I seriously am not, but I just love looking at the beautiful accessories. What? I'm a girl.

Look at this watch. I just can't take my eyes off it. Did you see the dresses I selected above? This watch is a perfect match for all of them. I mean, just look at it! It'll go with any dress.
And that color combination! Black and Silver! Wow! Just BEAUTIFUL. 
If I buy it, I'd keep waving my hand as if I'm going to see the time even if I don't have to, because I'd just like to show it off.

Sweet baby Jesus! Whoever designed this bag, please know that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Who wouldn't love this adorable little piece of beauty. The color, the design, and those flowers. Wow! Having Black Rose as my most favorite flower, I'd say this black flower doesn't look so bad as well.
I just really hope that this bad is available for sale when I go out for shopping, cause it'd be the first thing that I would buy.

I think you all have gotten the gist about how much I love black, but still, you can't deny that this is spectacular, right?
I was going through the list of sunglasses, you know looking at them one by one, and I found this. Once I did, all I could think of was, how cool and stylish I'd look wearing this. And also was trying to count the number of guys that would be behind me. I'd look really cool after wearing this, not like my usual nerdy style.

Love is in the Air! Obviously, yeah because I'm going to attend marriages, but those EAR RINGS! For a minute I'd seriously wish to convert myself into this girly type of girl and shriek out for this ear rings. I think my heart just skipped a beat looking at it. Oh! How I wish I a little older and had a special someone for myself who would gift me this, and then I'd start crying because its so beautiful.
Now I think I'm going to cry because I don't have that special someone. Anyway, coming back to point! Is anyone going to gift me these? I'm going to love you forever. Pinky Promise ♥.

asdfghjkl!! Wondering what that is? That is a type of Fangirling. Girls usually do it for their famous celebrities, but there is no such rule that its only meant for guys okay? 
Wait for a few minutes as I fangirl more over this belt, which I think is superawesomehot! Oh! By the way, that's also another fangirl line!
Look at the style! ♥ I'm so going to buy this one! Eeps!!

Umm! So, that's the end of my shopping list. Woah! That's way too big of a list. Guess I went a little overboard with excitement. Now, I seriously hope this excitement stays till I actually finish my real shopping.
Anyway, I'm actually waiting to own every single one of these. Because they are not only beautiful themselves, but I'm pretty sure they'll make me look more beautiful as well.

Last but not the least, Thanks a lot Indiblogger and Shoppers Stop for giving me this wonderful opportunity to go crazy about shopping. You might have actually turned this shopping-hating-girl to a I-can-shop girl. Thank you so much.

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A Real Love Story: My entry for the Get Published contest- "Not Another Fairytale"

They say when you meet the person you are always meant to be with, you would have met your soul-mate. Then why didn't they know it from the beginning?

 Maybe, life had its own plan for them.

This is the story about a Boy & Girl, who met each other at a very young age and were nothing but friends. They grow up, leave their schools, choose different subjects and different colleges. As they didn't live in a cellphone era, they lost touch.

As time moves on, they fall in love, break up, finish their studies, get jobs, and finally learn to be independent. Now the only thing left is marriage! To start a new family and enter into a new life altogether.

As the 2 families begin searching for a suitable bride and groom for their children, A chance meeting of these friends took place in a mutual friend's wedding.

Neither one knew that this meeting would change their life forever.

Meet Nisha & Prem, who tried to find love in every wrong person, while the right one was in front of them from the beginning. They go through a roller coaster life and finally end up where they started, next to each other, just like when they were kids.

Would "one" meeting in a friend's marriage change everything forever? It all rests in their hands!

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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The Bankster - Review

Book Name: The Bankster        
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Cost: Rs.250
Rating: 3.5/5


Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murders threaten to destroy the reputation that the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) has built over the years. Who is behind these killings, and what is their motive?

When Karan Panjabi, press reporter and ex-banker, digs deeper, he realizes that he has stumbled upon a global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications a secret that could not only destroy the bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. With only thirty-six hours at his disposal, he must fight the clock and trust no one if he is to stay alive and uncover the truth.

About the Author
Ravi Subramanian an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dharini and daughter Anusha. In 2008, he won the Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel, If God was a Banker.

My Review:
Well, when I first saw this book up for review, the thing that pulled me was the book cover. It looked batman-ish and the dark shaded thing just impressed me. When I read the title, I thought it was something related to banking, and as I'm a commerce student I thought I could review it, but then I read the synopsis and found out that it was something really different. I really wanted to read this book and jumped in joy when I actually received it.
By the time the book reached me, the name and fame of the book was spread far and wide.

