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Yawn! I'm Alive!!

Hey Guys, How are you all? Hope everything is fine :) :D.
Anyway, this is just a post to let you all know that I'm ALIVE, in case anyone of you is wondering :P.
Its been a long time since I posted anything, and I put the whole blame of it on my College and 
Anyway, Even though I have lots of thoughts on mind to put out here, I'm not posting it now :O.
I am really honored that even though I haven't been here since a long time, I'm still getting Awards :D. So sweet na? ;) :D. Well, so I decided to receive these awards humbly and then pass them along ;).
So here it goes :D.

Yay! Its the Versatile Blogger Award :D. 

I'd like to thank Ritvik for passing on this award to me. I am really Honored :) :D. And just so you all know, Ritvik is a wonderful writer :). I really think you guys should go check out his blog ;) :D.

So the Traditions are::
  1. Create a new post.
  2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.
  3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
  4. State 7 random facts about you.
  5. Claim and post the award pic. 

The first two are done and so is the last :D. Only 3rd and the 4th Remains ;) :D.

Ok! So 7 Random facts about me::
  • I am in COLLEGE :D :D. Yipeeeee! :D. Well, it is pretty exciting you know ;), I had been waiting for this since a long time :). 
  • Its been 4 months since our college started and during this time I've seen 4movies with friends :D 3 of which were "A" rated ;).
  • My college library card shows a wrong birthday as I use it as Age Proof when I go to "A" rated movies :O :P :D.
  • Raaz3 didn't scare me :(. But it was real fun to watch the faces of my terrified friends :D :P.
  • I've finally made friends :D, and what more I have a BEST FRIEND in college :) :D.
  • I love pulling my friends legs :D. And then when they put sad faces :( I pamper them :P :D.
  • Joining this new college has made me started loving cameras :D. Instead of standing behind one, I now rush with my friends in front of it to give all sorts of poses :D.
That's that :D. I know almost everything is of my college :D :P. I love it <3 ;) :D.
Anyway I have to pass it on now ;) :D.

Before I pass this award, there is another thing I need to do :O. 
I not only received the award but also was TAGGED by Ritvik :D. So I'll finish the rituals of that as well and tag people at once :D.

Well firstly, Thanks a lot Ritvik for tagging me :D.
And thanks a lot to Deepak who had tagged me around 6 months back ;) :D. I'm sorry I didn't make a post then DEE. Here it is now :D.
And ofcourse a big thanks to Rahul as well. Even he had tagged me 6 months back :D. I'm sorry to you too Rahul. Here is my post now :D :).

  The rules: 
  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • Post the rules.
  • Answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.
Questions of Ritvik::

1). Would you rather go to an urban place or a deserted place for a vacation?
Deserted place obviously ;) :D.It'll be quiet and lonely ;). Everything I need <3 :D. I'd love it more if IAN comes there :D. 

2). One thing which you think is most unique to you.

The Beauty of the Nature :).

3). Blogspot or Wordpress?
Blogspot :D. Cause I use it ;) :D :P.

4). One thing which India needs urgently.

A nice Leader to lead us all? ;)

5). Do you believe that Anna Hazare's lokpal bill is the ultimate solution to corruption?
Not really! So many things are happening and one bill is not enough to put an end to it all.

6). What is God for you? Do you believe in idols?

God for me is the one who looks after us all. Not only humans, but animals and Nature as well. Just like a Mother is to her baby, the God is to the World :).
Idols? If it means Idol Worshipping and all, NO! Because I believe god resides everywhere, infact in every person and everything.

7). What kind of blogs do you like to read?
A blog which gets me hooked :D.

8). One word that would describe you.

9). Your favorite movie. And why?
Too many! But I'd go with Harry Potter. Well, if you know me, I don't think I need to explain WHY!!!

10). Person you admire the most.
My Brother <3 :) :D. He is Awesome B-) :D. Just love him ;).

11). Will you follow me? ;-)
Already Do ;) :D :P.

Questions of Deepak::

1) What kind of people you hate the most? Dedicate 2 words for them…
I hate people who are Backstabbers. Acting one way in front of me, and different behind my back is something I can't tolerated. 2 words! Hmm! GROW UP? 
2) If you are given a million dollar, what will you buy first?
Ooh Ooh! :D Wow! Million Dollar :D. I'd buy a big Bungalow which has hidden rooms and secret tunnels, and a big room which contains each and every single book ever written :D. Oh my! Heaven <3 :D.

3) Your greatest fear?
A Cockroach coming near me :( :(. Ewwww! :(

4) An angel appears and asks for 3 wishes, what will be your 3 wishes?
Wow :D. Well my wishes would be:: 1.Get me an Ice Cream Factory :D. 2. Get me all the books in the world :D. 3. Get me IAN SOMERHALDER <3 :D :* :*.
What gives you butterflies in your tummy?
Meeting new people or First day at a new place.
6) Of all your blogger friends who are you most compatible to and why?
My di, Gayathri <3 :D :*.
7) What was your most embarrassing moment?
Crying in front of the whole class when I was in school :(.
8) Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
Hmm! I guess so. I know that I'll never be able to get it and still can't seem to let it go :(. Well! Time will tell.
9) Currently you are listening to?
Music? :P. I'm into Old Bollywood songs now :D. They are nice you know ;) :D :P.
10) When was the last time you noticed the tears from your eyes?
Seriously? :O I'm a kind of cry baby :P. So, it was yesterday :P. I cried cause I had bad Headache :( :P.
11) In your view, what is happiness?
Happiness is Happiness! I have no words to describe it.

