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Three Simple Words

With my eyes closed and heads down,
I bowed to the god, the mighty of all.
Give me what I need, not what I want.
Pray, give me someone, who won't let me fall.

With Butterflies in my belly,
And excitement in my heart.
I walked over to meet you,
Not knowing what was awaiting in the cart.

There you stood waiting,
The perfect one, I've been praying for a while.
I felt my heart slip as I walked towards you,
A huge glow on my face as it filled with a smile.

You shook my hand and then you smiled.
A smile which spread across your whole face.
Your eyes, your ways, your words,
Made my heart skip a beat and race.

I had never met someone so selfless,
Someone so caring and loving.
The one who doesn't bother about himself,
And doesn't mind just giving and giving.

You held my hand and pulled me close,
Embracing me up to you.
I felt all the bad memories leaving,
No more worries, no more being blue.

With you, I need not hide.
I can be the real me.
Don't you think it's time,
That you and I, became We?

Let me hold you close and not let go,
Let me assure you that everything is fine.
Take it slow, and don't you worry.
No matter what, you are always going to be mine.

Here's me heart and here's my soul.
It doesn't belong to me anymore.
It wants you and it needs you,
It craves for your love, more and more.

I know we met not long ago,
But your way with me was my cue.
I cannot hide it anymore, because I feel it too,
Here's the three simple words, I love you.

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