The beginning had me hooked, Everything seemed so mysterious. But as I read on and on, the book got a bit boring. It seemed as if the author had just ranted out something really boring, but after those few pages, the story took up a high end again. 

The plot begins in the African country of Angola and with Joseph Bragnanza, a CIA covert agent involved in blood diamonds and arms dealing. From there it switches to a small town in Kerala, Devikullam and a 75-year-old man fighting the government in Gandhian way for clarity in the nuclear program being commissioned in his area and then we have our GB2 where the banking rigour, manipulations and power struggle brings out the various shades of the bankers.

Even though the book is addictive and can get you hooked, the only lack is the the pace at which the story moves. It seems as if everything is rushed. The story moves so fast that if you are not concentrating well enough you might have to go back and read again. It can get a bit confusing as people wouldn't really bother reading those 15-20pages in the middle.

All in all, its a good story. I'm reading his book for the first time, and I am really happy with his work. I am thinking about reading his other books as well now. A very well job done by Mr. Ravi Subramanian.

Once again, thank you so much Blogadda for giving me another opportunity to review an awesome book. 

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at . Participate now to get free books!

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The Krishna Key: Review

Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind. Humanity despaired of its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Age—the Kaliyug.

In modern times, a poor little rich boy grows up believing that he is that final avatar.

Only, he is a serial killer.

In this heart-stopping tale, the arrival of a murderer who executes his gruesome and brilliantly thought-out schemes in the name of God is the first clue to a sinister conspiracy to expose an ancient secret—Krishna’s priceless legacy to mankind.

Historian Ravi Mohan Saini must breathlessly dash from the submerged remains of Dwarka and the mysterious lingam of Somnath to the icy heights of
Mount Kailash, in a quest to discover the cryptic location of Krishna’s most prized possession. From the sand-washed ruins of Kalibangan to a Vrindavan temple destroyed by Aurangzeb, Saini must also delve into antiquity to prevent a gross miscarriage of justice. Ashwin Sanghi brings you yet another exhaustively researched whopper of a plot, while providing an incredible alternative interpretation of the Vedic Age that will be relished by conspiracy buffs and thriller-addicts alike.

Author (Taken from Internet)::

Ashwin Sanghi is one of the well known writers in the Indian literary scene, and an author of thriller fiction. He shot to fame through his first release, The Rozabal Line. His books are characterized by extensive research, and they're fast paced political or historical thrillers.

Ashwin is an entrepreneur by profession but writing historical fiction in the thriller genre is his passion and hobby. Ashwin was educated at the Cathedral & John ConnonSchool, Mumbai, and St Xavier's College, Mumbai. He holds a masters degree from Yale and is working towards a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his son, Raghuvir.

The first story is the familiar story of Krishna as narrated by Krishna Himself. This story precedes the present day story in every chapter. The second story is set in the present day and revolves around a thrilling mystery unraveled by professor and historian Ravi Mohan Saini around the ‘Krishna Key’.

History Professor Ravi Mohan Saini is soon arrested for the murder of his friend Varshney. Shocked & confused, he finds the escape route via his doctoral student Priya & her father who’s a lawyer. He soon realises the 4 seals that exist must hold more value than just being historic in nature. Thus the quest begins with Saini & Priya trying to locate the rest of the seals & perhaps save the lives of those who hold it.

Even though I don’t really love to read about vedic age and religion this book was interesting and I liked it. Not everyone usually seems to love such a book, but the work of the author and his thinking is to be appreciated here. I’ll give the book a rating of 3.5/5.
I’m pretty sure many people will like it, so I would totally suggest this book to people who love to read about vedic age and all.

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

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Just Married Please Excuse: Review

                  Book Name:  Just Married Please Excuse.              
Author:  Yashodhara Lal
Cost: Rs.199
Rating: 4.5/5

When I saw this book up for reviews in Indiblogger my first thought was, "What a strange title", and ofcourse as usual, I was interested in reading this book as well. I was excited when I found out I was selected to review this book. The day I finally got it with me, I was busy reading some other book and hence this had to wait. 

Once I started reading this book, I thought it lived up to my first thoughts of the title, the book was also very strange. As I kept on reading, I found myself laughing out loud at some parts, whereas some parts just brought me down. But I loved each and every bit of it. The book is filled with bits of Emotion, Humor, Jealousy, Cuteness and last but never the least, LOVE.

