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Sweet Memories of a Shared Laughter

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Sometimes, the most memorable day of our life usually turns out to be a very simple one.

It was just another random morning, the only difference was that the Best Friend of my life was next to me, throughout the whole day instead of being miles away. It started out as a very lazy day, where we both pretty much walked around the house like zombies trying to finish our morning chores. 

It was no special day, or even an holiday for that matter. Thirteenth of March, 2015, the day I bunked my classes so that I could stay at home and enjoy a day with my best friend instead of going to classes. With a bruised knee and strict mom at hand, it was decided that staying at the house way a better option than to roam around the streets.

So, after not giving much thought about what we had to do, we sat down on the couch and then the time flew so fast, that it was decided by default that we'd be couch potatoes for the rest of the day. As we sat on the couch with TV running in the background, we talked and talked, and then talked some more, about everything and then nothing. We had serious political discussions, we reviewed movies just by viewing the trailers, we cracked very very poor jokes, we laughed on those jokes till our stomachs hurt and eyes filled with tears from all the laughing, And then we cracked more jokes. 

After days of spending my time at home, all by myself, being totally bored, as I was to be getting bed rest, this day was better than any walk in the park or a day at an amusement park for that matter. After spending hours on that couch with her, I realized that, sometimes, it is not about where we are, or what we are doing, it is about the person we are with, cause they will ensure you have the same atmosphere around you no matter where you are. 

She's always been an inspiration to me ever since I met her, and that day was more than inspirational. Not only did I learn a lot about various stuff that goes on, but I also enjoyed a lot, and didn't get bored even for a second. For someone who had lost hopes of having fun, who thought that her bruised knee would ruin every chance that she'd get, this day was definitely a sunshine through a dark room. She gave me hope, hope to look up and understand that there is indeed a lot that I can do and that I shouldn't give up hopes, on anything, no matter what.

I've told you this a lot of times, but let me tell it again, Thank you, Thank you so much for traveling all the way over just so that you could cheer me up and spend some time with me. It means a lot, and it was, indeed, one of the best days of my life.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Housing, for giving us this wonderful chance of sharing our most memorable day. Thank you so much.

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