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Fun under the Sun

Day at the Beach
"I wish I had opted for my hair removal", said she and the 4 of us followed with, "I know right?", "I wish so too", "I'm so stupid", "I wish we could now".

It was a beautiful morning, of course it should be, cause all of us were very excited. Finally the D-Day had arrived. After postponing our trip for like 4times, we were finally going to Talkadu. 

Early in the morning we got up, met near our college and left for Talkadu. It was too good to be true actually. We were 10 of us, comprising of 2 couples and 6 singles. We left the last seats for the couples so that they can romance, while we 6 occupied the front ones. All throughout the way we sang, danced, teased each other, fought, flirted and what not.

After a two and half hour enjoyable journey, we reached our destination. Our excitement increased much more as we saw the water. At once we took our bags and dashed for the changing rooms. 

And that's when it all happened. We all had got shorts or 3/4th along with short tops, but none of us had waxed. We looked at each other and sighed. My friend looked into the mirror and said, "I wish I had opted for my hair removal", and at once four approvals followed along with our comments added to it.

The committed ones were worried because they wanted to look perfectly good to their guys, while we single girls were worried that our plan of impressing someone at the beach is going to fail. But we had no other option. So we took our bags, and went out just to see that the guys were busy discussing something. As we got near, we heard what they were saying and we couldn't help but giggle.

The two guys with girlfriends were cleanly shaved, while the other three had not. Till then they had not bothered about it, but as soon as they saw the girls out there, their inner animals came out.

They were saying something like, "Dude you could have at least remembered us right?", while another was like, "You already have girlfriends, its us who are looking and yet you guys are looking good with that shaved face, I hate you man", and we girls simply passed them as we pretended we didn't hear it because they'll feel embarrassed, and as we had guessed, as soon as they saw us they all became silent, and moved with us to keep our bags and get into the water.

As we got into the water, we forgot everything, all we knew was that WE WERE IN WATER, and that was more than enough for us. We splashed water on each other, we held hands as we all dipped in and tried to see who will stay under water the longest, we had a water fight, we sang in water, we danced, we shouted, all in all, we enjoyed a lot. 

The best part of all of it was when we floated. Not many of us knew swimming, so those who knew were helping us out. Here also we left space for the couples to enjoy, as we six acted like the craziest freaks in this world. The guys helped us to swim and float. 
One of the guys, held us one by one as we lay in his hand backwards and floated. He taught all the three of us by moving round and round as we lay there. And once he left us, we were floating by ourselves, we didn't need any support. So, that's how we were made to learn floating. Romantic right? Who said only couples can romance?

Then before leaving for our lunch, and leaving this place, we all decided we will all hold hands and form a circle as we all float. And we did that. We attracted a lot of public attention as we were doing it, and we enjoyed it to the utmost, finally it was a success. We made a perfect circle with all of our hands interlocked with each other as we floated. 

That's when a girl came towards us, she was of our age, and she seemed to move towards my friend who taught us all to float, he was the one who actually helped all of us to get a perfect circle. She looked interested in him, she came smiling, and once she saw him with face full of mustache and beard, her smile faded and so did she as she walked away.

He frowned as we all laughed at him, and he got up angry and said, "Damn it man! I wish I had shaved".

And that's how the fun-tastic day ended for us.

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Ritesh Agarwal said... i see why u had so much fun ;)

Mohak Ailani said...

I loveeddd your blog ;DDD
you rock :)))

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