The book had me hooked from the starting till the end. I just wanted to flip some pages and go right to the end to find out what happened, because I was that curious. To thank the heavens, the ending was just perfect. When I was somewhere in the middle, I was really hoping that the author wouldn't give just some ending, but make it a crazy, strange ending. And to make me happy the author did the exact same thing.
Now, about the author. To be truthful, I had never heard of her before her book came up for review, and now I really do wish to know her. Cause her writing is just splendid. She has woven the words in such a nice manner, taking us all on an imaginary ride through the lives of  "Y", Her husband, the little Peanut, and of course not to forget Kajal. Her words had me struck to the story and made me enjoy each bit of it.  

So as a conclusion, I'm really impressed with this book. I loved it to the core, and I wouldn't mind reading it a few more times. I would totally recommend it to all the book lovers, Its worth reading. And I give it 4.5 rating out of five.

Caution: Marriage Ahead …
Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city, is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town – in one word, trouble! The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other – whether it is Yashodhara’s ‘tamper tentrums’ or Vijay’s foot-in-mouth syndrome – with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff Zarreena and Vinod, their nutty friend Vivi and, of course, their respective families.

With the unexpected arrival of baby Anoushka a.k.a Peanut, the battles escalate, fuelled by their vastly divergent views on raising a child. Will their many differences – so endearing at the start of their romance – actually turn out to mean that they are just incompatible? Will they ever manage to agree on anything? Or have they just bitten off more than they can chew?

A fresh and honest take on marriage and parenthood, this is a story of self-discovery that will have you laughing out loud – and sympathizing wholeheartedly with its quirky and likeable cast of characters.

Yashodhara Lal graduated from IIM-Bangalore in 2002 and has over a decade of experience in the corporate world, across the FMCG and media industries. She lives in Gurgaon with her husband Vijay and the three children who they innovatively refer to as Peanut, Pickle and Papad. Yashodhara began her journey in writing with her blog, described as a serious attempt to take life less seriously, now at Just Married, Please Excuse is her first book.

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Fractured Legend: Review

                       Book Name:  Fractured Legend                     
Author:  Kranthi Askani
Category:  Fantasy Fiction 
Rating: 3/5 

When I got a mail from Blogadda saying I was selected to review this book, I was pretty excited. And this excitement increased more when I received the book. I was so eager to read it, that I put down the book I was reading and started with this book In the beginning I found it interesting, but as the story flowed, I found myself less and less interested in it. At one point of time, I got so distracted that I read a line many number of times before actually getting to know what I was reading. The book didn't keep me hooked like the other books. I was pretty disappointed with it as it was not even the least upto my expectations. 

When I opened the book the first thing I saw was the personalized message from the Author. I was happy to see that, as it was the first time I had a book with Author's copy and my expectations of the book increased. 
Its sad that it was not really that good as it seems from the outside. Maybe that's why they say "Never judge a book by its cover". But still I got to agree that some parts of the book were quiet good. It is worth one read even though Rs.195 is a bit much for it.

I'll give the book a 3/5 rating as it was neither too good nor too bad. I still wish the author had made the story more interesting so that he could grasp the reader's interest and hook it till the last. Still it was a good attempt from someone who is publishing for the first time. I admire his effects and wish him luck for his upcoming novels.

"We are like the moths that follow invisible spiral loops to go round and round a flickering flame before jumping into the center leaving in their wake, a glowing red sore in the eye of the flame,” says the narrator, a temple slave. Priyambada makes up her mind to leave the temple where she melt into flesh at night and froze into statue by the morning. She renounces her immortal chalices, the temple facades, for a mortal life, for a life in flesh... But the tangles of life in flesh – marriage and bearing children – thrust her into a world of tribulations that cast her off into the past, sealed past, frozen past...
Nandhini, a professional assassin, is plagued by an assignment to retrieve a mysterious manuscript that is smeared with a rope of blood across its pages. She finds herself in the midst of a complex game of deceit and rivalry between two factions...
Pravalli is drafting a very long letter to her mother. She is grieving, glowering, repenting, atoning....
Fractured Legend is the story of these three women who are sailing away from their turbulent pasts, the denouement puzzlingly curling them all together into one tight ribbon of hope...

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

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Yawn! I'm Alive!!

Hey Guys, How are you all? Hope everything is fine :) :D.
Anyway, this is just a post to let you all know that I'm ALIVE, in case anyone of you is wondering :P.
Its been a long time since I posted anything, and I put the whole blame of it on my College and 
Anyway, Even though I have lots of thoughts on mind to put out here, I'm not posting it now :O.
I am really honored that even though I haven't been here since a long time, I'm still getting Awards :D. So sweet na? ;) :D. Well, so I decided to receive these awards humbly and then pass them along ;).
So here it goes :D.