Questions of Rahul::

1. Your views on gays and homosexuality?
I support them :D. I believe in love no matter what kind it is :). I strongly believe that what the world needs right now is LOVE, so yeah, I support Gays and Homosexuals.
2. Your Views on slut walk.?
Ok! I'm not trying to prove I'm innocent or something but I don't really have a clue what that is :|.
3. Your views on anna ?
I'd Rather not say. 
4. Your views on our Prime Minister ?
No views :D. I have much better things to do :D.
5.Best Thing about you?
I'm sweet :"> :P :D.
6.Worst thing about you?
I trust everyone easily.
7.Tell us about the way you see our country growing?
Well, if it is in the right hands, I'm pretty sure it'll grow very well. Maybe it'll turn out to be the best country. I imagine something happening just the way it happens in the kannada movie "SUPER".
8.Tell us about your first love?
My first love is my Mother <3 :). I've loved her from the time she gave me a space not only in her womb, but also in her Heart and her Life :) :D <3. If you want to know more about it you can read my poem dedicated to her ::

9.Whats your motivation in life?
Motivation! Well my motivation is to work hard, study harder and make all my Dreams come true :) :D. I've got loads of them you see :D :P.
10.How did you get to know about me?
Through a beautiful and wonderful network called IndiBlogger :D :).
11.Feedback for my blog?
Its a neatly designed and well written content filled blog :) :D. I'm happy to be a part of its readers :D :).

Here are the people I pass on the AWARD to and TAG as well::


The 11 Questions for you guys are as follows::

1> Have you ever been in a relationship? If Yes, can you brief? :P
2> If you can have ONE WISH, any wish fulfilled, what would you wish for?
3> Tell the top 5 priorities of your life.
4> Imagine you are a CEO of a certain company and now you want to hire a personal assistant. There are 2 persons in the Finalists and one of them is extremely beautiful and you want to be in a professional as well as personal relation with them. The other one is extremely talented and has a great experience. Whom would you choose for the position? And why?
5> Would you rather chose a Good Looking person or a Good from Inside person to live your life with?
6> Have you ever lied? For what reason? ;) :D :P
7> What is the biggest dream of yours? Has it come true? If not, what are you doing to make it come true?
8> Tell us about the BEST FRIENDS you've been blessed with it?
9> If you can change anything from your past, what would you change? And why?
10> What do you think about me? :D Give a BRIEF EXPLANATION ;) :P :D [For 15 marks :P]
11> A review for my blog please :).

Done Dona Done :D ;). Phew that was lengthy :| :P :D. Good to finally find time to write here again ;) :D. Thanks to the BUS STRIKE in Bangalore :P :D.

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AmitAag said...

Congrats Pooja!
Welcome back!
I missed you too:)

Kinara :) said...

Thank you sweetie!!:)
Liked reading your answers!:D
would do my job soon,(After exams!:P)
Congo btw:)

Mohinee said...

Wow...what a sweet surprise! Your answers are so sweet and honest. :). Thank you sooooo much dear sssweet Poo for the tag and award too. Lovely read ..:)and what wonderful questions. I never thought many of them...:)

C. Suresh said...

Congrats Poo!

Ajay Kontham said...

Congratulations. :D

And thanks a lot. :)

I think there will be no post without any smileys. :P #JustKiddin'

sibi said...

Good creativity pooja after a long gap! Hope you have kept aside your 'numbering work' for sometime! Best wishes!

Ana_treek said...

Heyy..thanks!..i havent been posting anything as well..!

Princess Poo said...

@Amit Ji
Thank you so much :).
Thats very sweet :D.

Thank you :D :).
Hehehe! All the best for your exams :D.

@Mohi Dee
Hehehe :D. I'm so glad you liked it :D.
Well I gave you a chance to think now ;) :D.
And thanks <3 :D.

Thank you so much <3 :) :D.

Thank you :D And welcome ;) :D.
Hehehe! There are many ;) :P. I guess you haven't read all my posts :O. Go read now :x :P.

@Sibi Ji
Thank you Sibi Ji :) :D.
I do have kept it aside ;).
Will post them all when I can :) :D.
Thank you :D.

@Ana Ji
Welcome :) :D.
I know :O. Write now :P :D.

Anonymous said...

Phew what a long post took me so much time to finish :P kidding :)
Nice post famous Pooja :P
Tag nicely done :)
Welcome back and now it seems you are alive.

Keep Blogging :)

~iyshu~ said...

Aww thanks Poo! :D

Ritvik Gautam said...

Sweet and simple. Glad to see it! :)


Deboshree Bhattacharjee said...

Ooh! Thanks a lot for the tag and the questions. :D Will surely take them up soon. Hope you are doing well. :)

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