Yay! Its the Versatile Blogger Award :D. 

I'd like to thank Ritvik for passing on this award to me. I am really Honored :) :D. And just so you all know, Ritvik is a wonderful writer :). I really think you guys should go check out his blog ;) :D.

So the Traditions are::
  1. Create a new post.
  2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.
  3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
  4. State 7 random facts about you.
  5. Claim and post the award pic. 

The first two are done and so is the last :D. Only 3rd and the 4th Remains ;) :D.

Ok! So 7 Random facts about me::
  • I am in COLLEGE :D :D. Yipeeeee! :D. Well, it is pretty exciting you know ;), I had been waiting for this since a long time :). 
  • Its been 4 months since our college started and during this time I've seen 4movies with friends :D 3 of which were "A" rated ;).
  • My college library card shows a wrong birthday as I use it as Age Proof when I go to "A" rated movies :O :P :D.
  • Raaz3 didn't scare me :(. But it was real fun to watch the faces of my terrified friends :D :P.
  • I've finally made friends :D, and what more I have a BEST FRIEND in college :) :D.
  • I love pulling my friends legs :D. And then when they put sad faces :( I pamper them :P :D.
  • Joining this new college has made me started loving cameras :D. Instead of standing behind one, I now rush with my friends in front of it to give all sorts of poses :D.
That's that :D. I know almost everything is of my college :D :P. I love it <3 ;) :D.
Anyway I have to pass it on now ;) :D.

Before I pass this award, there is another thing I need to do :O. 
I not only received the award but also was TAGGED by Ritvik :D. So I'll finish the rituals of that as well and tag people at once :D.

Well firstly, Thanks a lot Ritvik for tagging me :D.
And thanks a lot to Deepak who had tagged me around 6 months back ;) :D. I'm sorry I didn't make a post then DEE. Here it is now :D.
And ofcourse a big thanks to Rahul as well. Even he had tagged me 6 months back :D. I'm sorry to you too Rahul. Here is my post now :D :).

  The rules: 
  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • Post the rules.
  • Answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.
Questions of Ritvik::

1). Would you rather go to an urban place or a deserted place for a vacation?
Deserted place obviously ;) :D.It'll be quiet and lonely ;). Everything I need <3 :D. I'd love it more if IAN comes there :D. 

2). One thing which you think is most unique to you.

The Beauty of the Nature :).

3). Blogspot or Wordpress?
Blogspot :D. Cause I use it ;) :D :P.

4). One thing which India needs urgently.

A nice Leader to lead us all? ;)

5). Do you believe that Anna Hazare's lokpal bill is the ultimate solution to corruption?
Not really! So many things are happening and one bill is not enough to put an end to it all.

6). What is God for you? Do you believe in idols?

God for me is the one who looks after us all. Not only humans, but animals and Nature as well. Just like a Mother is to her baby, the God is to the World :).
Idols? If it means Idol Worshipping and all, NO! Because I believe god resides everywhere, infact in every person and everything.

7). What kind of blogs do you like to read?
A blog which gets me hooked :D.

8). One word that would describe you.

9). Your favorite movie. And why?
Too many! But I'd go with Harry Potter. Well, if you know me, I don't think I need to explain WHY!!!

10). Person you admire the most.
My Brother <3 :) :D. He is Awesome B-) :D. Just love him ;).

11). Will you follow me? ;-)
Already Do ;) :D :P.

Questions of Deepak::

1) What kind of people you hate the most? Dedicate 2 words for them…
I hate people who are Backstabbers. Acting one way in front of me, and different behind my back is something I can't tolerated. 2 words! Hmm! GROW UP? 
2) If you are given a million dollar, what will you buy first?
Ooh Ooh! :D Wow! Million Dollar :D. I'd buy a big Bungalow which has hidden rooms and secret tunnels, and a big room which contains each and every single book ever written :D. Oh my! Heaven <3 :D.

3) Your greatest fear?
A Cockroach coming near me :( :(. Ewwww! :(

4) An angel appears and asks for 3 wishes, what will be your 3 wishes?
Wow :D. Well my wishes would be:: 1.Get me an Ice Cream Factory :D. 2. Get me all the books in the world :D. 3. Get me IAN SOMERHALDER <3 :D :* :*.
What gives you butterflies in your tummy?
Meeting new people or First day at a new place.
6) Of all your blogger friends who are you most compatible to and why?
My di, Gayathri <3 :D :*.
7) What was your most embarrassing moment?
Crying in front of the whole class when I was in school :(.
8) Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
Hmm! I guess so. I know that I'll never be able to get it and still can't seem to let it go :(. Well! Time will tell.
9) Currently you are listening to?
Music? :P. I'm into Old Bollywood songs now :D. They are nice you know ;) :D :P.
10) When was the last time you noticed the tears from your eyes?
Seriously? :O I'm a kind of cry baby :P. So, it was yesterday :P. I cried cause I had bad Headache :( :P.
11) In your view, what is happiness?
Happiness is Happiness! I have no words to describe it.

Questions of Rahul::

1. Your views on gays and homosexuality?
I support them :D. I believe in love no matter what kind it is :). I strongly believe that what the world needs right now is LOVE, so yeah, I support Gays and Homosexuals.
2. Your Views on slut walk.?
Ok! I'm not trying to prove I'm innocent or something but I don't really have a clue what that is :|.
3. Your views on anna ?
I'd Rather not say. 
4. Your views on our Prime Minister ?
No views :D. I have much better things to do :D.
5.Best Thing about you?
I'm sweet :"> :P :D.
6.Worst thing about you?
I trust everyone easily.
7.Tell us about the way you see our country growing?
Well, if it is in the right hands, I'm pretty sure it'll grow very well. Maybe it'll turn out to be the best country. I imagine something happening just the way it happens in the kannada movie "SUPER".
8.Tell us about your first love?
My first love is my Mother <3 :). I've loved her from the time she gave me a space not only in her womb, but also in her Heart and her Life :) :D <3. If you want to know more about it you can read my poem dedicated to her ::

9.Whats your motivation in life?
Motivation! Well my motivation is to work hard, study harder and make all my Dreams come true :) :D. I've got loads of them you see :D :P.
10.How did you get to know about me?
Through a beautiful and wonderful network called IndiBlogger :D :).
11.Feedback for my blog?
Its a neatly designed and well written content filled blog :) :D. I'm happy to be a part of its readers :D :).

Here are the people I pass on the AWARD to and TAG as well::


The 11 Questions for you guys are as follows::

1> Have you ever been in a relationship? If Yes, can you brief? :P
2> If you can have ONE WISH, any wish fulfilled, what would you wish for?
3> Tell the top 5 priorities of your life.
4> Imagine you are a CEO of a certain company and now you want to hire a personal assistant. There are 2 persons in the Finalists and one of them is extremely beautiful and you want to be in a professional as well as personal relation with them. The other one is extremely talented and has a great experience. Whom would you choose for the position? And why?
5> Would you rather chose a Good Looking person or a Good from Inside person to live your life with?
6> Have you ever lied? For what reason? ;) :D :P
7> What is the biggest dream of yours? Has it come true? If not, what are you doing to make it come true?
8> Tell us about the BEST FRIENDS you've been blessed with it?
9> If you can change anything from your past, what would you change? And why?
10> What do you think about me? :D Give a BRIEF EXPLANATION ;) :P :D [For 15 marks :P]
11> A review for my blog please :).

Done Dona Done :D ;). Phew that was lengthy :| :P :D. Good to finally find time to write here again ;) :D. Thanks to the BUS STRIKE in Bangalore :P :D.

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Not Another Fairytale

They say when you meet the person you are always meant to be with, you would have met your soul-mate. Then why didn't they know it from the beginning?
 Maybe, life had its own plan for them.

This is the story about a Boy & Girl, who met each other at a very young age and were nothing but friends. They grow up, leave their schools, choose different subjects and different colleges. As they didn't live a cellphone era, they lost their touch. 

As time moves on, they fall in love, break up, finish their studies, get jobs, and finally learn to be independent. Now the only thing left is marriage! To start a new family and enter into a new life altogether.

As the 2 families begin searching for a suitable bride and groom for their children, A chance meeting of these friends took place in a mutual friend's wedding. 

Neither one knew that this meeting would change their life forever.

Meet Nisha & Prem, who tries to find love in every wrong person, while the right one was in front of them from the beginning. They go through a roller coaster life and finally end up where they started, next to each other, just like when they were kids.

Would "one" meeting in a friend's marriage change everything forever? It all rests in their hands!

This is just a simple plot to the story I wish to write. I would really love it if you can leave some suggestions and ideas for me. Lastly, I would like to thank Get Published and Indiblogger for giving all of us such a wonderful opportunity to bring out our ideas and creativity.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India

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